Producing promotional video for Unnies Season 2 [Sister’s Slam Dunk Season2 / 2017.03.03]

What is this place? Where is this place? It’s not well-built prison is it? – This is heavy. / – This is tough. Hold on. This is nuts! – We should decide on rooms. / – It’s so warm. – Now it really feels like we’re a girl group. / – Yeah. Is this our accommodation for real? (Wow) – Nice place. / – Can we check out the rooms? – Take a look around. / – Let’s look around. Someone might have to sleep in the living room. Three people can sleep in that room. The room with the bathroom is the nicest though. Yeah. Let’s make it nicer and have only two sleep in there. – Really? / – And two in the living room. – Sleep is very important. / – Right. I just don’t want the living room. Me too. (Living room) (Dang it) (Sook gets the living room) Gosh! (Sook will sleep in the living room) (And her living room roommate will be…) (Good-bye, Chaeyoung) So in the living room are Chaeyoung and me. Jinkyung, Somi and Minzy. Yewon and Jinyoung get the nice room. (How will their first night go?) Gosh! Who’s your roommate preference? I want to be with Chaeyoung. She’s the one I’m most curious about. I’m curious about what Sook is like. I’m excited. Let’s try to get along. Sook, I hope you can sleep quietly. I snore. I’m really sorry. If someone comes in quietly, it’s me. Oh, come on. We’re going to bed. Looks like the 3 of us will use this room from now on. – I think so. / – It’s fine with me. I’m going to cover this so we can change. (They change into comfortable clothes) (Minzy’s unexpected pajama style) (She’s just a girl in her 20s after all) So cute. (Lucky Somi thinks Minzy’s pajamas are cute) – Jinyoung / – Yewon. We got really lucky today. This is great! (Happy) (Yewon and Jinyoung start unpacking) (First thing seen is a snack) – This is instant coffee. / – I love it. – Look, Yewon. / – What did you bring? Tuna. (These roommates are on the same page) I wanted to be roommates with you. I knew it. But I didn’t think we’d get the entire house. I thought we’d get to sleep comfortably… – So I brought some stuff. / – Like silk pajamas? I even brought this. What’s that? – A scented candle… / – Wow! Hold on, is this fate? You brought one too? – I love scented candles. / – Really? (How nice) I brought this one. – And I brought something else. / – What? (Looking around) Wine? Neither of us can handle alcohol. It’s to liven the mood in this nice place. I even brought this to sleep elegantly. It even has ears on it. Look, Sook. And a tail. You have unique taste… I sleep in things like this. – You really wear that at home? / – Yeah. (Somi comes out to get her stuff) Look how cute it is. It’s adorable. I like it. – It’s pretty. / – Right? Look at this. These are… – They’re cute. / – It’s for my sleeping outfit. I even brought these. They’re totally cute. Look. What’s your shoe size? – I’m 40. / – It’s a bit big for you. – They fit perfectly. / – Good thing they’re big. No, they fit perfectly. Look. These look like they’re mine. – Look. / – They look good on you. I want to stay on your good side. Read this, Chaeyoung. (What’s this?) “The Courage to Age?” You’re approaching 40 soon too. This is just makeup. I’m sorry but where are the blankets? Geez, being in the living room is a pain in the butt. Everyone gets to look at our stuff. Did you shower? Only come out during the meal time. – Yeah. / – Is this a bathing suit? No, I brought pajamas. – What’s that? / – This is silk. I was going to wear this to bed to be fancy. Like this. – It looks Japanese. / – No way. This is new. I’m really sorry but I snore pretty loudly. Sorry. Sook, let’s play rock paper scissors. Loser sleeps in the kitchen. (It’s bad enough being in the living room) Just go to sleep first. I’ll go to bed once you fall asleep. That’s why I brought the wine. You drink it all. Did I bring anything else? Wow, why did you bring so many hats? Want one? – Yeah. / – You like hats? Geez, I brought my two most expensive hats. You’re unbelievable. I’ve only worn this one once too. It looks pretty on you. Was that hat always this nice? – She looks good in anything. / – Thanks. It’s good to be roommates with you. So don’t complain too much about my snoring. – You got a hat. / – Alright. – Alright. / – I’ll try to close my ears. Don’t tell me to sleep in the kitchen. That’s so mean. (I like this hat) I look like I’m in my 20s. Oh, come on. – You look like a teenager. / – Really? Gosh! – Yeah? / – Sure. Silly girl… You look like a teenager. Do I have anything for you? Don’t bother. (Let me see for myself if there’s anything to take) You don’t have to give me anything. Sook, those… I bought a black pair and white pair and mixed them up. I have another pair at home. So these are matching shoes? You still want to wear them? Really? Nice. – I can have these? / – Okay. Then you wear the other pair next time. – Really? / – Yeah. Alright. Same shoes, yet so different. Geez… Come on! I knew you were going to say something! – You’d better wear those. / – Alright. I’m really worried about living together in this big group. I’ve been living with my group members. I woke up and the girls weren’t there. So that made me really sad. It’ll feel like a real girl group living together like this. It’s fun and it doesn’t seem like work. Chaeyoung is so adorable when she tries anything. I’m curious about her. I feel like this is a family. Being like a family… It starts today. So where do we sleep? Chaeyoung, where should we sleep? Like this? Should we fall asleep with the TV on? I don’t watch TV in bed. It needs to be quiet for me to sleep. That’s okay. – We can be friends. / – Yeah. We can be friends, right? (Same taste, yet so different) What the… Let’s try it again. A bit later. Looks nice in here. Lucky you. Chaeyoung gave me these shoes. Sook gave me this hat. We’re friends now. Are you two good? – Yes. / – Really? You two seem a bit awkward. Don’t they seem awkward? – Yeah, they do. / – I’m not awkward. – It’s a bit awkward. / – So awkward. It looks weird. Enjoy the room. – We’re a couple… / – Let’s go to Somi’s room. When are we doing this? You’re already asleep? – You’re wearing pajamas? / – There’s a bathroom. Aren’t we eating? Hurry and go cook. – Spicy rice cakes? / – Go ahead. Someone, look up the recipe. – You have to finish it all. / – Such pressure. – You have to finish it, Jinkyung. / – Of course. I’ve tried cooking a lot. (She’s only tried) Unlike my family… They won’t enjoy everything I make. Honestly, I’m not that good at cooking. You know how to make rice, right? Come on. I know how to wash rice. (She washes the rice and puts it in the cooker) Please select the function. (This one is different from my rice cooker at home) Low power mode has ended. (Unfamiliar rice cooker vs. Housewife of 11 years) – I know how to do this. / – Did you wash the rice? I did! Yeah, Chaeyoung isn’t an idiot. Don’t take my roommate for a fool. (Looks over her like a mother…) There. (Will we be able to eat by today?) So anyway we all started living together. So should we post a promotional video? – Good idea. / – No point in just sitting. – Girl groups need fans. / – Yeah. – Right now we’re… / – Hold on. Okay. – Right now we’re… / – Hold on, Jinkyung. (Embarrassed) Go ahead! – Right now we’re… / – Oh, it’s done. I’m sorry, Jinkyung! This finished recording. It’s only for 15 seconds. – 15 seconds. / – So make it nice. Okay, okay. Minzy, do a dance. Panning up… There! (Cute, sexy) – Very nice, good. / – Got it. Got it. Somi. Somi, come out from here. – Pop out. / – Hold the camera here. Somi, your face comes out from there. Okay, okay. Hold on. (Squirming) Introducing our youngest! (Hiding) Introducing our youngest! (Pops out) Hello, I’m Somi! Please support Sisters’ Slam Dunk. (Please support season 2) That was really good. – It’s really good? / – It was. Jinyoung, you come out of these drawers. Come out of these drawers. – From in there? / – I’ll open it so you can pop out. Can you fit in there? All of us have to pop out for it to be funny. Are you really going in there? I think I could fit. You could fit. – I’ll take these out. / – Really? Why are you crawling in there? Can you really fit? It’s tight on my hips. – Put more of yourself in. / – Sook… It’s tight on my hips and butt! Put that leg in too. Hold on, Sook… That’s it. Oh, you fit. – Get in there! / – My butt! – Get in there! / – My butt! (Sook doesn’t know when to give up) Get in more. Get in more. Hold on. She won’t fit. Minzy, you try. I can’t fit. Minzy. You try going in. – I won’t fit. / – It’d be funny if Jinkyung went in. It’d be funny if Jinkyung went in. If Jinkyung goes in… That would be really funny. – We’re the youngest ones! / – The youngest! (Getting ready to contort herself) (Struggling) (Carefully like moving furniture) (Reality starts to sink in) Sook, I turned 42 this year. – I’m 42 now, Sook. / – Jinkyung, you can fit. Jinkyung… (Jinyoung failed to get in) (The section where hips get stuck) – Jinkyung. / – She fits. She fits! She fits! Jinkyung fits. – It’s the perfect fit, Jinkyung. / – Sook! Geez… Jinkyung. – I’m so happy. / – 2017 sure is… This is so funny. Awesome. – It’s as long as she is tall. / – The perfect fit. Perfect. Hurry up! What? It’s stuffy in here! Hurry! – It’s stuffy! / – Gosh… Alright, alright. – There’s no air in here. / – Alright. – This is perfect. Here we go. / – Let’s do this. Make her look long. Hold on. – Okay! / – People… Let me show you a magic trick. (The Unnies magic show!) ♪ The battery was dead ♪ ♪ The battery was dead ♪ ♪ So I couldn’t pick up the phone ♪ ♪ I tried to call back later ♪ (Jinkyung is so funny) Geez… Pull me out. When you’re in there… – There’s no air. / – It’s like she’s on a stretcher. Hold on, Jinkyung. Good work, Jinkyung. Why are you so long? Good work, Jinkyung. – Good work. / – When you’re in there… Let’s all pop out from weird places. Where do you want to pop out of? – It’s getting harder now. / – Hold on. We have a big luggage bag, right? – Can I fit in that? / – I saw a big luggage bag. – Can I fit in that? / – The big one. Gosh, she fits! Gosh! I can’t believe she fits! Let’s hurry and do this. I’ll introduce her. Ready? Don’t turn the water on! It’s really scary! (Startled) Don’t turn the water on! – Let’s hurry. / – This is hilarious. Poor Sook… I’ll introduce the oldest member of the Unnies. Kim Sook! Kim Sook! Hello, everyone. Don’t turn the water on! Please don’t turn the water on. Chaeyoung, get in the fridge. We have to mention Friday nights at 11 p.m. – What? / – Action! Friday nights at 11:10 p.m. Please watch the show. – Good. / – Got it. – So pretty. / – Right? It’s a crisis. What? Hurry, it’s so stuffy in here. She has to be last. (While, the food is done) (Chaeyoung and Yewon’s first dinner for the girls) – Hey, this looks good. / – Right? – You guys made this stuff fast. / – Right? What did you make, Chaeyoung? – I made the spicy rice cakes. / – Really? (Chaeyoung’s spicy rice cakes look perfect) Really? (Great work) Thank you for the food. It looks delicious. (They worked hard but judging must be objective) If you dip the tofu in soy sauce… Did someone step on the tofu? – Yewon, you made this? / – Yes. (Takes a big bite) How is it? How is it? This is unique. This tofu doesn’t taste like tofu. – The texture doesn’t seem like tofu. / – Right? Then what’s it like? Like it’s been chewed and spit out. (Oh…) (How will Chaeyoung’s spicy rice cakes taste?) – The spicy rice cakes look good. / – Right? Good, right? The spicy rice cakes are good. They’re good. (They are good…) Why are the rice cakes so hard? I could chew these rice cakes until tomorrow. (You can savor these longer) Eat some of the spicy rice cakes. There’s so much. But this is… (The rice cakes are too hard) (And the tofu seems like it’s been chewed up) The instant noodles are good. – I made the noodles. / – The noodles are good. The rolled egg is really good. It’s good. It’s kind of amazing. (I’m such a good cook) I actually measured out all the water for the instant noodles. Perfect amount of water. Spicy rice cakes… (Huh?) Spicy rice cakes… (What?) (Hi, my room is the living room) (She heard me) Yewon, let’s be honest. Didn’t I do a good job? Geez, I did all the hard stuff. She’s really nice but she isn’t right up here! I added another pack of instant noodles. – I asked if I should add more. / – Right, you asked. But I gave the order to add more. (Yewon ordered Chaeyoung to carry out her idea) Okay. We both made the noodles.

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