Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas!

(audience cheering) Oh god. Okay, welcome. It’s time for some holiday shopping. I’ve got the perfect gift. It’s inexpensive, it’s from our friends at Mixtiles. Now look, Mixtiles are moveable frames. Their great, you personalize them, their website lets you choose photos from your phone. So easy to order, so affordable. This is so good. I have some hanging in my office. Their so easy, they stick to the wall with out a nail. Okay, they don’t leave damage. You can remove them here’s what you do. Eli do you have this? All right you take this, you take that off, right? And then you stick it to the wall. Look at this, how easy? (audience cheering) How easy? Like I love this. Studio audience you’re all going home with a gift card from Mixtiles. (audience cheering) For a set of nine. To go and shop for yourself go to and use the promo code WENDY20 for 20% off any purchases. Ask Wendy is next. (audience cheering) (upbeat music)

17 thoughts on “Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas!

  1. Wendy told ya'll accusers off.  😭  Wendy said:

    Stop accusing me of being on the Kardashian payroll causeΒ  I say what I want to out here

  2. I hope they stick better then Command Strips. I've had a couple of pictures fall down with 4 command strips on them.

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