Pinterest Ads Case Study: How Jennifer Maker Sells Digital Products Using Promoted Pins

– Hello everyone! I’m here with one of my students, Jennifer Maker, from and she is going to share with us some of her research
successes with promoted pins? So before we dive in, Jennifer can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business? – So my name is Jennifer and I blog over at which is a DIY and craft blog. And at this point, when
we’re recording it, can I say the date? – [Monica] Yeah. – May 2019, I have been doing my blog for two and a half years and I essentially teach people how, I have lots and lots of tutorials and I teach them how to do things. And I have a handful of products. I think that’s it. (laughs) – Yeah, so you focus on crafting and the products you create are digital products, correct? – Yes, all digital. Happily so. – And that’s what you
use promoted pins for? – Correct, Yes. – So what prior experience did you have with promoted pins before enrolling in Pin Practical Promotions? – Okay, so I was part of the beta for Pinterest when it came out, I think in 2011, or something like that. So, when they started to
introduce promoted pins they had a beta. And they invited me try it out. And I love Pinterest, so I did it. And, I did a couple of things. Really, all I did was
kinda promote existing pins just to see what would happen. I was just really curious. And, they were just for traffic (laughs) and it was not for my blog because my blog didn’t exist back then. It went to my travel site. So, um, and I noticed that I had a lot of engagement, a lot of traffic from those promoted pins. And, I thought that was really cool, and I thought favorably of them. But then stopped doing it because it didn’t have any real purpose in having a promoted pin. And then I didn’t do anything again, until I found your course. – So that leads me to my next question. Why did you decided to enroll in Pin Practical Promotions? – Because at some point along the way, I got some sort of awesome tool from you and I got into your mailing list. So you were sending me letters and things and then you started talking about how you could teach me
how to use promoted pins, to actually not just
like send traffic to some blog page, which is not
really what I’m interested in. But to actually send traffic to a sales page and I’m like, “well this is
what I would like to do.” So, I signed up for the course and I did it. (laughs) – Well, also about conversions and not so much about just traffic, for the sake of traffic.
– Yes, yes absolutely. Conversions is what I’m all about. – So this is one of the most
popular questions that I get. Which is, If you’re a potential student thinking about enrolling but you have no prior
experience in promoted pins, will this course help
you get up and running? – Totally! So all I did before, First of all it was in the beta. It was so simplistic. Like, I literally just, it was like boosting on
Facebook as I recall. Very simple, nothing to it. I don’t recall figuring out audiences or keywords or anything. – [Monica] Were you into Pinterest? – While I’m a fan of Pinterest, I didn’t understand promoted pins at all. So I went into your course with a very open mind, and pretty much a clean slate, and I had no issues at all understanding it or following it. It was so step by step. I just did what you told me to do. Like, literally. (laughs)
(Monica mumbles) It wasn’t hard at all, No. – So what successes have you had running promoted pin campaigns since taking the course? – All right, so I’ve done two. The first one I set up was, I think I set it up
right after the course. It was last year, so I must have signed up last year. And it was for my craft
room organization workbook. So again, that was a sales thing. And, I don’t know what the figures were. I know that I made more than I spent. That’s, all I can tell you right now. Because, I’m still learning how to do a lot of what I’m doing and I wasn’t really tracking it very well and understanding it. But I could tell that I was making more than I spent. And, then I added in a second promoted pin in October for my Cricut Coach Playbook. Which, is also a digital product, a little bit higher. The first one was seven dollars. This one is 17 and I added that one in because it was doing so well, otherwise. I said, “I should put it on Pinterest.” and promote it there as well. And, that one started in October. So, seven and a half
months, eight months ago and at this point, for every dollar I spend, I earn four dollars. So, this is a successful campaign and I am happy with it. I think I can do even better, and I have plans to do even more stuff in the future. So, those are my two pins that I followed simply step by step by following your course. So, it was actually kind of plug and play. Like, I just, I had a thing to sell and I just followed what you said and it worked. And it was that easy. (laughs) – Jennifer and I just
recorded a case study for the course. Specifically, on how to try to scale that return on ad spend beyond the four dollars for every one dollar. So, if you do join the course, you’ll be able to watch that and we came up with
four things she can try for scaling that ad. So, that will be exciting
to see her results too. Which, she can share
– [Jennifer] Yes, totally. In the course Facebook group. – That’s right, yup. – [Monica] What is your
favorite part of the Pin Practical Promotions course? – My favorite part is how, actually there’s two. Can I say two? – [Monica] Yup. – The first is that you
get really specific. I’ve taken lots of courses that are kind of vague, right? Theory, whatever, that’s not really my kind of course. I actually like it when somebody says, Do, “A-B-C and D.” Right? And, this is why you should do it and just do it. (laughs) Literally, just do it. Because it removes all of the what ifs. You know, what should I do kind of thing. And, especially for something like a promoted pin. Which is really pretty technical in my opinion. There’s a lot of things to do. It is so helpful to just follow a guide. So, that’s my first favorite thing. My second favorite thing
is your Facebook group. You have office hours and you’re like so responsive to people’s questions and while I don’t actually participate all that much myself. What I do is when I have a
question about something, I go into your group and I search it. And, then I can see all of the past questions and answers. Because I’m the kind of person that likes to find the answer and run off. I don’t really like to ask the questions. So, it’s really valuable even though I’m not asking
the question myself. To see what other people have asked and what you have answered. Because, you are so present in your group. – [Monica] Oh, thank you. I really appreciate that. The group has also helped me as I get the common questions, every time I do a course update, Like, I just added it in an FAQ under custom audiences because there were the
same recurring questions. And then someone came back
into the group and said, “Every question that I had
going through that module, when I got to the last
lesson that was the FAQ, You answered every single question I had!” I was like that… – So cool, right! – Yes, and I couldn’t have done that without the group. I really, really love the
community in there too. So, I’m glad you found that useful too. – It’s awesome! No, it’s very useful. Totally. – [Monica] Thank you. So, Do you have any advice for someone who is on the fence about enrolling? – So, well first of all, assuming you’re going to follow through and actually do a promoted pin and follow what Monica says, you should simply do it. Because, I earned my money back within, I don’t know, a week. (laughs) It’s like a no-brainer, right? You just have to be willing
to do the work, right? You can’t enroll in the course and then not do anything, right? But if you do the work it is not an issue, because you will earn your money back. It’s that kind of course. And that’s what I think is awesome. So, if you’re on the fence, this means you’re not
sure which way to go, you should just fall off the other side and just do it. (Monica and Jennifer laugh) You should just go for it. Just do it, seriously. – Do it! If you’re willing to do the work I totally agree. – Do the work, it is really important. You can’t just sign up and then hope by osmosis you figure it out. It doesn’t work that way. (laughs) – Well that’s great. So, thank you so much for joining us and helping potential students make their mind up if
they should join or not. And, if you do choose to join Jennifer is in the group. So, she is a very responsive tagger, sometimes I even tag her. Cause she has a lot
– Yep, totally tag me. of knowledge. So she is there too. And so you’ll be able to see her. So thank you again, Jennifer for joining me. – Thank you. – [Monica] Bye. – Bye.

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