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The unforgiving
world of Rebel Cops. Rebel Cops is a spinoff game
from the series This is the Police which is
completely geared towards turn-based tactical operations. After a mysterious mafia boss
named Victor Zuev captured the town of Riften, a small group
of officers didn’t want to serve the new criminal power
and went underground. Your task is to take
down the Zuev empire and place him under arrest. But getting to him
will not be easy. Criminals of every
stripe stand in your way. Not to mention
the official police, your former colleagues,
now serving their new master. Your cops no longer
drive patrol cars, and they moved
from the police station to a rotten cabin in the woods. But they’re still loyal to
their oath to protect the law. So they should try to arrest
criminals, not kill them. You have at your disposal an
arsenal of nonlethal weapons and equipment as well as
special tactical perks which you can unlock as
you upgrade your rebels. But what if
violence seems inevitable? Well, then things
aren’t so simple. Rebel Cops respects the
traditions of the genre, but introduces one
fundamental change, no hit points. When someone is shot,
they’ll bleed out quickly. And getting a bullet in the
head means instant death. Combating organized
crime requires teamwork. Without careful planning,
competently occupied positions, and coordinated
actions of the whole group, you’ll lose half your squad
in the first real skirmish. “Ouch.
That hurts more than I thought.” When Zuev appeared on the scene,
the town became impoverished. Most of the major businessmen
went down on their knees before him, and are now working to
illegally enrich his empire. So next time you’re conducting
an operation in the lair of another corrupt scumbag, don’t
forget to look around. You’re sure to fill your pockets
will all sorts of valuables. Some you might be
able to sell for a profit on the black market. And you
desperately need the money. Guns, ammo,
batons, knives, tasers, grenades, body
armor, and helmets, first aid kits,
lockpicks, you name it. Without proper supplies, you won’t be able to
handle a single operation. “Put the hands
behind your back, jerk, where I can see them.” Fortunately, you’ll come
across useful stuff on missions. Rebel Cops doesn’t just feature
compact operations where you need to fight for
every inch of space, but also large, open locations
to explore, the sandbox levels. Search every room, break
into safes and vaults, and you’ll be rewarded. “Well, hello there.” A guerrilla war is
always a struggle, but there’s one resource that’s
more difficult to get than any other, street cred. Officially,
you’re now an outlaw, and you can’t hide
behind your badge anymore. Your only support is what you
get from your fellow countrymen. If you ignore their requests and
don’t share your valuables with them and if innocent people
die during your missions, word on the street quickly
puts your good name in the mud. Merchants refuse to
do business with you. And even some of your own people
will turn their backs on you. “Damn.
That was close.” It’s tough losing
your own people, but it’s even worse
letting Riften down. The people are on
the brink of despair, and you are their last hope. [MUSIC PLAYING]

76 thoughts on “Rebel Cops – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. This is the type of a game that looks promising and immersive as you watch someone play it and also puts you to bed while reading a nightstory when you start playing it yourself.

  2. Guarden unos cuantos de estos anuncios para un state of play que si no la gente no se interesa por estos títulos

  3. Пошаговая часть в This is the Police 2 дико посасывала на фоне других пошаговых стратегий. Хватало проблем с балансом, сложностью, отсутствием важных фич, без которых геймплей стал пыткой, унылой динамикой и однообразием. Если из этого исправили хоть чуть больше половины чтогда игре можно дать шанс

  4. Can anyone help me I’m been adding a new account to my ps4 but when I log out of it it delete from my system and I can’t activate as primary the option doesn’t show

  5. I would’ve liked it better if it were citizens who were loyal to the constitution and the “rebel cops” were the ones who were loyal to the state, not some fictional mob boss.

  6. Wait a second…they said it's a group of fellow cops who dont want to support a mafia boss anymore. So they go underground and try take his whole operation and himself down without the police force yet after they shown a bunch of people being arrested. Where are they gonna holdem? Back at the station which is paid by the mafia just to have them released again and now your identity and cover is blown.

    So your only point of action is to kill them, making the point of being a police officer pointless

    I think to much -__-

  7. Im so pumped !!! Played both this is the police games and this "mode" was the best part of the second installment !! Can't wait

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