Remote Social Media Marketing Jobs

I’ll be going how to find remote social media
marketing jobs in this video. And I’m going to be going over on my computer
here (Whew, beautiful) a few websites where you can find these jobs that’ll pay to tweedle
around Facebook all day. So in order to find a remote social media
marketing job, I’m going to show you a few websites you can do that is a great goal. I mean, who doesn’t want to actually hang
out on social media and be remote worker? Where you can work anywhere in the world. Now, here are few websites where you can work
a remote social media… Find remote social media marketing jobs. So, first off in looking at indeed… And I typed in the keyword social media remote. And what you’ll see here is average salary
of somebody who works remote social media marketing job. It’s about 14 bucks per hour. Now, keep in mind, the space is highly competitive
when you’re remote worker. So, if you’re just looking to play around
on Facebook all day or put up post for somebody, you got to go way above and beyond that to
actually make a full time living. Okay? But you’ll see here a lot of things right
here. You know, part time digital marketing manager. Work from home. And they are offering in Detroit, 1 to 2 thousand
dollars a month. Okay? We have social marketing coordinator, we have
paid media specialist, social media marketing manager etc. And a lot of other jobs that are willing to
be paid remote. So, that’s really cool. Another site that you can use to find remote
jobs is Working Nomads. Working Nomads is kind of a play in the words
digital nomad. So people who travel and work a job. Not just do gigs but people who travel and
work a job are often times called digital nomads because they’re connected to the world
financially. They’re connected digitally. And they’re nomads. And you’ll see there’s not a lot of jobs here. There’s some PPC coordinator and PPC is Paid
advertising on social media networks. You know, I thing I’d say is I started out
as a paid advertising freelancer. I was working remote. I ran my own agency and I was managing people’s
Facebook ads and Google ads remotely. I was paid very well for it. So, you know, being able to mange people’s
ads can get you a lot more money than just managing their posts. You know, their free posts. So, that… It’s more of a skill to manage ads. But it’s just kind of a side note from my
own experience. I was earning over $10,000 a month as a freelancer. Another site you can look at for remote social
media jobs is If you look up social media jobs, you’ll see,
they have a bunch here. So, let’s check this out. Social media and community curator. They have somebody who can market success
education. Community manager France. Community manager Switzerland. You know they have a lot of these things. Let’s look up one of these jobs right here. Be your own boss. Okay. But here’s the thing. This is 100% commission-based, right? So, it says, uncapped earning potential. But I don’t know. So, you have to keep in mind. You know, what is a job versus what is just
a commission thing. Now, let’s look at these social media curator
role. So you have to have experience moderating
a community and you have to like a electronic music. That sounds pretty cool. So, maybe this is a job you’ll apply for. And again, do you have experience moderating
a community? You know, you can’t really fudge that. So, a lot of this things are going to be… They’re going to have some experience required. So, look at this. Marketing and community manager. Okay? So, experience marketing early stage products. So again, a lot of things are going to be
experience required. Especially online. For basic social media marketing jobs, just
kind of posting and whatnot there are as many opportunities for. But maybe you can find them out there. But as you see, there’s a ton of social media
marketing jobs out there. And lastly, if you’re looking for more job
or works to find, just google remote work job boards and you’ll find a ton of results
out there. I’m in this article on Medium. And what you’ll see is there is just job board
after job board.,,,,, remotejobssolutions. Right? There’s so many job boards out there if you’re
looking to work remotely. Go out there and start looking and apply in
to some sign up. For someone find the job that fits your specialty. It’s most of the fulfilling things in life. In another video, I talked about how to kind
of work at travel for a year. And I kind of came up with… If you just want to travel full-time, it doesn’t
cost that much. It cost… You need to make between 500 to 2,000 per
month to sustain yourself internationally on a full-time basis. So, you don’t need that much. So, if you can even earn that much, you can
really be anywhere in the world you’ll like. You just need to make that money. So, it’s really good goal to find a remote
job. And I hope you can do that. Now, if you enjoy this video and if you got
something from it, make sure to comment what it is you enjoyed the most. And what do you like to see me post about
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  1. Thanks John but I guess you haven't tried applying yourself, the competition there as you could probably guess is fierce and although it looks and sounds so easy, coming from my personal opinion, from a guy who spent at least half an hour a day sending out resumes it's nearly impossible to even get an interview with them. And when I said coming from me I got digital marketing, customer support and affiliate marketing (head of affiliate department/affiliate manager in the past) experience and still didn't get a response. Not trying to let anyone down but if you really want to find a remote job be sure to have your resume sharpened and be ready not to get a remote job and settle down for office…

  2. I'd like it if you could create a video on how to create the experience to even get a job like this. There are many different avenues of social media marketing and I was trying to figure out what's is the one form of digital marketing that's the easiest to just get your foot in the door in spite of no experience.

  3. Wonderful content and guidance once again from the most dedicated online business teacher I have found!!

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