RAFAEL’S INTERVIEW – Digital Marketing

HI, my name is Rafael I am from Brazil and Portugal my parents are portuguese and I am here in
Cork, this beautiful city doing a traineeship as a Digital Marketig Manager Come with me to make a break and I tell you
a little more about my experience… Let’s Go! Let’s Go! I came to Ireland to make a traineeship because
I would love to improve my English and for me this is a big part of my improvements Actually, when you go abroad you can experience
new situations and solve new problems in your Life and you discover some strenghts, some
weaknesses… you can improve that too. At Partnership International I made a treineeship
as a Digital Marketer and I was working with videos, content creation, posts, social medias… Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimize… Optmization (correcting)… I forgot what I’ll say. Here in Cork I stayed in a Host Family…
for me it was a good experience because in a Host Family you can stay into the life of
the Irish people So we have talks every dinner and I could prove the traditional Irish food
and they always give me advice about my english and correcting me some words and this was good for my learning you can feel as home if you are staying in a Student accommodation or a Family Accommodation it will be a great experience, of course I chose Ireland because I heard the people is very friendly and this is very important when you go for a new country you need people who receive you very well they have a different accent but you can learn and it
is a good English to learn here in Ireland you have different things to do every weekend you can go for a new place and you have transportation for that you have bus you have train you can go walking one interesting thing to do, in the weekends too, is to go to the pub the pubs is very famous here and you have unique places to go and to drink a pint of business…
business not (laughing)… a pint of Guiness is really one of the most.. better beers in the world and you have, here in Cork you have the Beamish and Murphy’s beer is very good.. and I love it. If you are thinking to come to Ireland…
come with Partnership International they help you make this experience most wonderful as possible So have a good luck in your journey! Cheers!

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