Paragon – Serath Announce

The Book of the Vigilant foretold her coming. She will walk in the light… but in her heart is pure darkness, and her thirst for revenge. (Sevarog laughs)

100 thoughts on “Paragon – Serath Announce

  1. I just got banned from your game because your game glitches after respawning and I can't move lol. Great game 👍

  2. I LOVE at the end… Sevarog's LAUGH! 😀 SO AMAZING O_O <3 His dark, deep laugh! 😛 Would love some kind of Emotion for him, where he laughs, or something! 😀

  3. I'd like to see that bitch make MY countess look afraid, I look forward to putting all the Serath players on a slab on Tuesday. I shall meet you across the battlefield!

    She do look cool tho 😀 Like the idea that could switch between a more supportive or more aggressive set of abilities. I'll probably give her a try once all the 'new hero hype' has died down.

  4. Anybody notice that her targeting reticle is completely different from all the other heroes to date? Hoping that means a change for all melee characters as the current gigantic circle is completely worthless.

  5. Please make a new map! I feel like Paragon should get more than one map for more fun! BTW, I can't wait for the new character!

  6. I hope this coming with Huuuuuge update and rebalance Greystone, Khamira Jump.. and Some little Bit to the one and only Sparrow… she is soo weak.. when i choose her always Draft aborting … Her rentless weak she can't hold a lane evvvvvver … And some rangers need to be fix also … #finger_Cross💔

  7. I played paragon from the moment the public could. in fact I was a fan 6 months before anyone could even play the beta. I was so hyped and excited for it to come out, and when it did I played it non stop and loved it soooooo much. but then monolith came out, and me and my friends all stopped playing due to our hatred for monolith. epic, will you do anything to change this in the future do you think

  8. I love this game but I think me and your comunity would to have a new wizard …but a classic wizard…like Dumbledore or Merlin xD [like this to show epic games that you want this !!!]

  9. I just want to give thanks to paragon for releasing character so frequently . That's one of the main reasons I stopped playing games Like over watch that takes 3-4 months to releases one character. Smite is right behind you guys but you guys definitely take the cake. I haven't see one bad character yet or even their designs.

  10. I am playing this on ps4 pro and have had issues in every game since this patch. My characters keeps getting slowed, TB's shots keep getting slowed and the animation breaks.

  11. OH that's neat and all but when are we going to get more Rangers. It's sooo fun to play with/against the same 4 every game.

  12. FIX GREYSTONE NOW!!!!!!. He ruins this game. I have played this game over 600 hours and have never seen anything this broken in a multiplayer game. I still have never seen a team without him beat one with him. Don't let this end a game that I think is great.

  13. u change all change draft Lobby to how was at Start u can live squad plsssssssssssssssssssss dont like to play White afk player I play the game from begining pls change draft Lobby

  14. Dude this game is crap now twinblast was fine now he's crap! The new map is being force down our throats. How about you give people an option to play Legacy? Cause this map is trash. also stop with the cosmetics and finish the fucken texture God this game looks like it runs on Ps1.

  15. hello this game is busted. like i mean this in thee most respectful way ever because my friends and i i play all the time. WHAT THEE ACTUAL HECK IS WRONG WITH AURORA. if you are going to make Grux's ult .5 seconds and make Aurora's however stupidely long it is with the chance to also freeze other people then you have no clear sight of having a fair balanced game and it is very frustrating. You have assured that fighters Grux and Crunch the only to characters i play and also love are garbage. mind you they arent comepltely bad but i think grux needs to be reworked somewow with his bleed and him in general. but crunch is almost completely useless. look i love this game. i adore it and cherish it. i dont know if this will even reach you but i would be so appreciative if you would tackle these two characters and put some type of change into them. i know your team is working hard developing this game and getting it to a standard to appease as many players as you can but i will forever stick with this game even if it takes you time to get it that way. i hope you can look into the problem for fan like myself. i am sorry for how long this was. it just means a lot to me

  16. How much damage reduction does her ult give. As in, once you apply the debuff to your opponent, how much less damage are they going to do? If they would normally hit 100, how much damage would that enemy do with each level of the heresy debuff?

  17. My first Heroine… When I first played this game, Serath was just out and I was super excited about this and I played her multiple times, for months even. Well, Serath will also be the last hero I play 💖💖

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