Microsoft Unboxed: Best of Unboxed (Ep. 40)

[MUSIC]>>Welcome to Microsoft Unboxed. [MUSIC]>>I’m one of your hosts, Sonia Dara and I’m joined by Colleen O’Brien, one of my greatest
friends in the world.>>Hello, world.>>It’s the end of
the year and we hope everyone is enjoying
their holiday season. Today, Colleen and I
are doing a little bit different of an episode, and we’re going to
take a look back at our greatest hits from 2019.>>A year in review, if you will. It has been quite a wild
ride and we’re looking forward to looking back at
some of the highs of the year.>>Yeah, and we’ll
reminisce about some of those great Microsoft
technology stories and the cool people
behind those stories.>>I think you are going to kick
us off because I know one of your favorite episodes was when
we first launched the season.>>Yes, it was Episode 0. I would have to say
the demolition day, when we had kicked off the
whole campus refresh and we’ve got the chance to stand in
front of Building 1 for awhile, you had to run off to
go get your Surface RT. Did you get it?>>I found it.>>You found it?>>Just in a nick of time.>>We’ve got to go wander
over to another building. I didn’t think they would actually
allow me to grab a hammer, but lo and behold, they trusted me.>>You looked qualified.>>Thanks. Got the hard hat, I still had the blazer. It felt like I was part
of history getting to take that sledgehammer to the wall to be part of this new chapter
of Microsoft campus’ life.>>You looked like a natural
with that sledgehammer.>>Really? You’re the only
person who said that, everyone else was like,
your form was way bad.>>One of my favorite episodes was our dedicated Pride episode in June; taking a look at how Microsoft
was celebrating Pride Month. Those activities came
to life not only in the annual parade here in the Greater Seattle area
but also in our products. That was super cool to see.>>They launch a new
Surface Pro type cover and then the decal and then Xbox and I know Windows had a whole new desktop screen
that you could use. Then obviously, everyone have
the different action pins and everything was action-oriented. Wasn’t it crowd-sourced too?>>Yeah, absolutely.>>Designs were crowd-sourced,
which was great.>>If I remember correctly, it was your first year
going to the Pride parade.>>It was awesome. I
got a chance to go. Selina was there obviously and Alexi, so I got to see them who we
had interviewed on the show. I was there supporting all my
friends and trying to be good ally.>>That episode was
awesome for me because I learned so much about LGBTQI Plus issues and rights and ways
that we can both be great allies.>>One of my other favorite episodes
was the Code Jumper episode.>>I love that.>>So it was hands-on
experience with Project Trino, which is this physical building
blocks and cubes to teach younger children who are low
vision or blind how to code; the audible cubes but
physical shapes that you can use to manipulate and
create the lines of code. We had a quick tutorial and
then both Colleen and I jumped into our separate rooms
to create our projects.>>See what you did
there, Code Jumper.>>Remember what your project was?>>So I put together a poem.>>That’s right.>>Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester.>>Gloucester, yeah.>>I remember those
two lines. I don’t remember the rest of it.
You had a song, right?>>I did Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I learned how to loop and a couple of times my
tone was definitely off. I was like, row, row.
It was so much fun.>>I think their research division
is so interesting and it was such a cool way to really get
exposure to one of their projects.>>Let’s watch a clip
of our projects. [MUSIC]>>Let’s see Row,
Row, Row, Your Boat, DJ version. How fast? Rooooowwwww.>>This is a British poem about Doctor Foster who
Went to Gloucester.>>Lets try it.>>Row, row, row.>>Music to my ears.>>[inaudible].>>Row, row your boat. [MUSIC]>>I think we’re ready.>>Doctor Foster went to
Gloucester in a shower of rain. He stepped in a puddle, right up to his middle, and never went there again.>>I forgot the merrily.>>Merrily, merrily, merrily,
merrily, life is but a dream.>>In addition to meeting great
researchers like Dr. Nick Villar, who taught us about Code Jumper, we also got to hang
out with an intern.>>Elinor.>>Elinor. She stopped by and told us a little bit more about
her experience that summer.>>Her third summer.>>Her third summer
working at Microsoft. Working in the office division but spending a lot of her
time outside of the company, getting to know interns, pursuing her love of dance, and having an amazing internship.>>Some of my favorite episodes, two in particular, the ones who
I’ve gotten to go on the road. One in particular was to Austin, where we got to
interview all the people on the street around everyday
artificial intelligence. We did a roving reporter style.>>Yes, roving reporter.>>Where during South by
Southwest time-frame and I remember some people blew
me away with their answers.>>We definitely underestimated
the general public.>>We underestimated.>>Let’s play some of
our favorite answers. If I say artificial
intelligence or AI, what’s the first word
that comes to mind?>>Innovation.>>Possibilities. It’s so incredible
where we could go with this.>>Well, a lot of data.>>New frontier.
Everything is going to be transform, business,
culture, science.>>Do you think that there’s any
way that artificial intelligence is interacting with
your day-to-day life?>>I think you use it in ways
you don’t even really notice.>>Through artificial intelligence, every person that I’ve dealt
with this particular diagnosis, we can capture all that information.>>I buy a lot of
things on Instagram, a lot of things on Instagram because they’re targeting is excellent.>>I am also a victim of
great Instagram advertising.>>Absolutely.>>Austin was fun. But one of my other favorite episodes is
when we got to go to Sweden.>>Obviously, I loved it.>>We landed in Stockholm
and then we drove up North to the Mackmyra Whisky Village.>>Angela, the Chief Nose Officer, was so incredibly welcoming
and accommodating, loved to hear about
her career trajectory, how she got into whiskey. She had a sponsor in the
industry who was willing to give her a proper title and
really built her career up, and anyone with the title Chief
Nose Officer is okay in my book.>>Then she took us
down to the mines where they store all of their
whiskey. But it’s awesome. Then she opened up a barrel and we’ve got to try
it right out of the barrel. Then she also gave us
tastings of her AI->>Whiskey.>>-whiskey. She had used artificial intelligence to
come up with new recipes.>>We were also lucky enough
to get a special AI blend, not the AI whiskey but something
that she made special for us. So we’re really grateful for that.>>That was a great trip.>>I agree. I think traveling
has been really fun, but I’ve also really enjoyed some
of our closer to home episodes.>>Around campus?>>Yeah, just visiting
new parts of campus, celebrating some of
the big events that happened including the Hackathon.>>That’s where you’re
going with that one?>>Yeah, we obviously got
to spend some time with Jon Gottfried of
Major League Hacking.>>It’s cool.>>He gave us some great tips
on how to be expert hackers.>>So in addition to meeting Jon, we also got a chance to check out the accessibility hacks
that were happening.>>So much energy there. The place was booming. A lot of the hackers
were really focused on making the Xbox adaptive
controller even more accessible. That was a great little trip for me. I’d never been to that
part of campus before.>>All right. Challenge before
we move to Outside the Box. How many stories can
we both remember? The snow leopards and photography.>>Internet of oysters,
tech in the sea.>>Purple martins in Walt Disney.>>Underwater datacenter.>>Dogs bought, the little dog homes.>>I love that. The bridges, the infrastructure, AI, IoT.>>Alaska, where they had
the mapping weather centers, the Surface [inaudible] ,
and the Surface launch. Two different episodes.>>We went to Build. We looked at
Microsoft for Startups and M12, the ways that Microsoft
is supporting startups. Female founders was a great episode, female founders competition,
and our podcasts, women in business and technology.>>We got to go to the E3
briefing party here in Redmond.>>Wore our Xbox shirts.>>Fans. Yeah, we’ve
done a lot this year. Let’s move to our final
Outside the Box of 2019.>>Okay.>>You ready? Yes.>>Do you want to go
first or shall I?>>I’ll ask you a question?>>Okay, first.>>If you could have any job in
the world, what would it be? Sitting right here next to me.>>Obviously, that’s a given. Are they enough, that sounds
such a childhood dream? But if I was actually, physically, and mentally able to, I would want to be an
astronaut and be like some of the people
going out and venturing to Mars and being part
of that exploration.>>Sonia, I think these are important dreams to reflect on
as we roll into the new year?>>Which Parks and Rec
character would you be?>>Oh, my gosh,
obviously, I’m Leslie.>>Who am I?>>Yeah, you have strong
and broken vibes. What’s your animoji of
choice and what does it say?>>I feel like I have
to go with giraffe. How are you today? Because that’s our favorite video.>>Perfect.>>Two-year-old kid does, hello, how are you today?>>I would be a pig. I’m a pig.>>How are you today?>>Hope someone out there gets that. Sonia, we got to stop
messing around with the box because it’s
time for real questions. It’s the end of the year. What are your resolutions?>>Serious note. Okay. I think
will be similar to last year, work on my financial stability, work on my health and
wellness, continue exploring, and keep my learning continue.>>Note that journey for you.>>Thanks. How about you. Big things is there for 2020 for you.>>Yeah. 2020 is going
to be a very big year. I want to focus on doing way less, fewer things, better things.>>I love that. Fewer things, doing them better,
focusing on yourself.>>Focusing on quality
over quantity in 2020.>>I like it. Viewers, how about
its your turn and comment below your favorite Microsoft
Unboxed video moments of the year and your New Year’s
resolutions for 2020.>>We want to know. Keep us Inspired. While you’re down
there, please remember to subscribe to the channel. Just smash that red button right
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