Path of Exile – Announcement Trailer | PS4

They were right to fear me. Had they not taken my home with fire, I’d not have brought their fears to life. You are hereby exiled. Now I’m banished to Wraeclast. But to me,
one land is like any other. The elements are my allies. The dead are my servants. And fear will be my closest friend. [MUSIC PLAYING] Exile was meant to be my death sentence. Instead… …it was my rebirth.

100 thoughts on “Path of Exile – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. 02.2019 is at its end and the game still dident hit ps4 wonder is it gonna enter in the store or is no more a thing cuz some of us really wait for this game. December passed now February ….is gone, new league starts but no anounce that is comming to ps4, can we have a true release date or that game will just not make it on ps 4. Because if this game come to ps4 there is no reason for me to open my pc again.

  2. Do you like fighting with weapons made of driftwood for hours, while wearing bathrobe-looking armor, and looking at a screen absolutely jumbled with numbers and information? Then POE is for you!

  3. All they've "killed" is their credibility. Announing their game for december 2018, its now march 2019 and its still not out.

  4. My issue with this game back in the day when I played it was that it seemed builds revolved around putting everything into one ability and spamming it. Is that still the same?

  5. they said they will give us a release date 2 weeks before it releases when they get confirmation. Its march 7th so it wont be out for ps4 mid march, it will most likely be out april/may

  6. Ps4 version is full of cheaters and modders like diablo 3, bud idea develope this game on console because Sony Servers don't have anticheat

  7. Hold on to your butts everyone! GGG just confirmed that the PS4 edition of POE will officially come out on the 28th of this month alongside the Synthesis expansion!

  8. Is there any way we can get the currupted area loading screens changed for ps4 so my kids can play? Multi-boobied demon woman isnt what id call kid friendly, but i love this game and i am excited about the ps4 release!!

  9. Out here in germany we need ps+ to play it.. i would love to play PoE but im definitely not spending 25 bucks just to play a free-to-play game

  10. I tried it on Xbox and the graphics left a lot to be desired. This looks better though maybe I will try the ps4 version

  11. This is my diablo 4 now free game not pay to play. A lot of content every month new patches and brand new adventures and content.

  12. i love this game by all means! They really listen to fans requests. SSOOOOOOO PLEASEEEE PORRR THIS TO NINTENDO SWITCCCCHHHHHH!!!!!

  13. Quelqu'un a un lien pour dire aux mecs qui s'occupent de la version PS4 que leurs serveurs sont en carton ? Parceque si par hasard ils sont pas au courrant j'aimerai que ce soit clair pour eux. C'est lamentable, jamais du un lag et un freeze a ce niveau là, bon sang du freeze a gogo dans un ptit jeu multi en 2019 … oh les mecs, sérieux. Alors vous vous bougez, vous sortez vos serveurs du royaume uni et vous les installez en France avec des mecs sérieux, merci.

  14. Seria mas hermoso si se pudiera jugar de 2, coop, empece a jugarlo con la arquera y me enamore, solo q si deberian hacerlo para poder jugarlo con compañia, asi es mas rico!!!!!

  15. the old line from the witch was so better 🙁 if they haden't taken my house by fire i wouldnt have taken their childern

  16. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿หรอยๆ

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