MELiUS Diamond Promotion of Natalie Mendoza

Ahora tenemos el honor de presentar
una Diamante femenino. El siguiente individuo
viene desde Colombia. Ella trabajaba como abogada,
especializada en derecho comercial. Su madre la introdujo en el mercadeo
en red a una edad muy temprana, pero nunca se tomó en serio esta
industria hasta que conoció a su mentor. Después de que su mentor
le presentó a MELiUS, se quedó inmediatamente con la visión
de la compañía y el liderazgo de los fundadores. Junto con los 15 años de trayectoria
comprobada de su mentor, su objetivo es retribuir a su familia,
especialmente a su madre, que ha hecho muchos sacrificios
para darle la mejor vida posible. Le devolverá gran parte de su crédito
a su mentor y al sistema MELiUS. Por favor ayúdennos a darle la bienvenida al ascenso
a la posición de Diamante, Natalie Mendoza. Wow, wow, wow, Really, this is a very important
moment for any person’s life, and it is not reaching Diamond; it is the process that implies
being a Diamond. (Huh? Ah, the flowers…). Pardon me;
I am nervous. Actually… …it is very nice to see how people
come here and fulfill all their dreams, but many of you are there saying,
“That is very far; how did she do it?” But actually, you cannot imagine
all the things that one has gone through and has been polishing
to be here. First of all,
I want to thank God. I’ve always believed that there is someone
big and that He has a perfect plan for us. Second, I want to thank the company,
the owners, Monir, Moyn, Ehsaan, truly, thanks. Like you told Mr. Les Brown, “You don’t know how many
people you have impacted and are going to impact
for the rest of your lives.” And third, the person that has been
the instigator of all this, as I said to him a little while ago,
my mentor, Mr José Ardón, because thanks to him, I believe that
we owe a big round of applause, because he was the person that
believed in me before I myself did, and without him none
of this would be possible. And for the rest of my life,
I will be grateful to him for that. Let me tell you that I am 24 years old,
a lawyer by profession. I always followed the script of life: study,
go to university, have a good job, but a person in my life who
touched absolutely everything and who is actually the person
I do this for, for my family, but especially for a woman who
deserves absolutely everything. I want to give the stage to the true Diamond,
to my mother, Carmenza Rojas. This woman… …this woman began in the network
marketing industry 10 years ago, when I was in school. Everyone said
she was crazy. Nobody in the family
supported her, but she said that she wanted
a better life for her family. She said that she wanted
her children to be free, that she did not want
to die behind a desk, but nobody in her family
believed her, including me. I said, “Mom, how is it possible that
a notary public is selling products, is believing that this network marketing
industry is going to make her rich?” And she said to me, “Daughter, I believe. I know that
someday I’m going to be a Diamond.” And she had a dream board,
which said, ” Diamond family,” and she put me 10 years ago,
she put my photo. And that board… some family
members arrived and ripped it up, because they said
that she was crazy. How could she dream of those things?
Of being a Diamond? And she spent 10 years
in pursuit of that dream, in pursuit not of becoming a Diamond,
but of being one. And today,
she is my driving force. She repeats her dreams
to me every day. She tells me every day that she wants
to stop working, and I can say to her today, “Mommy, the dream has come
true and you are my Diamond.” Family, good afternoon. Well you will understand that it is not
easy for me to tell you in two minutes the feelings and above all the emotion
that I feel at this time. It is true what Natalie says, although
my traditional profession is as a lawyer, and I performed some important public
services in the Colombian notary publics, I always felt like…
like a bird in a cage. I always said,
“Someday, I want to be free. I want to be a Diamond because, as a result of spending a day at a convention,
in another network marketing, that’s why I’m telling you,
the people that are here today, and are here for the first time, their lives
are never going to be the same, and that was etched in my soul,
and I saw all those leaders pass by. That was approximately
some 10 years ago, like they have been parading also yesterday
and today, these spectacular leaders. I lived that 10 years ago,
and from that day I said, “I have to be a Diamond someday.” Not because I wanted something
for me, but because I said, “I want my children to someday live
those principles, to live those values, to live that better life, which I see,”
and for 10 years I kept working. Unexpectedly, due to the same momentum
in my work, due to family issues, I never made it to the end of Diamond,
I made it up to Emerald. I said, “Okay, it doesn’t matter,
but my children are going to keep going.” I have continued
to support my children. In fact, my eldest son Mario Fernando
is also in the marketing industry and I know that he is also going to be
a Diamond in this industry. And the greatest surprise
was when 15 days ago, Natalie said to me,
she called and said to me, “Mother, how many years have you
dreamt of being a Diamond?” “Well, dear,
about 10 years.” “Well, dear, I have to tell you that
in four months you will be a Diamond.” Well… I made it as a joint holder,
it is a great blessing from God. God doesn’t end up with anybody’s
work or with anybody’s dream, but the most beautiful thing is not only
that is she fulfilling her dreams, but that she is also helping me
to fulfill a dream that I had. So, the only thing I can say to all you
parents that are here this afternoon is: support your children, dream big,
that way we don’t realize that they are watching. I never turned away this
love and this passion. In fact, when I got to know the Latino dream,
I identified again, I became passionate again, and with the Latino dream, with our mentor
and with our great leader José Antón. What is more beautiful than having fulfilled
this dream of being a Diamond and feeling moving forward that we
form part of the most successful and most influential team of business
people in Latin America? Through the philosophy
of this company to be better, you have all seen Natalie give
testimony that effectively, in a year, she is now
another person. So, from here on out, earning, travelling, making the money grow,
multiplying it, and being happy, we are also going to be
part of this great team that will transform the American dream
into the Native American dream.

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