PUBG Mechanics – Close Quarters

Welcome to PUBG Mechanics – where we offer
the tips and tricks that come second nature to the pros. Does this sound familiar? You got your hands on your favorite gun and
the best loot. You’ve taken out player after player and
had the perfect run. The circle is closing in. Nothing will stand between you and that chicken
Din– Except maybe a shotgun. Don’t worry, PUBG Mechanics is here to help
as we examine Close Quarters Combat. The chance of you coming out the victor in
close quarters depends greatly on your weapon choice. You may want to use an old faithful like the
M4, but weapons with a high damage-per-second, or DPS for short, like SMGs or shotguns, will give you the tactical advantage in a tight situation. Let’s break them down. Shotguns are some of the best tight quarter
weapons, dealing high amounts of damage with fewer shots. But be sure to make those shots count and
be mindful of your ammo. A miss could see you back at the lobby in
no time. While shotguns are great, they are balanced
out by their close-quarter counterpart, the SMG. SMGs may not be able to down a player in a
single shot, but their higher mag capacity and fire rate more than make up for that. They’re also great guns to transition from
close to mid range. Melee weapons are also a great option immediately
after landing, and now with the ability to throw your weapon, you may want to reconsider
passing one up when you touch down. The next aspect to winning a close quarter
battle, is understanding your terrain and enemy. Lets take a look at a few different scenarios. If you know the enemy is held up in a building,
be mindful of rushing in. There’s a good chance the player is counting
on you to make that mistake. Try finding a shot through a window, but if
they are playing cautiously keep changing your position and creating as much havoc from
the outside until you get a reaction. Larger apartment buildings are a little trickier. If you’re in a stalemate with an opponent
trading shot for shot, try faking out your opponent with a smoke grenade. He’ll most likely think you’ve thrown
a frag grenade, so while he’s retreating, charge his location and take the killing shot. Another great tactic for dealing with enemy
players locked down in a building is to use in-game audio to your advantage. If luck is on your side and a red-zone is
close by, use it to mask your footsteps and when you’re opening doors. And there you have it, follow these guidelines
and you’ll be going toe to toe and cleaning up the enemy in no time. Keep an eye on those corners and until next
time, keep playing PUBG!

100 thoughts on “PUBG Mechanics – Close Quarters

  1. Close quarters are a mess because the horrible "netcode". Granades being Completly OP is also a reason for why CQ is messed up in this game. The granade is the most powerful pickup in the game, and every game I have 5 and so does everyone else. You show a vector on vikendi. You promote shotguns like they where actually a viable option. You clearly don't even know how your own game actually plays out. Seriously, who is in charge? It's like you are purposly killing the game.

  2. Communities, do you agree that the developer will make the pubg pc a weak machine that can fight because its computer is weak, so I cannot play the hope that the community will support me and support you The device can't play pubg pc yet

  3. Telling me everything i do already. How does one overcome the guy using hacks? i mean there are still waaaaay too many f'in hackers still and to those who say they never see them get a grip. i have at least 130 screen shots the last few months of perma banned hackers.

  4. Keep trying to make shotguns and SMGs a thing. They suck and we are happy with the AR meta. You know what comes second nature to the pros? Not using shotguns and SMGs

  5. This game is as clunky as ever. When you try to use melee weapons, half of your swings won't count even though you're pressed up to the other player's face. This game is a joke.

  6. This video is a lie, it depicts someone getting kills with the pump action shotgun when the other person has a gun that isn't the pump action shotgun

  7. Yea, you learn us everything, how to use every shit , I'm started to carry 4 flashbangs in my bag, but guess what, I don't even have the chance to use them, because I don't know how to deal with the fking real PUBG sitatuion when a cheater spray you with a Groza with 6X from 300m away.

    Example :

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  9. Shotguns in pubg dsnt kill in 1 hit lol!🤣 maybe im one of the worst player but that gun still sucks sometimes even if its a right aim in dsnt damage to much thats the one you should fix😊

  10. Can you give mp5k on all kap im fall in love with it but my pc cant handel vinkendi map and my frien dont like that map too .pls?

  11. @PUBG can you add a feature to kick players out of a lobby so we dont have to make a whole new lobby when people leave or we dont want someone in it? Also if you're a party of 3 not make the 4th who is a random the squad leader keep 1 of the 3 in the initial party as the leader just in case

  12. Если бы ваш сраный нет код регал дробовики то может быть а так это говно да же в мили на ранней стадии брать ошибка

  13. Yo wtf turn off ur stupid friendly fire offffff it's killing my squad faster and more than enemy sqaud does when fighting at close range to enemy as mostly ppl camp so we get in and burst them out and we die before they do 😂

  14. Ставьте лайки чтоб эти Американцы думали что я что-то умное написал


  16. No thanks, you can keep this boring piece of shit game that started the cancer royale, infested with chinese hackers off ps4.

  17. I hate these videos. The game doesnt flow like this damn video. 18 fps …. Ps4 . Nor does it look like that. it looks and flows like it's a game that was made in 2001. We are fucked without the Ps4 pro. Mechanics on console or absolute shit. They sold out. I can't believe PlayStation and Xbox let it get released.. fuck the creators for selling out to China. I want my 30$ back.

  18. Lmfao a cqc fight in pubg is a fucking slideshow at 20fps. Game was literally made for medium to long range fights. Not Call of Duty retards. But i guess when the games dying at this rate if the shoe fits wear it. Congrats on putting it on PS Now! Now we can play against even more AI that wont leave a building lmfao what a dumb set of people yall got over there 🤣

  19. These videos are clearly intended to get new players to start and continue playing this game but they will fail miserably at that. This could have worked a little when the game first came out and the average player was still new to the game. Now, anyone new will get utterly demolished by the overwhelming majority of players in the lobby. The only thing that will motivate them to stick with it and improve is if they have enough fun to offset the frustration of dying. The best way to do that is to remove all the OTHER frustrations which the developers have some control over. Reduce the FPS fluctuations, increase the tick rate to reduce the desync, fix the loudness and directionality of sounds, reduce the speed and lethality of the blue zone back to where people actually have some time to engage in lots of fights, do more to get rid of the rampant hackers, and most importantly save this game from dying due to quickly decreasing player numbers by releasing it for free and moving towards revenue from selling crates and season passes. PUBG Corp will make infinitely more money from perpetually selling these items to a large numbers of players of a game that is alive and well for many years than trying to get full price for a game that is dying because people are leaving it at a faster rate than new copies are sold. Most people who want the game probably already have it so that is now the customer you need to focus on! Once it takes even a couple of minutes to join a squad lobby, this game will die a very quick death. The large number of highly impatient action hungry people who want to hot drop over and over again will leave in droves and cause a ripple effect where even the patient folks won’t be able to get in a lobby. Game over, literally! The only reason the game works is because there are enough lobbies available that you can get back to playing right after you die. This model is not sustainable for a small player base the way other games are where you can respawn.

  20. 1. The movement needs to be increased by 3X it feels like slow motion when you play like the Doctor says!
    2. Why my model slows down on stairs and goes like an 110 year old up ?
    3. Remove flying particles, Butterflys, leafs in the air, your performance is bad anyway you don't need this in the air and it makes the game not prettier, removing this would improve the game!
    4. Jump feels like the moon jump from the Apollo missions, When I jump I land back after 1 hour and I forgot when I jumped.. (Point 1).

    You guys could have one of the best Games ever made but you are to lazy to do this small things in your dumb C++ Code… The Game feels like it is written in Python

  21. Even the official youtube channel screws this up?!
    416 =/= M4A1

  22. "throw a smoke grenade so your enemy thoughr it aas a nade" but what about if a player knows the difference in the 4 of them?

  23. scrim is pointless, no different beetwen public match. all the time is nothing to lose.

    pubg corp no smart enough.

    they let players keep doing chaos viking war all the time, meanwhile pubg should make players learning about strategy.

    i mean if the players just want to train fraging just make arcade gameplay.

    and the real game survivor change some mechanics to force player learning about rotation, compound defense, split angle etc.

  24. I am still waiting for an explanation for the lots of packets loss sometimes, and I am not sure of the reason. Could it be that someone is messing with the server? Cause sometimes it peaked and all of a sudden it goes fine.

  25. PUBG video : Use in-game audio by taking advantage of red zone to cover footstep or firing sounds


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