ONYX Software: How to create a banner

In this video, we’re going to create a
banner in Job Editor. I’m going to start by opening my file into Job Editor directly. In preparation for this file, I need to rotate this 90 degrees. So, I’m going to click on my [Preview and Size tab], rotate 90 degrees and [Apply]. In this case, the file needs to be resized. So I’m going to change the image height to 36″. Now that I have the rotation and size set. I need to apply the Bleed and
Grommet conditions. Those can be found in the [Finishing] tab. I’m going to enable my
bleed, and I’m going to set the left and right bleed values only to 4″. So
what I’m going to do is disable the lock the link, and I’m only going to set the
left and the right to 4″. Now you’ll notice the bleed type is “Mirror”.
And what I need this to be as a collar and I need to match the background “White”. So I’m going to leave that default setting for a white background of the
bleed color to match the background of the file. Now I could indicate any type
of [Fold Marks] or [Corner Marks]. I’m going to turn on the banner [Corner Marks]. At
this point I’m ready to set my grommets. I’m going to click on my [Grommet] tab and
the settings I need. For my grommets are just for my left and right grommets. So
I’m only going to enable the left and the right grommet settings. I can control
the grommet placement by [Spacing] or by [Quantity]. I need these to be spaced 8″ apart. I also need to set these grommets into the bleed area. So I’m
going to turn on [Place Grommets in Bleed Area]. Furthermore, I want to set the Top and
Bottom Offsets. So that they come in at 2″ from the end. So I’m going to
set that to 2″. Now my grommet placement is 2″ in from the edge
and a 1″ offset up. If necessary, we can go to the [Marks] tab and we can
enable a [Crop Outline] which would help as a guide to
trim this file down. Now that I have all my settings here. I start to notice that
this would make a very nice Quick Set. And in future uses I can just apply the
Quick Set and I don’t have to do this manually in Job Editor. So it’s going to
save me time and keep me consistent. So, now I can do this in my Job Editor. I can go
to File>Export as a Quick Set. In the screen, I can set additional settings to
those that I just set now, if I choose to. I’m gonna hit [Save]. I’ve got a special
folder where I place my exported Quick Sets. And I’m going to give this a unique name
that’s going to identify what the purpose of this quick Set is. I’ll name it
banner and save. Now that saved Quick Set will be imported into my Quick Set menu.
At this point, I’m going to submit the job to the RIP-Queue. And now we see our
completed file. I would print my banner. Trim it down if necessary. Apply my
grommets to where those mark placements are. And I have a completed product. Let’s go back and take a look and
revisit about importing that saved exported Quick Set. I would go to
“Configure Printer”, that’s going to stop my processing. And in my [Quick Sets] tab, I
would simply import the Quick Set that I saved while I was in Job Editor. I’m
going to browse to my folder structure where I saved the file. Select that “Banner Quick Set” and open and import that into my standard Quick Set. Now I have that Quick Set to use time and time again. So let me demonstrate. I will open a file again and this time instead of going into Job Editor. And making those manual changes, I
will simply apply the Quick Set. Automatically, all those presets that I
created will be applied. Saving me time, keeping me consistent and repeatable. Now, I have the same effects for my banner created, as I did this manually in Job Editor. For more information documentation and videos, please visit our website at onyxgfx.com

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