MOVIES, MUSICALS & ME: Ep 2 The Ballad of Bruce Banner (HULK PARODY)

Hello. I’m Halpert Evans, and I’ve starred in more film to stage adaptations than anyone in the history of the theater. So come along with me on this journey of MOVIES, MUSICALS & ME. EUGENE: When I heard they were gonna
make “Avengers: The Musical”, I was like “Oh boy here we go, we got another
‘Turn Off the Dark’ on our hands,” and by that I mean, just a wonderful exploration of the
comic book medium on stage. But I don’t think any of us realized just how
revolutionary “Avengers: The Musical” would be. HALPERT IS HUUUULK! We all remember that Time Square billboard, but
would do you believe it almost didn’t happen? I was a naysayer in the beginning, I thought
Halpert can’t be the Hulk. He’s not a Hulk. But, you know, I was wrong. Everybody that
said anything bad about him was wrong. When the producers of the 150 million dollars
“Avengers: The Musical” offered me the role of the Hulk, I almost turned it down, because
it was a supporting role. But, who was I kidding? I couldn’t resist the chance to be a part of
the extended Marvel Broadway universe. They didn’t even paint him green for the
Hulk parts, and I thought that was brilliant. He’s not green, I’m not green. I identified. All that I asked for, was that they write this emotional
11 o’clock number (and 20 million dollars). COURTNEY: Wow! 20 million dollars! Do you think you can start paying me? Courtney, your-your internship isn’t over yet,
you little stinker! Go, do the intro. [TO HIMSELF] Even money for gas would be fine… Ladies and gentlemen, performing the breakout single
from “The Avengers: The Musical”, here is Halpert Evans,
singing “The Ballad of Bruce Banner”. Get out your tissues, this one is a tearjerker. [SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] ♫ Nobody likes me when I’m angry, ♫ and I’m angry a lot ♫ Everybody likes to curse me, ♫ but it hurts me a lot ♫ I try to be warm and tender, ♫ I try to control my temper ♫ Then I sigh [SIGHS] and remember ♫ Tender I’m not ♫ Nobody likes me when I’m hulking, ♫ and I’m hulking more and more ♫ The world can be a cruel and mean place ♫ for a green faced ♫ dinosaur ♫ The smallest thing kind of makes me ♫ go a little crazy ♫ Nobody likes me when I’m angry ♫ But angry I get [SPOKEN] Everyone loves the other Avengers. I see toys of… Captain America and Iron Man, but, there are no kids painted green with nothing but pants on running through the streets. No one would have it. No one would have it. But I’m a vital part of the team, am I not? I’m the Hulk, I’m the Incredible Hulk! And I’m the one who…who caught
Iron Man when he fell from the sky. I punched the worm! I punched the worm dead. And I did that thing with with Loki, where I took
his body, and I shook him from side to side… like this, remember? You remember? Huh. You know what? ♫ Maybe it’s all right to be angry ♫ and be angry all the time ♫ A Hulk cannot help but be hulk-ish, ♫ but for a purpose, perhaps it’s fine ♫ I’ll never be a space king, ♫ an iron suit, an ant thing ♫ but as a superhero, I’m first string ♫ And I’ll take that any day ♫ I guess angry’s okay, yes ♫ Angry, I’ll stay… You know Courtney, on opening night,
when I sang that song, everyone was crying, from how good I did. In fact, I was at the opening night
party and, who walks up to me, but Mark Ruffalo, and he says to me:
“Halpert, Bernie would have won,” and I said “Okay?” but then he said, “Halpert, you were better on stage than I was in the film.” Wow! Hey, see you all next time,
have a good one. EUGENE: My life has really changed
since I became a Halpert-Head. You know, I used to be kind of a shy nerd, and, look at me now! I think it’s because every single piece of clothing that I own has Halpert’s name or face on it. Can you see this? That’s my man!

100 thoughts on “MOVIES, MUSICALS & ME: Ep 2 The Ballad of Bruce Banner (HULK PARODY)

  1. I really hope Courtney gets his big musical break by the end of this series……Rooting for you, friend.
    (Great job, Starkid)

  2. Please let Courtney become disillusioned from Halpert as the series goes on. I would love to see him throw a fit in the last episode for all the abuse he's bound to endure.

  3. Ok but why am Nick except instead of Halpert it's Darren, "That's my man."
    Also, this is still my new favorite series. I am so happy this exists. Thank God for Starkid.

  4. I feel like there's gonna be a Milli Vanilli type reveal about Halpert at some point and I can't wait for it honestly

  5. I don't understand the point and I don't understand the jokes (or maybe they're not funny?)…
    Let's go watch firebringer for the 12th time!

  6. ::applauds:: bravo! and yes!! when you said 'am i not a part of the team?' that was my first thought: dude, you're the guy who whipped loki's *&%!!!

  7. I love Nick Lang so much!!
    My top 5 Starkids are Clark Baxtresser, Nick Lang, Joe Walker, Robert Manion, Lauren Lopez (in no order).

  8. Yeah, ok, ok I get it.. Harpert hmhm yeah

    But. Courtney! YOUR DOING GREAT SWEETIE, I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I hope you get payed 😘😂😂

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