[PoppinSoul] (Eng sub) Campaign : Horse riding manners

PoppinSoul’s Campaign : Horse riding manners Don’t you think this is too much? No manners at all ! Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means? n,no.. that’s not what I’m taking about What is it then ? I mean, there are too many horses So, horese don’t have manners? No, I’m talking about horse riders Would you look at that Horses are everywhere ! This is chaos They just parked randomly like hell Even NPCs were buried under them. Now we all are going to be buried ! Ugh… traffic is really heavy here. You’re not going to survive on that road. Are you even listening to me? Besides, there are some bullyings these days so, called ‘horse hitting’ We need to do something for measures measures… well, I believe a campaign will do Then, let’s practice ! One! Horse should be parked safely avoid the street people are passing by. and avoid NPCs to consider others Two! Please always be careful when you ride horses and don’t forget to use stirrups for safety! Three! Be chummy with other horse riders ♥ Let’s create peaceful horse riding atmosphere together! Living in harmony is precious as much as we love our horses Let’s practice proper horse riding manners! One small actions will change the BD world more beautiul place! This campaing has been granted by Black Desert advertising council Does it even exist? I don’t know. Who cares.

21 thoughts on “[PoppinSoul] (Eng sub) Campaign : Horse riding manners

  1. Please, can you add the english subtitles? w your videos are amazing and funny, even though I don´t understand anything XD

  2. LOL this is awesome!!! Did you know you're mentioned on Black Desert Online's Twitter? 😀 Great job btw, you did fantastic job!

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