Origin Official Trailer featuring Tom Felton and Natalia Tena

-The Origin official trailer
starts now. [♪♪] -I know you’re trapped. There’s a way out. -What if you could go somewhere
so far from all of this you barely remember you’re
a part of it? -Thea is the only planet we’ve
discovered thus far that can sustain human life. -It’s not just another world… it’s a blank slate. -We at Siren are currently in
the process of its colonization. I can’t go to another planet! -You don’t have a choice. -When you depart Earth for Thea we’ll erase your past
completely. -Don’t worry,
everyone has secrets. -This is a new world. A world without judgment.
A world where your history no longer has any relevance. -Where the hell are we? They said we’d open our
eyes there. -The crew, we are the
passengers. They left without us. -What could have scared them so
much they’d leave all this behind? Hello? [gasping] Something came on board. It started killing the
passengers. [screaming] This ship. The fear. Makes it
impossible to trust anyone. -It’s every man for himself
now. [demonic roar] [♪♪] [demonic roar] [♪♪] -Thanks for watching the
official trailer for the YouTube Originals series:
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100 thoughts on “Origin Official Trailer featuring Tom Felton and Natalia Tena

  1. "It's a blank slate", "When you depart Earth for Thea, we'll erase your past completely". "A world without judgement", "A world where history has no relevance"….
    Is this SJW-propaganda?

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  3. really interesting how so many (me too) liked the idea of a second Earth theme much more than this repetitive crap horror stuff… might write something like this myself 😀

  4. So sick of this story. Go to space, get attacked by an alien. it got old 20 years ago. You can do better than this youtube. How about a story about exploring space backed by real science. Make it about hope and discovery instead of death and primal fear.

  5. I agree with so many of the comments below. the beginning had me hooked, the end left me totally disappointed. look how successful the stargate franchise was. How many shows and seasons. How many seasons you think this will last?

  6. Just binged watched this from 9pm to 5am..its a super watch! Absolutely fresh and entertaining! A must watch for alien and Sci Fi freaks!

  7. 何故、日本語字幕出なくなったか教えてください!オリジナルのドラマ全部ですよ!吹き替えじゃなく字幕が観たい!何のためにpremium に登録しているか分からなくなる!

  8. I loved this series and eagerly waiting for the next season. All of them have done very well in their characters. And I loved it so much that I am not able to stop myself, watching it again and again. Good job 👍 Kiran from India 🇮🇳

  9. They showed ep1 and 2 free …now i have too join premium too watch rest what a bummer get one month free thou…ill get it off

  10. I actually love that it turned into horror.Actors are superb! Is exactly my cup of tea,loved everything about it and i hope for season 2!Love,love love love love! <3

  11. This would be so much better if the doctor was here to fix everything…💙

    From Dr. Who if you don't know💙😄

  12. How many times are we going to see the same bloody plot (straight down to the shots and camera angles and fake angst of middling actors playing characters facing invisible 'terror') over and over again. Does anyone out there know how to create something original?

  13. I'm still watching to the end, I suppose, but this show has disappointed me. It had great potential. I don't mind that it's another sci-fi horror "it came on board!" kinda thing. I'm cool with that. But I'm not cool with it being yet another show where the characters sabotage their own situation by lying to each other nonstop and communicating ineffectively, and making a ton of dumb decisions. Not that I expect people to be rational at all times, but sometimes it's just egregious. Also, it's full of cheap, easily avoidable jump scares. Again, I'm not against all jump scares – but it's gotta make sense, people!

  14. Thought this was good. They kept thay rubbish Impulse over this or Wayne I don't know who makes these decisions but they are absolutely retarded.

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