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Yeah, I really did put a lot of make up today but it’s fuckin’ Lit Look at that Highlight! I look like a glazed donut Can we just do a comparison? Between me and a glazed donut? We look the same, *thanks a subscriber* Poki, can we have the Link to Bjerg, eating a banana? You can have more than the Link, you can have the picture right fuckin’ nooooooow Omg you’re trolling! He’s trolling .. You got trolled Bitch, you got trolled Bitch, you thought … Bitch, you thought I was gonna die Bitch, you got trolled I killed him, with the redemption looooooooool I think, me and you have a similar taste, ’cause sausage and green olives pretty salty I like salty stuff I also feel like pizza is a salty food Yummy Stop feeding Stop feeding xD That’s so funny uuh, show all chat How am i supposed to hit a bind when he freakin’ does that? so noxious Well, that’s good Careful top … recall! Rumble, how, like, wha.. wi.. really!? OMG really, how much do I have to ping?!?! Really dude, how much can i ping? Like literally, the most obvious shit ever … c’mon man, really? Like literally, three free kills, jacking off together Pleeaase Oh god … Yeah, I don’t really know about this one though Oh, shit son What the fuck was that?? Bitch, byeeee Why do people try me, really? Why do people try me.. I’m just kidding that was lucky, that was nice I think they both wasted flash Oh shit son, I’m exhausted Oh, shit son .. Omg teemo you’re genius!! You’re a genius! omg, he almost got him too !!!!!!!!!!! My bind … Whatever, that was still fucking BEAUTIFUL good fuckin’ job team I can’t really do that , for 2 reasons first of all you are obviously stranger danger and second of all, I’m gonna be working shit I’m gonna be doing stuff with riot, you know So I’m obviously not watching the whole thing Oh, shit Nooooooo dude! dude, get him, get him, get him!! hahaa, we got a 2 for 2 there In a 4v2 that’s worth, ok technically 3v.., 3v .. 3v4 haa? azir recalled … two seconds later there’s four bot That was.. That was…, That was fucking something I don’t even know how i could’ve played around that, it’s like I’m not going in just ’cause azir was there, and then he recalled damn omg we fucking got to go Why is this guy always here It’s actually cancer omfg At least I got him in the fuckin’ thing If Azir was there a second sooner … omg just don’t die They can’t four man bot, a fourth time in a row No way! What? He turned away, ’cause he thought the dot would kill.. ohh that’s sucks Half of me just wants to watch teemo play to be honest ohh He actually hit that too thank you… I’m fuccking dead what the fuck was that Talon?? smi.. smit.. SMITE!!! smi smite… really? I cannot … Oh my God no, no, no, fuck I couldn’t exhaust this stupid Varus! my god, finally … my d3 promos, why are you so hard??! Oh my God my brain hurts … Why are you so … HARD?! Why?! Why’re you so fucking hard?! my stupid little.. D3 promos.. I’m on my way! Oh my god! That ulti was beautiful! uhh, I got both fight me bitch ah, that’s so funny I wanna go save my turret! I’m coming turret! I’m coming! Don’t die on me! Don’t die on me my love! Fuck! That was almost beautiful cs’ing, then I missed the cannon fuck Oh, fuck Why? Why aren’t you guys helping each other? They literally didn’t… They literally didn’t do shit the entire time they were on Anivia Just.. go! That’s unfortunate At least I kind of opened lane *Lit music*

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  2. Congratulations on D3, Pokimane! <3 Edit: Lolz, didn't see this video until now, sorry, I thought this one was current!

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