Property Brothas – Trump’s Boyhood Home Is on the Market | The Daily Show

-I’m Roy.
-And I’m Jaboukie. And when we’re not on
The Daily Show, -we run a lucrative…
-And unlicensed. -real estate business.
-Oh, yeah. -Straight cash, none
of that Venmo shit. -Mm-mm. WOOD: If you got the cash
and you’re looking for a home, it’s time for you to meet… BOTH:
The Property Brothas. (Wood grunts) Today we’re in Jamaica, Queens to see the childhood home
of Donald Trump. That’s right.
The actual home where our president lived
until age four, is just sitting on the market. While the outside
might not look too Trumpy, the inside is very much… What the (bleep)? YOUNG-WHITE: Hold up.
This is Trump’s house? WOOD:
Uh… No. It’s… Did we use
Apple Maps to get here? Because this might be wrong. J-Dawg, I’m blown away. This house
looks extremely normal. Like, right here. This is not what
you would expect to see -in a house like this.
-YOUNG-WHITE: I was expecting something much longer,
something more of, like, a he’s on this side,
Daddy’s over there. -Very far apart.
-Lonely. Lonely.
Not what I was expecting. WOOD: This 2,500 square foot
Tudor style home comes with four bedrooms
and what we think is real gold. This is actually the only gold
in the entire house right here. How much you think we could get
for this shit? -I’m thinking at least $500.
-Let’s get this. -You want to pop it right now?
-Yeah. (mumbles) Uh, actually,
let’s-let’s hold off on that. Let’s hold. Wait till the… -And on to the next room.
-Yes. -This place is just fine.
-The living room looks like a failed
black sitcom from the ’90s. YOUNG-WHITE:
It’s not Trumpy. It looks Eric Trump at best. No matter how it looks
on the inside, we’ve got to play up
the Trump factor and sell this home to someone -who loves Trump.
-Hates Trump. -Hates Trump.
-Loves Trump. WOOD:
We didn’t have time to argue. We had to show this place
to real couples looking to buy
their first home. -Okay.
-Okay, so, as you can see, it’s a very traditional style. Four bedroom,
great space in the backyard. WOOD: Well, what’s
your first reactions to this? Um, well,
the open space is good. The Trump memorabilia -is definitely bumming me out
a little bit. -It’s everywhere. -Like, Trump is everywhere
in this room. -Yeah. Yeah. Uh, Donald Trump
is definitely not my person. He doesn’t live here anymore. -WOOD: Yeah, this is…
-ELIZABETH: “Anymore”? -“Anymore”? -Well,
this is the childhood home of President Donald Trump. That’s… That’s weird, man.
It’s a little weird -in a… in a bad way.
-It’s a little weird. It can feel anxious at first
because it’s new, it’s big, you’re feeling a lot. But I think there’s a lot
of excitement there that we could really work with. WOOD:
We tried to help these couples picture filling this house
with the love so clearly missing
from Trump’s childhood, but they kept getting hung up
on the little things. Everything about it
makes me uncomfortable. I really don’t like the idea
of living in his house. Who wouldn’t want to live
and raise their children in the same place that a legend
once laid their head, like Elvis at Graceland? Who wouldn’t want to live
at Paisley Park where Prince was? Neverland Ranch. -Mm.
-No? I just want a comfortable home. -Where Donald Trump
hasn’t lived. -Yeah. Come on. I mean,
look at this house as an investment opportunity. You take it, and you turn it
into a Trump museum, and you charge
those mother(bleep) $35 a head. -Wouldn’t you want to get money
from it, man? -Right. I would, but it’s not a priority of having a house
that I would like to live in. I’m with you.
You don’t like Trump. There are other people
who don’t like him, either. You have those people come in,
charge them admission, they get to destroy
a piece of Trump’s childhood. -How about that?
-Wait, you’re talking about turning this
into, like, a rage room -where they can trash it?
-Absolutely. Break a chair, destroy a table, burn a flag, do something. What are you gonna do
after you trash this place? Turn it into a mosque. That way, we can tell Trump,
“Go back to where you came from. Psych, bitch.
It’s a mosque now.” The brothers don’t seem
to be listening to us at all. We’ve told them multiple times
that we don’t want this house. And then one of them
keeps pulling me aside and keeps trying
to sell me gold. How much would you give me
for that? Nothing. It’s real. It’s real what? Gold. (sighs) As is with every episode,
we lost the sale. An even though
we can’t sell the house… We’ll sell as much of it
as we can. Come on! Come on! (cheering and applause)

100 thoughts on “Property Brothas – Trump’s Boyhood Home Is on the Market | The Daily Show

  1. LMAO AT 0:50 i was rethinking life "wait… is there something wrong with the house? Wht are they confused? Is this not what a normal house looks like?" then at 0:55 "ohhh"

  2. If I had the money, I’d buy the house and turn it into a center that would help immigrant and refugee families to build a sustainable life within their new home country.

  3. On a serious note, Trump better be scared. He fucked up so many lives, he ruined his name with everyone… after the presidency, he's be pinching pennies if not living on the streets

  4. Well. little has changed with Trump from age 4 to age 73. A big whiny cry baby. 😂 Trump is a “PERFECT” idiot and moron. 😎😂

  5. Let people smash the furniture inside it, rip it into pieces, then build a mosque over the rotten foundations, erect Obama's statue next to it, and frame Obama's birth certificate in gold right at the front door.

  6. If you want a comfortable home that Trump hasn't lived in yet, may I interest you in literally anywhere in the world that's not America!

  7. If that's his real childhood house, Warren or Biden should rent it for their campaign headquarters! That would be hilarious.

  8. Dont burn the flag, it's still a symbol of great values that I swore to uphold and defend. Trump cannot erode all the good we have done and still will do, he is a scar on America but eventually the wound will heal and become barely visible. It will serve as a good lesson to what happens when you elect an incompetent egomaniacal racist.

  9. Jaboukie & Roy should team up more often because that was GOLD!!!
    I love both couples, I feel their pain and discomfort of the house and J-Dog trynna sell them gold… smh

  10. Man, it's like finding Hitler's or Stalin's childhood home. You tear that shit down, have the rubble and grounds blessed by a few different religions, and build something new or just let Nature have it back. Mind you, the idea of charging people $30 a head to visit the museum might be good, provided the proceeds go to an Islamic or gay charity — even better if it's a charity covering both bases. No need to make a genuine pilgrimage site for white supremacists.

  11. Who googled Trump's childhood house after watching this? It's never going to sell because his true supporters can't afford it. 😂

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