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That North Cardinal buoy there is marking
another wreck and you can actually see something sticking out of the water over
there. That went really well the anchor set straight
away there. I’ve not got as much chain out as I want but first I’m just gonna
back onto there the anchor with the engine and make sure it is really well
set and then afterwards I can let out a little bit more chain just to be doubly
sure. there we go 2,500 rpm she’s well
dug in, we’re not going anywhere. There is a transit there between this boat and the
electricity pylon behind and we’re not moving at all so that’s beautifully set. I’m gonna stick out another 10 meters and then I’m
good to go for the night. There we are then I have arrived anchored nicely, all
settled now, and I’ve sent a message to Rossella because she’s always very
concerned for my welfare. That was an interesting day again – every day is a
school day – but now it’s time for me to go and get a brew, so let’s have one
last look around and then go and get ourselves a cup of tea. I’m not sure how well you can see this
in the video but there’s a beach boat over there and just over that way there
is a pub but I don’t think I’ll be getting the dinghy out to go and visit
it would be nice, you know. it’d be a lovely place to go and have a social
chill, but that’s not one here for: I’m here to get my backside home to Rossella and Emma as soon as possible. Well I’ve been here a while but I’ve not
had a brew yet or any food because I’ve been doing something else I’ve just
fitted (temporarily fitted) an Echomax EM230 radar reflector. I’ve got this
little radio reflector we had we got that as soon as we got the boat just to
kind of fulfill our legal requirements and have a very quick radar reflector on
that, but I’ve read a magazine article where they said that this would be a
good addition to a stealth bomber after their testing – especially mounted at that
angle as well, so I’ve hoisted the EM230 up to a spreader there that’s way above 4 metres off the water, so that’s good… We’ve seen big shipping comes
through here. I’m gonna have my anchor light on but that that’s up very high at the top of the
mast of course, so they might not see that I’m gonna have my deck light on so that
will illuminate my deck a little bit so hopefully we’ll see that, but just to be
on the safe side – you saw the size of some of them ships there today, you
know, it wouldn’t be fun getting run down by one of those guys, so just to give me a
really nice return on the radar, I’ve got that hoisted, and that will keep me safe
while I’m anchored in this potentially dodgy area. And there’s a nice weather
front over there which is appears to be inbound but that’s not going to
concern me too much this time because I’m going to be inside the boat all
cozy. What are you eating Emma? Cucumber! Wow yummy yummy yummy cucumber’s delicious! Well daddy’s talking to Emma while making a cup of tea, and outside there’s a very nice sunset. So all is
well in the world isn’t it Emma? All is well in the world. I’ve just tied the spare main halyard up
out of the way because it was hitting the mast and annoying me
so that’s sorted, and what’s going on inside here… I’m gonna put food on now
I’ve not even drunk any of my tea yet I’ve been here for ages and in the
background live I’ve got Rossella and Emma – Hi! – So basically we’ve got like
Whatsapp video on – Ciao! – we’ve got Whatsapp video on, and while I’m doing stuff
here and whileRossella & Emma are there, we are kind of it’s like we’re in the same room
isn’t it what kind of almost in the same room together so it’s really nice. So, a
nice big sleep tonight but first I’ve got lots of planning to do. The passage
planning takes absolutely ages for me because I’m not really very experienced
that takes me a very long time to work out where I’m going and when. You
know, looking at various different weather sources the tide times and
heights… there’s a lot to think about for a novice, so it keeps me on my toes and it
keeps me extremely busy. I’ve also got a GoPro SD card to download because it’s
full so I’ve got that to do and I’m a very, very busy boy! Well we really do
have some gourmet food on the go tonight got some roast chicken which I bought
which I’m reheating there, I’ve got some broccoli which I’m steaming, underneath
the plate, which is at the same time being heated, and the other chicken
breast: I’m going to keep that in this Tupperware box I’m gonna make some pasta
tonight so that I’ve got another meal on the go tomorrow. In the meantime I’ve got Rossella and Emma on in the background A new gale warning for sea area
Dover, isten VHF channel six-four. This is Dover Coastguard. Well, several hours later I’ve pretty much
finished my passage playing now. One nice thing – I’m not going to show you me by
the way because I’m in my pyjamas and you don’t want to see that so I’ll just talk! The nice
thing was for about an hour and a half I was with Emma and Rossella via videocall, so it’s really really nice, it’s so good to have decent internet that you
can use when you’re anchored it makes such a big difference to your life. So
I’ve been doing my passage plan. The way I do it (and this is no by no means a
how-to because I am learning this myself but just to share my technique…) I
basically start looking at where I want to go and then you work out the distance.
The big picture, you know, then you need to obviously understand if
each end if there’s a tidal gate you know, if you’re going into a harbor
that’s you’ve only got access at certain states of tide you need to work
backwards from there, that kind of thing. Then I’ve been looking at the weather on
Windy. Tomorrow is okay and the wind builds and then the day after it’s gonna
be 40 knots and in the vicinity to where I’m going, and my past experiences have
taught me, especially sailing in the Med that if you’ve got 40 knots forecast
there and you’re not very far away from it don’t trust that it’s going to be
exactly there it may move and may hit you we’ve had that happen to us before.
It’s probably a good chance for me to go into Ramsgate rather than anchor out
you know, you could potentially anchor out it’s you’re in the Lee of the
land so that the waves won’t be too bad but there are different considerations
in doing that which put me off basically the wind starts out westerly but it ends
up more northerly so if I was to anchor here in the anchorage area the
breakwater becomes a lee when you’ve got 40 knots forecast so it’s not
really very sensible. You could anchor potentially – there’s nothing to stop you
I don’t think – anchoring up here out the marina and then you’ve got you clear if
when the winds are blowing that way and when they swing around a little bit more
to the north so you know hmm… You could do it, but it’s
probably a good chance for me to go in, have a nice hot shower and get some more
supplies. And then other things: the tides so know how long it’s gonna take me to
get there more or less I’m using four knots as a passage planning speed: which
is very, very slow but that’s me I’m slow, that’s okay I’d rather have to slow down
to get somewhere, rather than trying to always be in a rush because then that’s
when things go wrong, so I’m planning on four knots and I want to try and make
them use of the tide. This is a cheap tablet and this is
Navionics. If I go onto this tidal information section then so it shows me
now it’s a fair current to go but I’m not going now I’m going to bed now and
here’s the time: so if I leave tomorrow it’s about nine o’clock in the morning
then I’m going to have 0.8 or 0.9 of a knot of current against
me, but that’s okay because it’s going to be wind over tide, so that builds waves
but in here it’s sheltered, I’d rather do that I’d rather punch the tide for the
beginning and then I get a big lift later on. When I get over here this kind
of area and you start to get 1.3 knots
favorable current taking me towards my destination and then by the time I come
around North Foreland, this kind of area here, then there’ll be a favorable tide
taking me down towards Ramsgate so that’s the plan. I’m gonna leave around
about nine o’clock in the morning and hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. So
if you want to find out how tomorrow goes then tune in for our next video in
the meantime leave a comment below I’m really interested to
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The number of hours I spend behind the screen if you knew you’d think I was
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  1. OOh 1.7 metres Chris…. bet that made you pucker up lol…. Did you say on part 2 that you didn't set your keel off-set? Any reason for that? Nice that you got to spend some time with the Family whilst alone on-board . Have you set up a wish list at all so we can try to help you out with much needed stuff? Maybe an idea over on Patreon 🙂

  2. Thanks Chris, great video as always, Quick question how deep is your depth sounder in the water or do you have the offset taken into account?

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    Chris, Rossella and Emma 😊

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