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thanks for watching this video I’m
really excited about this project it’s all about this notebook full of old
Acadian tunes that I inherited from my Mémère Thibodeau and I’ve made it my
life’s work to learn these songs in the original French and then translate them
into English so that I can share them with everyone. [MUSIC} One winter’s night by the light of the moon
have a vision of an angel blonde and through the snow a child without fortune
she was dressed as though a vagabond her eyes of blue betrayed her sorrow from
hunger she was near the grave I brought her to my humble hollow her life I knew that I must save… And seeing that young girl so pretty and so sweet Oh will you be my world I asked her tenderly and looking at the child and watching as she grows reminds me of the time
Quand fleurissait les roses. so I have 13 songs ready to record in both French and English for the first CD but what I’m really excited about is having the sheet music available wi th the music notation the lyrics and translations as well as
notes and sources for all of these songs I’m hoping that everyone will want this
in their library even if you’re not a musician it’s a great piece of Acadian
history so take a look at all the perks there’s a lot more than just an album
here and share this video please stay tuned for more updates and thanks for listening [MUSIC] In the morning when I rise in the rose of the day to the chateau of my love for with her to lay are you asleep and dreaming too, dear Leonore? if you’re asleep, awake forsooth ’tis I your love who calls for you sumpin’ like dat

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