RİSE OF BYZANTİNE EMPİRE: Battle of Ad Decimum (533)

THE RISE OF BYZANTINE: BATTLE of AD DECIMUM Justinian I, or Flavius ​​Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus in Latin, It is one of the most important people of the late classical antiquity. and its time was one of the brightest periods of the Eastern Roman empire. The Emperor saw himself as the leader of not only the eastern part of the state, but of all the righteous and he devoted his life to the resurrection of ancient Rome. This desire of Justinian, with his wars … … of most of the western lands found under the former Western Roman Empire … … has taken part in its empire. In 532, Justinian had secured the borders of the empire against the Sassanids in the east. Attacking the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa and it was one of their goals to reinstate the land they ruled under Roman rule. For this, many mercenaries began to prepare an expedition army by saving and brought the famous general Belisarius, who was close to him, to the command of this army. The general arrived in Istanbul without delay. Rome’s preparations for the expedition were gradually being completed. In North Africa, the Vandal Kingdom reigned at the time. In 429 the Vandals emigrated to Africa under the leadership of their leader Genserik. Genserik defeated the Western Roman forces here in a short time, First of all, it was able to take North African states and Carthage, one of the important cities of the empire. The Vandal leader, who also fused with the Areas in the region and established a new kingdom, was able to take the Mediterranean islands with the navy formed. Thus Rome’s connection with Africa was completely destroyed. The Vandals had worked both Eastern and Western Rome for years. Even the Vandals looted the city of Rome in 455 and showed how powerful they were. At the same time … … a deeply connected belief in the denial of the Aryanism that denies the divinity of Jesus and the people who believe in Christianity, who emerged with the Council of Chalcedon against this sect … religious pressures and atrocities to change religion from time to time. … the people had fled to the borders of Eastern Rome. This escape would be the cause of war for the Justinian. Emperor Justinianus preparing his army in hopes of taking over the provinces of North Africa. … while he was trying to confuse the area. With the encouragement and even direct support of the Emperor Rebellion was erupted in the spring of 533 in Tripolitania Province, located at the ends of the Vandal Kingdom. Eastern Rome had succeeded in a major rebellion by sending troops from Sirenayka Province. Not satisfied with this, the Eastern Roman revolted the people of Sardinia against the administration of Carthage. To deal with these rebellions and suppress them, the new king Gelimer, We have a large fleet of the Vandal navy and a large part of the army. Brother Tzazon commanded his brother sent to these states. This is the Vandal king … As it caused the Romans not to pay attention to the preparations for war, naval fleet and army sent to suppress the uprising … It weakened the defense power of the Vandal Kingdom against the Byzantine army and navy. The army and navy of the Eastern Roman Empire to invade the Vandal Kingdom … He left Constantinople in late June 533. This time the navy and his army crossed the Dardanelles Strait, Traveling along the coast of the Greek peninsula and the coasts of southern Italy, he first arrived in Sicily. The navy departs from the port of Syracuse, Caput Vada (Kaputvada) on the North African coast near Carthage In the beginning of September, he reached and landed. This was a big surprise for Vandal King Gelimer. D. After the Roman army landed, he began marching from the coast to Carthage, the capital of the Vandal Kingdom. The aim was to get the dream city of Carthage back… Ad Decimum is located on the road that follows the Mediterranean coast to the south of It was a distance stone indicating that the location was 10 miles, ie 16 km, from Carthage. General Belisarius marches at the head of the Byzantine army of 15,000 people. and had already been informed of his order. Under the command of the 11,000-strong Vandal army … he had decided to place this distance just beyond the stone in positions that could be well defended. According to his plan Gelimer, The army was separated from the army of 2,000 and led by his nephew Gibamund. a shallow salt pond on the side of the road. This separate unit, on the way to the very narrow end of the progressive … I went to the edge of a wing of the Roman army … thus, this wing was ordered to try to contain the Byzantine army. Gelimer had formed another unit and ordered it under the direction of his son Ammatas. According to Gelimer’s plan, the main Vandal army of 7,000, under his command, He will follow the progress of Gibamund from the edge of the Byzantine left wing, which he sought for siege, he would fall behind them and prevent the Romans from escaping back… This was a classic Germanic ambush tactic, and when applied well, it was likely to be successful. As Belisarius’ army marched towards the city, Gibamund, When he crossed the shallow salt pond with his troops and began to advance to the wing of the Roman army … he found a cavalry of Roman and Hun mercenaries. The Romans had sent the pioneer units of the Equestrian troops forward, ready to attack against any situation. This pioneering unit would stop Gibamund’s advance and attacked and destroyed the Vandal unit. Meanwhile, Commander Gibamund of this unit was killed. Thus, as Gibamund’s complete failure failed, Gelimer’s siege plan fell into the water. Another pioneer unit under the command of the Romans, Ioannes, before entering the valley from the Vandals narrow attack on the side of the road to Carthage Vandal troops are moving in line. The battle did not last long, and Ammatas, who supposedly held the valley, failed. Ammatas, the commander of the Vandal and the son of the king, was killed in the attack. The main part of the Roman army proceeding from the main road to the city of Carthage, the relatively small Gelimer commanded main Vandal army. This Vandal army was much smaller in number. But Gelemir was able to deploy to the dominant hill in the valley with pedestrian units. This gave him a geographical advantage. Vandal infantry he managed to stop and repel the great offensive of his rival cavalry consisting of mercenaries. Spear infantry always worked to stop the troops. Today, the cavalry did not win against the spears on the hill. The Roman Foederati infantry units, the state troops, immediately attacked and proceeded towards the Vandals. Vandal army came out in the clash At the end of the war, the Romans found that 3,000 people had been killed by their side. This was almost one-fifth of the army. The relatively weak main Vandal army seemed to win this battle. But this main Vandal army under Gelimer when he proceeded to the position where Ammatas’ unit was defeated and destroyed, learning that his son Ammatas had been killed, King Gelimer was demoralized. According to the historian Prokopius, the King gave himself so much sorrow. after defeating the declining Roman army against Ammatas and Gibamond Cut off from the Hun and Roman troops who had advanced on the way to Carthage, he declined to give orders to his army for an attack that could destroy this main army. King Gelimer lost a lot of time trying to bury his son’s body on the battlefield. Byzantine General Belisarius, who took advantage of this period, He regrouped and concentrated his main army to the south of the Ad Decimum site, and went on a counterattack. Not expecting this, the Vandals began to retreat. Failed to edit this Vandal withdrawal and the Vandal army fled the battlefield irregularly. The Eastern Roman army was the winner of the war … After this great defeat, the Vandals rivals, they could not resist to enter the capitals of Carthage and take over this city. King Gelimer with the small Vandal troops in his hands He had to leave Carthage without any resistance and leave the city in the hands of the Romans. Then Bulla retreated to Regia. The Roman General was seated on the throne of the Vandal king, but the war was not over. Meanwhile, the king’s brother Tzazon returned to Tunisia with his army from Sardinia. Gelemir merged with his brother and started to hope again with his army which increased to 15.000 people. Vandals under King Gelimer and his brother Tzazon In December 553, they began to move towards Carthage again. Belisarius, who took the news, acted with a force of 8,000 to protect the city. The Roman army and the army of the Vandal Kingdom this time 50 km west of Carthage They embarked on the Battle of Tricamarum. Roman cavalry in the third attack they killed Tzazon, the king’s brother and the joint Vandal commander. Losing his morale, King Gelimer escaped from the battlefield and sought refuge in a remote and distant mountain fortress. Here he was surrounded by Roman forces. In the spring of 534 Gelimer, the Vandal King, surrendered to his enemy. Belisarius, with the treasure of the Vandal Kingdom he possessed and the captured Vandal King Gelimer. He went back to Constantinople. He was given a gloriously ancient Roman-style “Victory Regiment”. Part of the ancient ancient Roman province of North Africa, under the rule of the Vandal Kingdom Connected to the Eastern Roman Empire
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