Overcoming Your Adversity is the Key to Success

– I think right now we
live in a parenting culture that tries to fix everything, and I think all the
advantages are from adversity. – Yes, me too, totally agree. – There’s a lot of people
watching right now. – Yeah. – You know, listen, everyone
has their strengths, weakness, shortcomings, happinesses, but like, professionally you
and I have had nice runs. And I genuinely think a
whole lot of that has to do with not being good at school. – For sure, I agree with you. – Period. – Because it causes us to be self-reliant. Where kids now, and I have kids, you know, they become disempowered. – One hundred percent. And you know what happens
with disempowerment? Unhappiness. – Unhappiness. – And what happens with unhappiness? – ‘Cause you have no identity. – Depression. And so everybody wants
to blame social networks for all these bad things
that are happening to kids, without taking a look at themselves of how we’ve completely made these kids completely not be accountable,
and need us for everything. – Yeah, that’s a really good point. You know, because you know, we kind of know that we’re
in this epidemic right now of loneliness and drugs, and no human connection, all that stuff. But I never thought of, I never really focused
it on the parental side. – It’s the answer. In my opinion. – I think you’re right,
I really, really, yeah. – I think we have a
contemporary parenting problem that tells children by our
behavior that you’re not capable. – Yeah. – Let me go take care of this. I’m gonna run to school,
and yell at the bully. – Solving problems for your kids. – Like, yes. – My wife Veronica
who’s sitting behind me. – Yep, I see her. – She says, I do unfortunately,
I bet you do this too. I do this with my employees. When I see them, they go, I don’t know how, or what do you do? I just go, I’ll do it. I just do it. Do you do that, or are
you better than that? – I don’t do that, but I definitely create entitlement in different ways, which is I’m actually taking
on the core pressures, which eventually, I had
an interesting period in this company several years ago where I had to reset a little bit because I did create entitlement. From not micromanaging,
’cause I don’t micromanage. I just, I don’t create a
whole lot of accountability. We just lost a fortune. Andy texts me this morning that we lost a lot of money on this thing we sold, and I’m like how is that possible,
we were super profitable. And he’s like, like the two
people that were closest to it misjudged what we were
doing with the people that were shipping with
it, and like my reaction, and I was even watching, because I’m really trying
to be thoughtful about this. I’m like, man, what makes me awesome, is I’m like cool, next. – (laughs) Right. – Right, that’s awesome. But at some other point, not creating radical candor to
the people that are involved and being like hey, like I’m
trying to find my balance and evolution, because to your point, I’m just like I got this, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean anything
in the scheme of things. Which can lead to entitlement. – [Man] Yeah. – What I don’t do though, which is the nuance of where we got here, is I want the market to be the market. I don’t hand-hold anybody about anything. I don’t do the “I’ll do this.” I want them to do it, and I’m willing for the whole thing to burn to the ground, so that they can understand
that that’s how it, and that’s hard for a lot of people. – Yeah, that would be hard for me. Yeah, that would be scary. – I would like companies, projects. – But that’s good advice, by the way.

14 thoughts on “Overcoming Your Adversity is the Key to Success

  1. We 100% live in a culture where parents try to fix everything. That’s why we are given 9th place trophies until the real world hits us. We need mindfulness like Gary preaches!!! ❤️ hope every body feels ok. Getting over a day that exhausted me but will be worth it in the long run!! I got anybody who needs to talk💪🏼

  2. I believe; the more "crap" we went through in our past may have given us a greater ability to overcome obstacles. When you have to "find a way" to make it through something, the stronger your entrepreneur muscles get.

  3. I attribute most of my success to growing up in poverty. It created a strong desire to never repeat that experience… I suspect I'm not alone in that.

  4. Hey there. I wrote a kindle called "College Debt Slavery" and it would mean the world to me if someone would leave me a review. It's available on the unlimited plan ♥️.

  5. Gary, idk wtf I’m doing. I keep changing jobs, I don’t like anything that I’m doing, idk what I like , it’s like idk who I am?

  6. Hope every thing is ok. The attitude turns a working environment into a place to not be punished but learn from mistakes on their own. In this way, you see who they really are. What you call entitlement might just expose and teach people. This is what school should be.

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