Open to All: Join the Campaign

Whether we have something to celebrate. Whether we have something to mourn. Or when it comes to getting the care we need
as we get older, all of us should be treated equally and fairly. The Supreme Court’s decision in the Masterpiece case affirms that most basic American value. While the Court found that Masterpiece Cakeshop
had not been treated impartially, it also affirmed that states can protect people from
discrimination, even when businesses have religious objections to the law. But in more than half the country, our state
laws still don’t explicitly protect LGBT Americans from discrimination in stores, restaurants,
in the workplace, or in housing. It’s time for our nation’s laws to catch up
to our nation’s values and protect all Americans from discrimination, so that no one can be
fired from their job, turned away from a business, or denied a place to live simply because of
who they are. Join the campaign to support nondiscrimination
laws, and call on businesses across America to declare that they are open to all.

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