Russia Working To Boost Bernie Sanders’ Campaign, According To Sanders’ Campaign | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Russia Working To Boost Bernie Sanders’ Campaign, According To Sanders’ Campaign | NBC Nightly News

  1. It fascinates me how a Cable News outlet fails to be informed and factual. Very unprofessional reporting. Facts are Bernie Sanders polls very well with moderates.

  2. The establishment and the lamestream media are really desperate. Trying the same old failed baseless conspiracy again! Our media is a much bigger danger to our democracy than Russia. There should consequences for the media.

  3. Don't let them burn you Bernie like last time. Fake news from a fake news organization with the CIA not knowing exactly how the "Russians" were interferring. What a joke of a Democratic political system.

  4. How funny, Sanders is criticizing Russia and Putin but replicates all concepts and regime from Russian socialism and communism

  5. Oh no you don't Swamp News Scum! That wasn't Bernie followers, they're on Bernie's payroll!!! Bernie has a past and that past is catching up with him, he's always supported dictatorships of socialism and communism. Is Russia involved? I highly doubt it unless DNC turned Russian!

  6. Trump, Tulsi, and Sanders are all Russian agents? If posting Facebook and twitter ads endorsing a candidate means election meddling than your country is guilty of election meddling all over the world! Think about that, Americans!

  7. Simple Muricans can never understand how cunningly the Russians play their hybrid war. The US is the victim and deserves it. If only us, Europe, were not in this sinking boat, too…

  8. The DNC clearly piling on their corrupt actions like trying to steal the nomination from bernie and now trying to accuse bernie of being helped by the russians? Wow. How much more propaganda and fake news do you leftists need to understand that everything you have ever believed from those progressives was a LIE?!

  9. I'm rooting for this washed up 1960s commie loser to get the nomination. He's our best hope to see the democratic party blow up on election day, and spend the next decade in oblivion. Trump 2020

  10. I don't think Russia's interference played a big role and even in case it did, the fact is there is no scientific way so far to measure the level of influence Russians had on the 2016 election (or do you?). The anti-Trump sentiment was very strong, though difficult to accuratley quantify it, during the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton not even preparing for a concession speech show that a lot of people didn't expect for Trump to win in 2016. Unfortunately, instead of thoroughly and scholarly looking into the reasons why they were misled, liberals started to blame Putin for their loss. It might be an easy and persuasive political tool to be employd by liberals, yet it has an unfortunate negative effect. They are probably allowing Putin's influence to appear bigger than it actually is. It not only stops there. When someone makes a strong accusation based on "likeliness" rather than on established evidence or facts, it tends to give birth to false claims. That's the danger here- as if Putin could indeed swerve an election result to his liking. The reality is far from it and sometimes one's interference on foreign elections might even back fire we can see from the past. Madame Speaker Pelosi, some politicians like Hillary and their supporters, however, argue that it was Russia's interference that led Trump to win. Do they have any evidence for it provided by the CIA and is that really the case? I don't know what facts or evidence they have to make such a strong argument. If they have something to corroborate it then it should be known to the public so that it could be discussed and analyzed. Otherwise, they should refrain from speaking so lightly about the issue. It undermines the legitimacy of presidency and of course president Trump will do anything to fight for his legitimacy. Won't you if you were in his place?

    Maybe someday in the near future after the 2020 elections and through many reviews by experts, we might be able to come up with scientific measures to determine how much the Russia interference indeed played a role. Till then I think the intelligence community should help politicians and citizens make sound decisions as they have always done so. My thesis is that Putin is enticing people to exploit false pieces of information and claims that his operatives generated so that it results in distrust, discord and divisiveness among his targets. This will eventually lead to a weak country whoever is the president.

  11. where is this "Russia Working To Boost Bernie Sanders’ Campaign, According To Sanders" in the video. Sanders said that Russia interfered in 2016, that's it.

  12. And yet Bernie still more than doubled the votes of Biden in second place! Let’s see what they try before Super Tuesday. He’s going to win! #Bernie2020

  13. It definitely looks like a co-ordinated smear campaign against Bernie by Russia, corporate Dems and of course the orange turd Trump.

    If Russia is indeed pro Bernie, then Russia could've helped Bernie easily to win in 2016, when Hillary was trailing Bernie in the DNC nomination race. So why now in 2020? Because Putin, Trump and the corporate Dems do know Bernie will win, as Trump becomes further unhinged and unpopular. So the best option is the classic Soviet propaganda: character assassination through false narratives, and sow disinfo, confusion and division. But Russia is definitely meddling in the 2020 race again to get Trump reelected.

  14. NBC is neoliberal propaganda. Our fascist oligarchy is getting DESPERATE. Not desperate enough to stop the election interference by billionaires though. That interference is just business as usual to them. But Sanders, on the other hand, according to them, isn't surging because the ruling class has 0 credibility. It's surging because Putin is interfering with the election. yawn – Apparently, if you don't support a bought and paid for corporatist you are an unpatriotic person. Am I living in the 50's here?

  15. History has always had a way of repeating itself, partly due to ignorance but also attributable to human nature. When German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published “The Communist Manifesto” in 1848 it appealed to idealists, painting a utopian vision of a more just world where poverty was nonexistent and everyone worked together in peace and harmony.

    One popular English translation “The Communist Manifesto” ends with the words: “Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!” It almost sounds like a Sanders slogan.

    But if we should have learned anything since communism went from a theory to the foundation of a tyrannical government following the Russian Revolution in 1917, it is that communism and its cousin socialism did not create utopias. Instead, they brought nightmares to life.

    By any objective standard, communism and socialism have destroyed economies, left people impoverished and sometimes starving, and brought about brutal dictatorships that deprived people of the precious freedoms guaranteed to Americans under our Bill of Rights – including freedom of speech, of the press and of religion.

    The old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely has proven true again and again around the world wherever Marxism has been embraced.

  16. Your propaganda is not going to work please tell us what did Russia do to help Bernie What specifically you're so pathetic anything for a smear on Birney

  17. I like seeing Bernie's supporters using the same defense Trump uses. It's the establishment, the MSM, the Deep State or whatever. Just like Trump, Bernie needs Putin to push him over the top. Putin 2020.

  18. The DNC doesn't want Trump in the White House = Russia collusion conspiracy
    The DNC doesn't want Bernie in the White House = Russia collusion conspiracy
    Anyone seeing a pattern here?

  19. The democratic party is really working hard to rig the nomination from Bernie. What they don't realize is that by doing that, they are just giving the victory to Trump. Do you want a chance? Let Bernie do his thing. Otherwise put Biden, Warren, or Pete and see how terrible they do. We are tired of you rigging this. Even Trump said he Bernie is the nominee unless he is cheated out of it.

  20. More lies they are giving him the Trump treatment . The only people that believe this malarkey are the depends and polident crowd.

  21. The only ones "Meddling" or trying to "Boost" certain Candidates is you the Media!!! Ya'll have no shame or dignity.

  22. SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS & OPINION…(Auto Searching CC on YouTube) .."…"… . now the deep state the DS the mainstream media they are really running low on ammunition and everything that they've tried has continually failed which tells you something who is in control the Patriots they allow the stories to come out then they're proven to be completely fake why stop them allow them to be exposed the people are continually seeing this over and over and over again story comes out o Russian they're ready to work with Trump to rig the elections oh the Russians they're gonna be working with Bernie Sanders to rig the elections remember the deep state they always choose the people they can't control or they don't want in office and that's when they use Russia Russia Russia but if you noticed their entire narrative their entire push completely fell apart which means they're not in control but they're being exposed at every turn the storm is coming the storm forecast has been confirmed and it seems like the deep state players they're trying to get rid of certain players that might maybe testify against them and it seems that wet work is now active

    "… .but when the hammer comes down they'll be no running they won't be able to defend themselves because the Patriots have planned this from the beginning they have the evidence they have the facts they have it all we'll be talking about this in just a minute now out in Nevada Bernie Sanders he had a big Nevada win and Trump tweeted out the following looks like crazy bernie is doing well in the great state of Nevada Biden and the rest look weak and no way many Mike can restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of presidential debates congratulations Bernie and don't let them take it away from you now we know that the deep state players they use the Russian narrative against those they do not like they can't control etc

    Wet Work Active, Storm Forecast Confirmed, The Shot Heard Around The World – Episode 2104b

    X22Report** Feb 23, 2020

    More/Full Info , full texts …. Updated and summary clips at

    The following page will help the young to understand why Trump won and predict what will happen next:… There are over 20 links to Trump trusted News at the bottom …

  23. Need to go back to Journalism 101, MSNBC. Write 100 times:
    "I shall not repeat unsubstantiated accusations from unreliable sources "

  24. Its funny how the DEMOCRATS are so anti American it's not funny anymore. They support open borders, higher taxes, ILLEGALS, ETC… But the most important thing is that they want to take away GUNS but yet let in ILLEGALS. Lol

  25. If the msm really thinks we Bernie supporters are "Russian bots" than why are his rallies bigger than any other Dem candidate? They're so big they require a stadium most times. Why is MSNBC referring to minorities & impoverished whites as Russian bots when their recent Bernie bros bs didn't stick lol? They tried to get him by releasing his tax records showing he has $2mill but were shocked when his popularity increased after that. If a guy who has $2mill is willing to raise taxes on HIMSELF to help the average American it makes me trust & support him more. MSNBC is going the way of the dodo w/ this Russia nonsense lol.

  26. You sent this on air the night before Nevada and you saw what happened. Thank you mainstream media, every lie you tell about Bernie gives him more and more support.

  27. Imagine that, Communists helping the Communist. Who woulda' thunk it?
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  28. Well Bernie Sander's just told Anderson Cooper that he doesn't know where every nickle and dime to pay for his FREE FOR ALL will come from. Not to worry since the brilliant AOC crunched the numbers, and now has it all figured out. Man I love this woman God Bless America !

  29. You can't fool the people NBC. The people are speaking through their votes, it's not Russia it's the voice of all abused people in America speaking up

  30. People you're missing the POINT here. Trump leaked it to the press, then had intel announce that Russia was not helping Trump. So down the line when Bernie is the nominee Trump can say Bernie got help from Russia and try to nullify his win. WAKE UP

  31. American President Vladimir Putin knows it's easier to promote hatred of a Jew in the Jew hating nation of America. This in no doubt the reason why the Russians have chosen and will soon install Bernie Sanders to run against the American presidential puppet they previously installed in 2016.

  32. Why won't the MSM acknowledge that we live in the information age and information wants to be free. It does not want to be controlled and hidden away by anyone. When will the elite recognize that?

  33. Trump can't stand him either,all Trump said was he is a strong keader who sticks up fir his country,he's no friend of Trumps,he got himself elected.

  34. Bernie's character weakness and moral cowardice on display. Again. Instead of debunking the " Russia hoax" by the DNC and intelligence agencies, he's propping it up

  35. If I were Putin I would want Bernie to become the Dem candidate….I mean a person who calls himself a Socialist has no chance in getting any Independent or Republican votes. It’s all a plan to have Trump re elected. Anyone but Bernie. We can NOT have a repeat of the last election. Wake up people!!!!

  36. This is atrocious reporting. They question everything Trump does and put a nefarious spin on it. How anyone can watch this story and not see the bias is clueless. Andrea Mitchell and her fellow reporters ought to stop doing op-eds every time they run a story. Just deliver the news.

  37. To be sure , " democratic socialism " is not anathema to the working class majority in the USA . Nor is it anathema to educated , politically literate middle class Americans( often in FREE FALL since 2008 CRASH ) not poisoned in youth by Cold War , McCarthy era, anti-communist hysteria. Why oh-why would struggling working class American voters find a champion in Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Michael Bloomberg ? Why should they HATE the communist revolutionary Fidel Castro ? And just why did " Wall St Hillary " lose the 2016 presidential election with no malicious meddling by Russia's Vladimir Putin ? Let working class Americans have a referendum on rotten capitalism . The very doors of their work place warn : " Abandon All hope You Who Enter Here ".
    " Socialist " Bernie could very well tell capitalist bully Donald Trump : " You're fired ! " And it will be " morning in America " again ! Ruling class opinion in both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party- and in the mainstream FAKE NEWS media in the United States – would anathematize the very idea of SOCIALISM in " OUR democracy " .
    WE THE PEOPLE can stop this nonsense !

  38. The media is designed to keep the elite elite. They don't want to help the rest of us who actually create the wealth of this country. GATEKEEPERS! Eat the rich!

  39. Fvcking ridiculous….how many Elections in other countries has the USA interfered? and also had the CIA overthrow there governments and install puppets regimes? USA has double standards..

  40. Well, let me as a legit Russian influence agent interfear a bit.

    Dear Americans, please don't destroy your beautiful country. And please don't let your elites force the Russians to destroy it. There is no conflict of real interests, there can only be conflicts of stupid ambitions and greed. Friendship is far more beneficial than war, and everyone knows it except few war criminals.

    We here in Russia don't even care who's your president since we consider them all puppets of big money and corporations.

    But the last word is for the good people of America, and whoever says the truth always wins. Eventually.

    Peace, and God save America.

  41. Bernie Sanders is not a true socialist-and anyone who harbors such anger toward Russia and such extremely exaggerated criticisms of Vladimir Putin is a danger to world peace. I am so disappointed to find out that Bernie Sanders is so competitive and nationalistic toward Russia. I fear for the survival of humanity if our nation's politicians remain fixated in the reactionary ideas that Russia is an evil empire and that the United States should continue its suicidal rivalry with Russia-a rivalry which may result in the total destruction of all life on the Earth through an eventual nuclear holocaust between the U.S. and Russia.
    A true socialist will not be talking with such unabashed hostility toward Russia, but instead will be seeking to find more and larger areas of peaceful and creative co-operation between our two dangerously armed nations. A true socialist will be making every effort to transform our currently destructive rivalry with Russia into an increasingly more peaceful and loving alliance for the over-all benefit of the entire human race.
    If Bernie Sanders sincerely wants to be be helpful to the people in the United States, then he must transcend his reactionary anger and competitive spirit toward Russia, China and all our other current national rivals and seek to unite the entire world community in a warm and nurturing alliance for humanity's evolution toward total happiness and fulfillment for all people everywhere.
    Thank you, Rama Kumar

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