MINECON Live Co-Host Announce: Shubble

Hello! I’m Shubble and this probably looks
a little bit different, I probably look a lot better. I’m excited to share the news
with you guys that I’m going to be co-hosting MINECON Live with some of my
fellow creators that you’ve seen here on my channel. I’m really nervous to be
sharing a stage with some awesome people but I’m super excited to get to find out
all these updates with you guys. So make sure you tune in on September 28th for
MINECON Live. Shhhh.

100 thoughts on “MINECON Live Co-Host Announce: Shubble

  1. Update Everything BUT this Glitch The Duplication Glitch Dear Creators This is my wish Pls add freezing Weapons And fix the Dup glitch

  2. Anyone going to ask the panelists why Minecraft crossplatform hasn't added PS4. I really feel missed out ;(

  3. Please fix that it must have to log in or Sign up to play server's im sad cause i cant play servers i have logged in and still dosen't work i tried and tried but never did it !!!

  4. If youtube make forknight more then Minecraft in 2019 YouTube rewind.. We have to Introduce the 20 Million dislike 👏👏
    Don't judge me pls 👏👏

  5. Shubble may just be the most cheerful Minecrafter you’ll ever meet – which makes her a great addition to our MINECON Live co-host lineup! Catch Shubble at #MINECON Live on September 28th! More info: A LIVE CELEBRATION OF ALL THINGS MINECRAFT! Filmed live and beamed across the world via the internet! It will be around 90 minutes long, packed with juicy Minecraft news, content creators, and will include pre and post show bits, as well as on-demand community panels. HOW AND WHERE CAN I WATCH? WATCH ON PRETTY-MUCH ANY DEVICE! Phones, tablets, PCs, games consoles! You can watch it on this very website as well as a bunch of streaming sites! MEET THE HOSTS NEWS MINECON LIVE CO-HOSTS REVEALED Meet the hosts of our epic September 28th livestream! ATTEND MINECON LIVE BE A PART OF THE ANNUAL CELEBRATION If you live in the Nashville area and are excited to learn about all things blocky, then click below for a chance to get tickets to see MINECON Live in the studio audience. This is a rare opportunity to be a part of Minecraft history in the making! Seats are limited, so register now. GET TICKETS! SUBMIT YOUR PANEL SUBMIT YOUR PANEL THAT COULD BE PART OF THE SHOW! UPDATE: Panel submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea for a MINECON panel this year. We'll have more to share regarding the schedule for MINECON, and the MINECON panels, very soon!


  7. please remove the recipe book from Minecraft, It ruins the experience and makes it a childs game, people have to know and learn how to make a bed not opening a book and just click on button, Notch designed the most amazing crafting style 3×3 ever and you ruin it, just remove the crafting and just have to book, there is no logic to have both of them.
    Please remove the recipe book, it ruins minecraft

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