MLB The Show 19 – Announce Trailer | PS4

Certainly the story of the day, but I think on everybody’s mind is
what’s the future gonna hold for Bryce Harper. 34 home runs, 100 RBIs,
101 runs scored. Six-time all-star, 2015 National League Most Valuable Player This is going to be the biggest story of the off season. Bryce moves the needle, man. Fast ball belted! That ball is absolutely crushed. We don’t know. He doesn’t know.
But time will tell.

100 thoughts on “MLB The Show 19 – Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. I would get this on my xbox over ps4 anyday as thats where my sports game but i only got like 2 cause id just hope on my gamecube for hockey and baseball games as there all the same

  2. Can they please add back in season mode or at least the ability to change season length in franchise mode. i won’t buy a show game again until they reimplement this feature.

  3. Why Harper? Overrated player that didn't live up to hype and potential last season. Bartolo would've been the best choice for the cover

  4. I used to like baseball and baseball games from like 2006 to about 2016 but I just lost interest in these wack athletes and slow sport

  5. people act like bryce made sony studios put him on the cover… smh, alot goes into it…. alot of athletes decline that option

  6. Not even getting it after last years BS i played RTTS my player was 89 overall and i never got called up to the Major League after playing 3 years in the minors i sold my game

  7. You should make a bundle with it the jet blue PS4 with MLB the show 19. I will buy it if it is around Christmas time

  8. I don’t think Harper was a great choice for the cover of 19 the show I’d say mike trout or Christian yelich hands down

  9. plz more freedom for editing roster like PES.. (downloaded uniform in rtts or franchise, re-name – relocate team etc)

  10. I don’t know if the developers will read this but I really what to be able to make a custom stadium I mean how cool would that be like if you agree

  11. I hope this new installment has more new animations. I swear I buy this game every year and its basically just a roster update for $60.00. Yes they add a few new ones each year but after playing for a week or two it gets old seeing the same animation over and over.

  12. Please add more depth to road to the show. It needs trophy presentations (so does franchise) like for winning the triple crown or the WS MVP. And not like the Home Run Derby trophy thing. That's not a trophy presentation. Also, more opportunities to talk to the press and interesting ways to do it. Lastly improve the crowd reactions. Make them a part of the game. Best sports game can always get better.

  13. It’d be funny if he goes to the Yankees because Aaron Judge is on the 2018 cover and another yankee player would be on the 2019 cover

  14. To be honest, he deserves to be on the defending back to back NL Champions LA Dodgers, they need power hitting and some defense so they can finally win it all.

  15. I think he’ll join the Colorado Rockies with Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, and Charlie Blackmon. But I want him to come to Cleveland, even though he won’t.

  16. It could be a fake i mean look at all the other the show games it completly different from all the other s that they have done so it might be a fake and im saying might be fie all means this could be a real trailer for all i know but i think this is a fake trailer

  17. San Diego Studios probably won't read this, but how about the option to have different batting stances for switch hitters in each side of the plate, like how Marwin Gonzalez has a different batting stance as a Righty as him batting Lefty.

  18. I love almost every aspect of these games. If San Diego Studios is listening please get rid of conquest mode its absolutely whack.

  19. Bryce Harper 2019. Maybe they'll just make every player look like Bryce Harper and we can play as Bryce Harper in RTTS, and create a team called the Bryce Canyon Harpers, who play at Bryce Harper stadium and all the fans are Bryce Harper who are required to pay honor to the gigantic golden statue of Bryce Harper.

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