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MALE VOICE: At its core the internet is nothing more than a blizzard of numbers. But it takes an understanding of technology and real business experience in a human mind to maximize its potential. That’s where Rob1SEO comes in. The business Rob Walzer started to help other businesses get seen on the web generate leads, and convert them into sales. Rob’s degree in engineering and his MBA have proven to be a potent combination. Along with his high-touch style. ROB: I think the difference that I bring is that I’m local, um, I insist that I sit down with each of my clients every month. Um, I work through and show them objective data of what’s working, what’s not working. Uh, along with a plan showing what I’m going to be doing in the coming month. And, understand how, from them, how what I’m doing is affecting their business. MALE VOICE: Walzer says optimizing a website for local results is much different than just picking some terms and going with them. Take Clean and Simple Cleaning as an example. Walzer took his detailed analysis knowledge of the local marketplace and knowledge of local relationships to lift Stacie McMillan’s website to the top of the pile in a short period of time. STACIE: Well, within the first few months I mean our, our estimates were coming in our phone was ringing and we were booking appointments. And for me that’s what it’s about. Booked appointments houses cleaned, money in the bank. MALE VOICE: Then there’s Sequoia Leopold’s who runs My Flawless Tan and Makeup. She thought that just by putting up a website it would be enough to launch her business to success. SEQUOIA: That is exactly what I thought. I thought we have a web site so everybody is going to find me now. And, that is amazing because it’s just going to type it in type in My Flawless Tan and there we will come up. Number one, when they typed in My Flawless Tan we didn’t even [LAUGHS] come up. Let alone if they try to type in airbrush tanning tanning, we would’ve been on like the 50th page. MALE VOICE: From picking search terms to unraveling the subtleties of Google to building a solid linking strategy brought My Flawless Tan and Makeup lots of clients. SEQUOIA: And just from comments from people without us even asking they say the web internet Google search whatever. And, so, I know it’s translated into business because anytime I do any form of Google search even just tanning we come up. So I know that is the first place, it’s the first place I look for anything that I do. And, and I know it’s the first place my clients look for us too. MALE VOICE: With a free evaluation and guaranteed results giving a try is as close to the proverbial no brainer as you’re going to find. [MUSIC]

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  2. Great tip for SEO-ing. but I think it's not good for us to do SEO ourselves. We might f***cked up sometimes, and cost us a lot of money 🙁

  3. All very true tips. I've seen plenty of small business owners get to the top of Google results very cheaply.

  4. I enjoyed the SEO video. It is great to find information that is helpful in learning about how SEO works in the search engines. Keep them coming .

  5. This is just a 2-minute video but I found it so interesting. I will be very glad to check more of your videos because this one definitely caught my attention. It felt like I gained so much information in just so little time. Your knowledge in SEO is really commendable.

  6. Rob, you really should not BUY VIEWS, SUBSCRIBERS, or COMMENTS! Seriously, you have 4 views on the rest of y our vids and this one has 241,000??? Shame on you!

  7. Creating high quality backlinks both onpage and offpage and utilizing the benefits of social media to improve your search engine ranking so that your business would be treated to more possibilities for greater success.

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