MATHIEU VAN DER POEL’s 2019 Classics Campaign

Look at Van Der Poel going from behind though look at Van Der Poel on the left hand side Mathieu Van Der Poel is gonna do it Mathieu Van Der Poel. This is incredible I’ve never ever seen anything like this in my life I’ve seen a lot of bike races I’ve seen a lot of bike racers I’ve never seen anything like this, ever I’ve been watching bike races for 30 years at this level, at the top level of the sport at a race as hard as this to see what Mathieu Van Der Poel did I’m speachless You’ve seen a lot of stars in your career. What amazes you about him? Everything. Every move he makes is just..something unique and I’ve never seen that in cycling before That is the most extraordinary conclusion to a bike race I’ve ever seen it’s the first victory for the Netherlands since 2001 they’re gonna go absolutely mental

41 thoughts on “MATHIEU VAN DER POEL’s 2019 Classics Campaign

  1. Mathieu (24) is only winning 13 years almost all races he did, but…. you didn't saw his great performances before.
    Great rider, good mentality and perfect skills and we will see a lot of great winnings in the future cause he has still the power after 260 kilometers. A phenomenon.

  2. O-M-F-G…! The Phoenix has risen to new heights. Buckle your seat belt, it's going to be quite a ride…! 😉

  3. Iam sorry I switched off as soon as I saw that twat Lance Armstrong, I you remake this video without that twat then let me know, maybe it's a good video I don't know..

  4. Cyclo Cross Champ, Mountain Bike Champ, Road Champ …. BMXers and Track riders should be shaking in their boots.

  5. Damn you really know how to start emotions with your videos!! And the Music fits like hell! I feel like beeing transfered into something magical, thank you for this piece of art, such a joy to watch!! ♥

  6. I can not get enough from MvdP. His style is so nice to watch. I think I have seen every second live from his races, except the Tour of Britain but I was refreshing their twitter account every 3 seconds! haha

  7. If anybody hasn't also watched his MTB races they can see replays on RedbullTV site for free. Super entertaining! MdvP usually sprints away in the last laps so you can skip half the race. There is a short race and a long race from these places:
    Nové Město
    Val di Sole

  8. When this guy shows up for cyclocross, it's a race for second.

    I love Alaphilippe, but I love watching Van Der Poel hand him his ass.

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