SharePoint Online 2016 Tutorial: Add Custom Tiles using the Promoted Links Webpart

Hey guys, so today I wanted to talk about
how to create just a quick team site in SharePoint and adding a promoted links webpart which
is going to add some colored tiles to your page and make it a little bit user friendly,
more visually appealing to your users, and it’s super quick out of the box and just something
simple that can add some decor to your site. So first things first, we have to create the
site, so we’ll give this a title – I’m just going to name it My Team Site for now and
then click Create. Alright so here I have my default out of the
box sharepoint team site. You can see right away that I have this get
started with your site section, which is an exact example of what we’re going to do is
add these tiles on here. The caveat about these tiles that come out
of the box is that you cant customize them, you can’t change the pictures, they’re just
to get you started on your site, they’re not really to keep there when your sites’ actually
going to be used by people in your business. So I’m just going to click Remove this and
get rid of that. First, go to the gear next to your name and
click “Site Contents” or you can click “Add an App” which is what I’m going to do. It’s a little bit of a short cut. Now we’re going to search for ‘promoted links’
and click on that. I usually like to name it promoted links because
the icon for it looks exactly like a list in SharePoint so you might get confused on
which app is a promoted links list and which one’s a regular list so I just name it Promoted
Links just for my own sanity. You can name it whatever you want. So after we have that added, you can see here’s
my promoted links app right here, and we’re going to need to open 3 different locations
to get things started. Here I’m going to open Promoted links and
I’m just going to right click and open it in a new tab and then we also want to go into
the site assets so were going to open that in a new tab and I”m going to leave this third
tab open just in case I need to copy and paste my links that I already use on the site. Alright, so once you have your promoted links
app added, the first thing you’re going to want to do is go to the site assets library
in your site and upload the images that you’re going to use for the tiles. If you want to add your own library to hold
your images in, thats fine too – some people like to use site assets for coding files but
I just like to keep it simple. I’m just going to use these three icons that
I made and we’re going to upload them right into the site assets library. Alright so here I have all of my images for
the tiles and we’re going to go back to the promoted links tab. Here I have my list view. You can see the Tiles view is what it defaulted
to when we first opened it but we want to look at the All Promoted Links view when we’re
adding the items. I’m just going to click new item and give
it a title. This can link to whatever you want to. It can link to external websites, other sharepoint
sites, but a lot of the times I use them for linking to various document libraries within
the site or different lists or event folders within the site. It kinda depends on how you have your site
setup. So we’ll just add a title here and let’s say
for my first tile, I want it to link to IT Team site. Okay so I’m just going to jump over here to
site assets and what we want to do is get the link to it, so if you click the elipses
and then click Get a link. (This is a little bit new so you should be
able to just click edit link no sign in required and then create) so If I just click in there,
I can copy the link and close back out. I’ll come back over here and just paste my
link. This is the link to the image so this is the
link to the image of the tile that you want to appear in your list. Then for the description, I just copy the
title and paste that in the link description. This next description is for when you hover
over the tile it’s gunna pop up. I like to say ‘click here to link to the IT
Team site’ and I’ll just paste the title because I use it in like four different locations. I’m going to paste it down here too in the
link description. Alright so the link location is where you
want your link to go so I have the ITTeam site home page over here, and I’m just going
to copy this url. Come back and paste that in the link location. For launch behavior, you can choose in page
navigation, dialog or new tab. I usually choose In page navigation unless
it’s going to like me somewhere outside SharePoint like Google or something. So lets leave that as In Page and then I like
to do increments of five for order. You always want to add a little cushion just
incase you decide to add more later. So now you can see my first items in there,
and if we switch back to the tiles view you can see there is my new tile. Horay. Just give it a second to load but there is
the image that I uploaded. So it’s pretty easy to configure. This is just one tile. You can add as many as you want. I’m just going to fast forward and create
the other tiles really quick. Alright guys so here you can see I have all
of my links entered. I’m just going to add three this time and
if I switch back to this tiles view, I can view all of my tiles together. The cool part about this is you can really
add them to anywhere you want in a SharePoint site so if I go back to the home page, all
I have to do is edit the page and go to the insert tab. If I go to the insert tab, I can insert an
app part. Then I want to choose Promoted Links and click
add. Home Stretch. Okay, so here we go! Just like that, it’s right in my SharePoint
page. One thing I do recommend is if you want to
get rid of this Promoted Links title, or you want to change it to something that makes
sense for the tiles as a heading – All you have to do is edit the webpart, and if you
go down here to Appearance, you can either change the title and then save it. What I like to do is change the Chrome type
to None and apply. Once I’m done with that, I’m just going to
click the page tab and click save. Alright well that’s all I have today guys. If you have any questions, comments, or raving
reviews please leave them in the comments box below and I’ll see you next time.

23 thoughts on “SharePoint Online 2016 Tutorial: Add Custom Tiles using the Promoted Links Webpart

  1. Great straight walk through, I got the tiles to work but the image does not load. Any tips to correct this?
    I used 150 x150 images

  2. why don't you add more sharepoint tutorial – step by step to learn the basics. You speak fast and to the point – which is nice. Thanks for posting.

  3. I've got too many tiles for one row (w/o scrolling across the screen, which I don't want to do).  How can I have it add a second (or maybe third) row of tiles?Great video!!  Thanks for doing these videos.

  4. On my home page I am trying to add my promoted links and the option is not there.  I have created my promoted links page and it works fine but when I go to add this type to the Home page it gives options like: Text, Image, File View, Link, Embed.  Has something changed about SharePoint online?

  5. Great Video Jamie, I do have a question, I know Stephen posted a question related to the rows of the links, I have a similar question or if you could provide any recommendations. I love the tile look in sharepoint and would like to use it, but is there a way to create different links within a tile, for example old versions of SP, you would use the global navigation, create a folder, and from that folder add links in it, could this be possible with tiles as well? If not, this may not work out for us, but I am having the same issue using the global navigation since I have so many links on the page we are having to scroll to the right to see all of the links, is there a javascript you can share for that ? and could you provide me the steps on how to get the code on the page. Thanks again for the great video.

  6. Thank you for this! I am a self-taught SharePoint user for my firm and this video is great and to the point! Helped me edit two of our pages with different tiles! Thank you!!

  7. Do you have a tutorial on how to remove background image on a promoted link tile …sorry complete newbie ! using Sharepoint online 🙂

  8. Thanks, this is really good, I've been making mine in Photoshop but this would've really saved me a lot of time. I'll have a go at this next week when I'm back at work, thanks again.

  9. Hey, Thank you for the video. I can't seem to have an option to add the promoted links to the page in SharePoint 2010. I just have the option of adding a web part not exactly an app. Can you help?

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