Re;Zero Season 2 Announcement Cast Thoughts and Reactions – Anime Japan 2019

100 thoughts on “Re;Zero Season 2 Announcement Cast Thoughts and Reactions – Anime Japan 2019

  1. I mentioned it in the description, but you can watch the full Re;Zero stage event at Anime Japan 2019 on Kadokawa’s channel here:

  2. Since the witch is the new enemy… And that enemy allows Subaru to Return from Death… He might not be able to use it

  3. The Isekai World this Season:


    (Get the reference LN readers?)

  4. he is gonna get a soar voice again xd nice to see that the cast cares as much as me for the series continuation 🙂

  5. Rem (Inori Minase) is not that happy about it because she is completely useless because she is in coma in this ark

  6. Thank you for the sub!! I think they are in emotional state because Matsuoka was the first one that start crying but I don't know Japanese so I don't know what he saying. Can someone who knows Japanese tell me what he said just before these guys in the full event please?

    link here: at 27:33

  7. At least it is announced I don’t even wanna know when it’s gonna start airing but I hope it’s this summer.

  8. These types of events are definitely more enjoyable for the actors when there are more than 2 people on set

  9. {――My name is Natsuki Subaru! I am the Spirit-Arts User who defeated Sin Archbishop Sloth of the Witch Cult}

  10. Rieri: I'm crying because I'm happy to announce the season 2 to you all

    The actual reason: The script was too brutal T.T

  11. I'm not lying, Rie actually really cares about the character she voices. Rie is actually depressed about the fact that Emilia's popularity is much lower compared to Rem's. I think Rie cried not only for the reason for s2 coming out, but her character is finally shining in s2. Emilia's position as main heroine was very meaningless because Rem nearly took every position in the anime, and Emilia's development was barely shown in the anime. This created the wrong perspective about Emilia, and she was even blamed by some retards that only cares about Rem. Hopefully there will be an ova bond of ice showing in November 8, and season 2 will definitely show Emilia is the best character in Re zero after 3 years of waiting.

  12. 0:01–0:08



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