President Trump’s full 2020 reelection campaign announcement

100 thoughts on “President Trump’s full 2020 reelection campaign announcement

  1. He forgot to mention Hi
    llary's refusal to let the FBI access the supposedly Russian hacked DNC server!

  2. That arena hold 20k plus he told us 120k lol maybe request but can't fix 120k inside.
    Same old speech as 2016, one cannot teach a old dog new tricks.

  3. I probably shouldn't comment again(seeing as I won't have any impact as usual) because I've already spread enough leftist lies and libtard claims that so blatantly define my whole character and willingness to destroy society. I think I'll shut up and stop posting frivolous comments because I suppose I know what I'm doing, but then again, humans always have.

    But I digress, anyway, to those of you in support of standing president Donald J. Trump– I have one question:

    Why do you support HIM?

    Not why do you not support other candidates or previous figures. Why do you personally support this man in particular? And more importantly, how far are you willing to go, with him? How far are you willing to walk to support his claims and set his words into actions. How deeply do you think about how each individual word you speak, every thing you do affects everyone around you? And, if you get what you want, how it affects our fellow humans, our brothers and sisters, and our children. If you want to combat terrorists, and end war with more fighting, what about the ordinary people on the sidelines who watch buildings burn and children scream? What about the ordinary people who risk their lives and lose their lives everyday to save others? No matter what you think, there will always be those people, there will always be heroes and villains as there is evil and good. There will always be peace just as there is war, there is balance: it's just hard to grasp it when your entire species is nothing to the Earth.

    The Earth has been here for billions of years and in its time has seen a handful of near worldwide extinctions and rebirths, the human race is just another stepping stone through the tides of time shifting between day and night. The human race has experienced many wars and triumphed through many hardships but, to the Earth that is nothing. To the solar system, to the galaxy, that is not even worth the blink of an eye. To the universe we don't even exist at all.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, if all human life suddenly disappeared within an instant along with all its war and folly…
    The Earth would not miss us.

    So I'll ask you once again,
    What is it this man has done for you and your family? What is it this man has done for your brothers and sisters? What is it this man has done for the world and ones yet to come?
    Rather, what have you done for your family?
    And what can you do for your country?

  4. Same hatred as 2016, same hatred as the last 60 meetings of the klan I feel for the rest of Americans that haven’t been fooled by this horrible human being Embarrassing

  5. I wonder why Hitler Trump did not mention with all that lying bragging and blaming how he ran the National debt up by Trillions, by his stupid tariffs then had to give bailouts, his stupidity. mainly taking so many vacations, ripping off money to pay his own debts, and supplying his kids with money and hush money to Republicans and just wasteful spending, NOT a word said about that , by fake fox cult or republicans

  6. Does his speech contain the I phone thought broadcast channels into people's minds like on YouTube. Am I too old to hear the thought broadcast at that high frequency. I have to think about this one .

  7. He's never had anything but lies and hate, and that's what we see here again. Oh, and "I'm the greatest person who ever lived or ever will live!" LOL, when the reverse is true!

  8. Make America Vomit Again…. Lying President Puke …spreading his cancerous lies to his deluded, mostly white, cult members. – ps. nasty replies… are a sign that you are part of his anti-american/anti-democratic cult….and your wasted vitriol is discarded as worthless trash.

  9. Thank god for this president trump 2020 the democrats don’t even have a little chance in hell with trump

  10. He really speaks like a horoscope. No contents whatsoever, and just flat stuff that can be applied to every candidate "It's a movement made up of hard working patriots who love their country, love their flag, love their children and who believe that a nation should care for its own citizens first". Why should foreign nations have more say in the election than minorities? Do you care about all American citizens or just rich white ones and people who aren't caughing? You know, people will caugh a whole lot more since reversing the clean air act. And the clean water act. And the Paris accord…
    Trump 2020 years in prison!

  11. Not one thing this utter IMBECILE has said is speaking about bettering the lives of every day American citizens. And these people just don't care. They just get off on hateful rhetoric. They certainly aren't there to listen to a serious conversation about policy

  12. This dumb fck has managed to turn politics and government into a mother fcking reality show!!!! Pathetic

  13. Look-Puppets in red hats! They all look the same. I had no idea HATE was on the rise even after 4yrs of lies.

  14. god bless former president Obama. god bless former president Clinton. socialism is great. god bless democratic/liberal America. health care for all!

  15. 2020 Trump God Bless you Mr. President and the United States of America in the Mighty name of Jesus exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or think pressed down shaken up and running over!!

  16. a trump rally living proof that PT Barnum was right never give a sucker an even break and there's a sucker born every minute😕

  17. The Trump campaign admitted they had to bring people in, to fill the room. They flew people in as far away as California to Florida, because "not enough local people were available", Very sad when no one wants to see the US President, but Trump did lose Senate seats in Wyoming, West Virginia, Ohio, Nevada and Arizona, after Trump campaigned hard for Trump republicans. When Ranchers, Farmers, Coal miners and Blue Collar workers reject Trump and they have to fly people in to fill the room, that is a Message. Trump is DONE !! of course the Trump Cult members will always lie, cry, whine, deny facts, deflect ANYTHING! to defend their CULT GOD TRUMP! no different then any Cult member

  18. Why is he still there. Lining his pockets those poor fools. He is lying through his teeth. Stop being crooked. You did not do anything. Just lying he roll back President Obama's policy and laws. There is no recovering jobs. There is no health care for all.

  19. Did you guys see how ten people were outside for the huge tvs they rented for the made up crowds that totaled less then a dozen, because I did and that Colbert's whole new crew bought tickets there an hour in, this guy literally doesn't ever tell the truth lol! It would be one thing if he lied every now and then, but that shows how ignorant and mainly white trash his constituents really are! Oh sorry, if I used words to big for trumpers, unlike trump who has never used a word more then six letters on camera, give me a break and stop impeding reality, your only hurting us all!

  20. If the Democratic party worried about winning instead of trying to prosecute Trump in his last year they may have had a chance to win but, all they did was dig themselves into a deeper hole, and have shown the party can't be trusted

  21. This rally had a crazy amount of people. 100k people outside and the lines was miles long. Not everyone got in.

  22. Thank you Mr President Trump! KEEP making America great again! Haters and loosers will keep on hating anyways. I guess they hate to prosper and thrive just because of your amazing work. That alone says a lot of their level of intelligence or better the lack of it.


  24. donld trump is very bad he is not good and is racism in america no for trump amerca is a natian of immogrants u hate the people who pick u foods y u like him he so much of a bully f**** Flumpf i don't use curses because im more classy than your bad bully you sea as presidant

  25. The Democrats should just forfeit the 2020 election. But, they want to pocket all the campaign donations.

  26. God Bless our Amazing President Donald J. Trump!😇 God Bless America!!😇 God Bless Israel!!😇 Trump Again 2020!!❤😇🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾

  27. In 2016, those of us who watched Fox News saw huge rallies like this and compared them to coffee shop rallies for Hillary Clinton and some of us predicted a Trump landslide while mainstream media was predicting the same for Hillary. I wonder if the Democrat establishment is taking note of similar Trump events and are looking for a decent candidate for 2020. So far, the choices seem to be either way far left people and an old guy whose heroes are segregationists.

  28. Wow!!! His speech without paper at all. It came out from his ❤️.
    We love Mr. President… 6+ years… for you Mr. President…

  29. White. Black, brown, yellow all for President Trump come 2020!GOD bless President Trump! NO collusion!

  30. Dear God! Please guidance and support our President Trump and his family his cabinet. Many thanks to God !!
    God Bless America when He made Donald J Trump as our President. God bless Trump and his family his staff. Thank You Lord!!!

  31. Why did you refuse to sing God Save the Queen at the D Day celebrations? You were even standing right next to the queen. It's disgusting you would not show some respect.

  32. I drove from the Dallas Forth Worth area to attend the Orlando Rally. I took part of history and it was amazing. A Trump rally is extraordinary. God bless our president.

  33. In 1994, Stephen King's 'The Stand' was run as a TV miniseries. Do a YouTube search for 'Randall Flagg,' a character in the story line. He epitomizes chump trump well: A manipulative, selfish liar, with ulterior motives, who cares about himself, rather than others. The mindless minions who support the chump are either completely ignorant of reality, in regard to his having accomplished NOTHING positive during his term of office; believe his continued psychobabble and lies; and have 'Zero Cognitive Ability,' to review information for accuracy and the truth. The chump even physically resembles Flagg. Contemporary chump supporters are the equivalent of the dupes that Flagg uses in 'The Stand,' to do his bidding; with the end result being destruction and chaos. Keep 'Drinking the Kool Aid,' chumpites!!!.

  34. It's all a lie! Everyone says Trump has increased job opportunities, but I am still unable to get a job! I've applied to multiple stores and NONE have hired me!

    Walmart, Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wingstop, Mcdonalds, UPS, HEB, Harbor Freight, IHOP, DENNy's, Whataburger, Golden Coral, School Janitor, Olive Garden, Home Depot, Lowes, Target!

    What did I do to deserve this!?!?! Born U.S citizen non Anchor baby!

  35. I mean we been the strongest we been the powerful we been the leading on all phases (United States) without this guys. This guy is just the voice for the racist people that stereotype other ethnicity based on what they see on tv lol

  36. so I said maybe we shouldn't take a chance. Maybe we shouldn't go to Orlando. We should go someplace else, then I said "no, I think well go to Orlando."

    Did trump just argue with himself?🤣🤣🤣 Welp when you think you seen and heard it all. Someone takes the cake.

  37. in Russia we are all for Trump! and liberals not, for this we beat these smelly pigs, and they cry and stink! 🙂 Do not repeat our mistakes, friends … we lost our freedom in 1917! 🙁 liberals today are communists yesterday! servants of the devil and enemies of the people ..

  38. 12/4/19 The noose around that biggly fat neck is tightening! What an orange pig!! And he's sooo ignorant he's planning on an (re)??… election?!!!!! What a clueless Amarica back-stabbing ignorant moron!!

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