Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway | Announce Video


100 thoughts on “Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway | Announce Video

  1. These shoes dropped on footlocker hours ago. Didn’t get a pair but I’m buying off someone for $215. Better start buying them off people who got the order before the prices rise. This is also a drawing too and I have bad luck so I wasn’t taking chances lol

  2. Its a draw ffs why cant nike just make them avaible for everyone and not in very limited quantities so barely anyone can get them

  3. Both my brother and I got a pair, I don’t think these were that hard to get since resell prices on eBay are pretty low.

  4. Sold out awesome 😔! Looks super dope though if they somehow come back in stock will be getting them for sure!

  5. We should get any PlayStation exclusive game with our purchase, JK just gimme a 20$ gift card and I’ll be happy

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