Online users say this Peloton ad is sexist. Here’s what it portrays.

76 thoughts on “Online users say this Peloton ad is sexist. Here’s what it portrays.

  1. How is it sexist??? Change doesn’t have to be physical it can be mental I haven’t lost that much weight in the past year but it has helped me mentally grow and become happier. Working out is the key to success in life being healthy means being happy

  2. "Everything is sexist, everything is homophobic, everything is misogynistic and I have to be the one to point it all out"

  3. Scientifically proven a woman has more fat under her skin. A slower metabolism and produce milk for childbearing. Sorry but true and a man can never be a woman because if these factors alone. End of story!!!!

  4. If words, opinions or commercials give you a mental breakdown (liberals) you should do the gene pool a favor and find a nice high place to leap from.

  5. Media pushes this not the left. I'm independent and I'm sick of the media and movies pushing this narrative of sexism racism b.s. gtfoh

  6. I didn't see the issue in the ad. I mean yeah, the husband was kinda a dick for buying his already skinny wife a bike. But move on.

  7. You don't hear any complaints about the ridiculous entitlement and sexism in all the holiday jewelry commercials. Hmm …

  8. Imagine being lulled into a false sense of security by western society so much you have to complain about an ad. Meanwhile people around the world don't even have a roof over their head, food in their stomach or someone who loves them.

  9. Most if not all women are confused today. This ad is most likely not sexist. It's just that women have lost their way, they have forgotten their place. You find a woman that knows replace and you'll find a happy woman. The younger Generations might not even know their place. They may not even know that they're out of place. The previous generation of women failed to teach them I would venture.


  11. It looks like Washington Post is the one claiming sexism, because none of the clips show "online users" saying it's sexist.

  12. Everyone blames each other for our reductions but maybe we are all being stupid at this point? I don't think it should have had an affect on one side and on the other hand who cares? If this is dystopia then human extinction is sure going to be a bore.

  13. Washington Post Im addressing you directly: This type of utter non sense is why trumps victory and re election is inevitable. You are mentally ill and backing rational people into a corner because next to no one wants to have this asinine discussion.

  14. Everything is offensive. Turn off your TVs, turn off your radio, turn off facebook, put your phone down, shut all your windows, and don't go outside, because you might get offended.

  15. Another groundbreaking piece of journalism from the Washington post. Maybe change the name to we made some stuff up to entertain whiny entitled offended do nothing children?


  17. Wife says to husband that she wishes she was in better shape and wished she could go to the gym but she really doesn't like the meat market at the gym. Husband buys her a Peloton so she can "go to the gym" on the screen and stay in the safety of her home and become more fit. What about this is sexist, body shaming, or any other bullshit that the assholes on the left want everything to be? They sit at their computers, laptops, etc. and comment about others' lives. Get one of your own and get the hell out of everybody else's.

  18. Why the silly music? Was this music from the ad? If not why was it added to the "news" post? Was WP trying to set a mood?

  19. Shiiiiiid better for us….don't give them the $2000 bikes…more money in our pockets….but seriously doe…how is a woman getting a gift from her husband and using it to workout sexist???… feminists and gay men are the ones that push for stuff like that

  20. I don't think the left or liberal crybabies or SJWs really care, it's a media manufactured outrage like the War on Christmas. But this ad is dumb because it's basically saying, "If you're rich, you can afford our product, and if you're already fit and attractive, our product can help you stay that way a year from now." I suspect they chose a thin woman because if the husband had gotten a Peloton for his overweight wife, the ad would've been catastrophic. Don't get your spouse exercise equipment unless they've suggested they want it.

  21. the only online users that are getting triggered by this ad are the 550 pound body positive feminists that entire days exercise is them rolling out of bed in the morning and waddling over to the couch where they stay until they go to bed

  22. Over 2 grand is sexist!
    And why the hell does she need a screen? TV not good enough for you? And who the hell are these people?

  23. Just purchased for the wife and she loves me for it. Better to body shame then to be big fat slob dribbling food out of her mouth

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