Promoting Inclusion with Microsoft Soundscape

>>Soundscape was born out of a quest to try and figure out how technology can change the experience for blind people when they’re out and about. My name is Amos Miller, I’m a Product Strategist
in Microsoft Research. I’m also a user advocate. I’m blind myself. Basically, if I’m
heading somewhere, I can place an audio beacon
on that destination. Using 3D audio, that
audio beacon sounds like it comes from the bus stop or the train station that
they’re heading to. They get a very clear layout
of what’s around them, businesses, restaurants,
parks, cafes. We help people build
a mental map of their space. When we work with the students, it took them no more
than two seconds to say, “Hold on, I could use this,” which says to us that
there’s something there. It’s quite amazing to experience using 3D audio
to describe the world.

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