Sen. Jeff Merkley Advocates for Immigrant Children – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

GREY:This weekend,
the American public
saw some upsetting thingsabout the current state
of U.S. immigration.
The Trump administration policy
of zero tolerance that has resulted
in nearly 2,000 children being separated
from their families. GREY:I was so upset
I had to do something about it,
which is why…I’m here in D.C. to expose
the Democrats’ cruel treatment of Trump’s immigration policies. They want to open up our borders
like Swiss cheese and let MS-13 run for Congress.Conservatives agree
immigrant families are scary.
Alien minors. They look so innocent.
They’re not innocent. You have unaccompanied minors
coming over with gang affiliation. -Don’t come to this country
-Tomi, let me… -and complain about the rule
of law. -Tomi, let me ask you… These child actors
weeping and crying on all the other networks
24/7 right now. Do not fall for it,
Mr. President. GREY:Over the weekend,
eight Dems had the gall
to question this policyby visiting
these detention centers
to– get this–
see if the kids were okay.
Their sick ringleader,
Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon,
who wants us to believethis attitude
towards immigrants is inhumane.
I think
that is a horrific attitude for the United States. Instead of protecting children, we’re going to proceed
to inflict harm on them. GREY:The first time he visited,
they called the cops on him,
which makes sense,because the conservative media
knows that Merkley
is the real threat here.Is this just a publicity stunt? Oh, it’s completely a stunt.
I mean, he had the media there. GREY:
Well, guess what, libs?
I can play at this
publicity stunt game, too.
I’m gonna turn the tables. I’m here at his office.
Watch him throw me out. -Oh, hi, Laura
fromThe Opposition.-Oh. -I’m so glad you found
my office. -Hi. He’s probably calling the cops
on me right now. -Come on in.
-Okay. So, we’re just gonna talk? Let’s jump in. So, tell me a little bit about your decision
to visit the processing center, this publicity stunt of yours. So, my agenda was to find out if we had, in fact,
implemented this new policy of traumatizing children by tearing them away
from their families when the refugees
are coming to seek asylum. How far are you willing to go
with these publicity stunts? What’s next?
Are you gonna shed light on sexual accusations
against ICE? Are you gonna shed light
on the fact that statistically
there is no correlation between immigrant populations
and violent crime? Where does it end? Well, I would say
we need a lot of light shined on a catastrophic policy that’s being financed
with our taxpayer dollars. -So you admit it?
-Absolutely. Boom. Caught that on camera. You’re fighting for this
humanitarian children’s cause. Guilty. GREY:
Before, when families
were detained at the border,
they were typically
kept together
to await civil trial.Now, under Trump,all migrants
crossing the border
are criminally prosecuted,which means
the parents go to jail
while their kids
are given a blanket
and shipped off
to a detention center
to hang out in a cage.Some have referred to them
as “cages,” but keep in mind,
they built walls out of chain-link fences. GREY:
Sorry, not cages.
I meant a wall made out
of a chain-link fence.
Totally different.The point is
it’s not really that bad.
It was a shocking sight
to walk in initially, just to see so many people
so distressed, a number of people crying. They look like big cages or maybe the way you would
construct a dog kennel. Do you know kids? You throw a cage
in the middle of the room, and they’ll run into it. It’s, like, basically
a free jungle gym. Well, it didn’t appear
that any children were having much fun
when I was there. GREY:Merkley seems determined
to inhumanely force Trump
to separate from his campaign
promises on immigration.
I would love to be able
to rip that policy from them and-and end it. You’re a monster.Merkley’s ridiculous stuntof showing the plight
of children
in cages on American soilis somehow working.Democrats, former first ladies,
current first ladies,
Republicans like Rick Scottare even crossing
sacred party lines
to speak out against it.And I don’t think there’s
any moral code in the universe or any religious tradition that finds it morally acceptable to hurt children
in order to influence parents. These asylum seekers
are individuals who have gone through
horrific circumstances. That’s seared into my mind. That’s going to stick with me
for a long time. Lucky for me,
nothing gets seared in here. Dead as a doornail inside.There is one other
American hero
who is also dead inside,and here is what he’s saying
about the immigration policy.
With all of that being said,
we’re doing a great job. (air horn blowing)

35 thoughts on “Sen. Jeff Merkley Advocates for Immigrant Children – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

  1. I love the hypocritical tone that the show takes on "conservatives." And I just read that it got cancelled …. are you serious? This stuff is gold … and we need it more than ever with this President.

  2. Comedy Central is infringing on our first amendment rights to watch this show by canceling it. HOW DARE THEY!

  3. Apparently, one must be a member of the Deep State, or a dupe thereof to see something wrong with the act of separating children from their parents just for trying to get into the self-proclaimed "best country in the world."

  4. I've just realized what MAGA is. If I Watch Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Fox& Friends, and watch nothing else. I mean NOTHING else. I will believe that America is great again. Now, if only I could watch them without throwing up

  5. I very much doubt visiting the detention center was a mere publicity stunt. Merkley is wildly popular here in Oregon; he doesn't really need stunts unless he is looking at the national stage. Hmmm… that might not be so bad.

  6. @comedy central Seriously don't cancel this show! We understand Jordan is amazing with his field pieces. But this crew is amazing, what they are doing is a intriguing and hilarious. #Renewtheopposition

  7. Jordan has been offered a NEW show! “The Opposition” was only cancelled to free him up for that.

    If it was cancelled because it was “bad fake lib newz” of whatever the losers on here are saying…it wouldn’t be immediately replaced by a show with a bigger budget. #facts

  8. I don't understand why people think we should let these kids in just because they are kids? They have parents. Let them take care of their kids. Turn the whole family around at the border!

  9. Yea, the Dems are the problem because they wont let the GOP enact their fascist policies. For that, I blame Keppler.

  10. What's with Comedy Central? They keep creating great shows and then cancelling them when they start having real impact! Nightly show anyone?

  11. yo im depressed as hell and the opposition was something that actually made me happy recently. goddangit comedy central

  12. The irony is that with stricter border regulations there are more immigrants here than before because they're too worried to leave. Counterproductive bigly. And nobody kills more people than the US military, so scare talk about MS13 is just voodoo bullshit.

  13. I agree it isn’t the kids fault their parents are criminals and endangered them but that doesn’t mean the parents get a free pass. They broke the law and now they get the punishment.
    Also the kids in the centers are being treated better than our own children in our foster systems. They get free heath care paid by for our government, toys, clean clothes, water, food, and often even electronic devices such as video games and phones.
    The whole they’re being tortured, beaten, abused and locked in cages is a full in lie by the lying Democratic Party.

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