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  1. Bloomberg not bothering with the debates is because he is circumventing the DNC which he knows is corrupt.
    You can look up see either Bernie Sanders and/or the former DNC co-chair Gabbard's opinions on this.
    Instead he is going directly to the people.

  2. Having tons of money does not mean the person is smart. Just look at Trump. Oh, wait, Trump doesn't have a ton of money, he just pretends to have it. Bloomberg had the "stop and frisk" policy, a direct 4th Amendment violation of 10's of 1000's of people. Now he says he's sorry, he was wrong. That doesn't cut it. Let's not forget he also tried to control how much soda a person could buy. He's a total buffoon.

  3. Bloomberg is best head-to-head competition for Orange man bad. Impeach Orange man bad to make the entire planetary solar system great again.

  4. Eh you know what .. yes he’s a billionaire … so what it’s his money
    At least he isn’t trying to buy the election like that fake populist / Er communist. Bernie … who will never follow thru with ANY of his promises …

    And destroy the economy

  5. Another Rothschild communist skull and bones member/jewish defecting Nazi enters into the ring for an attempted takeover of the freedoms of American citizens to steal the presidency away from Donald Trump by the force of money!$$$$ Michael Bloomberg spending millions and millions of dollars in false advertising in a campaign against the Duly elected president Donald J Trump! Michael Bloomberg, Who was it tempting to help Hillary Clinton become president before in 2016 is now helping himself in the hopes of stealing the presidency. Yes America another puppet of the Rothschild Family! If you will take the time to do a little research on Michael Bloomberg this is what he will see! Go to your Google search right now and type in Michael Bloomberg skull and bones. It won't be long before you start seeing his involvement with World War II in helping Hitler! and then after I hope you will see why The fake news media propaganda machine is propping him up so much!
    because these fake news media propaganda mouthpiece for the Rothchild family and the new world order,want nothing more than to brainwash you and Control your minds!
    I will live below here a little help for you and your search on X mayor Michael Bloomberg!
    Michael Bloomberg skull and bones.
    Michael Bloomberg and his ties to Germany.
    Michael Bloomberg and a Rothschild family.
    Michael Bloomberg and George Soros.
    Michael Bloomberg involved Who is the builder berg's Secret meetings.
    Michael Bloomberg
    Political action committees backed by businessman and politician Michael Bloomberg, who has interred into a 2020 presidential bid, "has already spent an additional $9 million on anti-Republican ads for the midterm elections," federal records showed.
    Bloomberg is just one of three billionaire businessmen using his wealth to influence the elections, according to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.
    Looks like to me that a billionaire Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy the freedom away from America!
    “The real challenge that we have is three individuals who are trying to buy the Congress and flip it,” McCarthy told FOX Business on Tuesday. “One is [George] Soros, one is Tom Steyer [who] has spent more than $120 million and then [Michael] Bloomberg where you saw … all that entertainment of what he brought forward, saying he re-registered as a Democrat a week ago. He also gave [an] $80 million check to win the House and a $20 million check to win the Senate because he wants to run for president and he’s trying to buy the nomination.”
    Billionaire investor Tom Steyer recently made headlines for spending another $2 million to boost Andrew Gillum’s campaign for governor of Florida, upping totals for that candidate alone to $5 million. Gillum is the Democratic opponent to Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis.
    Steyer, a hedge fund manager who has supported impeaching President Trump, pledged $110 million for the midterms through two of his political organizations aimed at mobilizing younger voters. He later said he would contribute $10 million more to Democrats in the House, as reported by Bloomberg.
    Bloomberg said he would give $20 million to a super PAC supporting Democratic Senate candidates. That is on top of the $80 million he had already pledged to help congressional candidates in the party.
    Meanwhile, another billionaire investor – George Soros – has given more than $15.5 million to liberal and Democratic candidates.
    America! Michael Bloomberg is another Rothschild, George Soros,puppet sent to steal the election away from the Republicans and to set up a new world order.
    Does that sound cool to you America? I don't think so!

  6. Dear Americans, do not want to pay the price to know in depth the leftist socialist misery. If you allow this misfortune to happen, remember that crying doesn't solve the problem. Venezuelans and almost all of Latin America countries was destroyed and thousands of people died because of this socialist illusion.
    Liberals-Leftists-Democrats, they are evident psychopaths, they have corruption in their blood, they are liars and murderers, they destroy every nation they take … History shows and proves that it is fact.
    As well as the people who vote for the leftists-Democrats are totally guilty and complicit because they keep feeding the establishment's, organized crime.

  7. The only reason he's running is to torpedo Warren and Sanders. Wall Street knows that either one of those communist loons would slit the economy's throat and "redistribute" their wealth.

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