Shower Salesman

STEPHENPLAYS – Memorable Moments! S: All right Mal, shower room. Sublevel 2. EVEN MORE FROGS! M: Poison! S: Poison! S: Just when you thought it was safe to take a shower, introducing poisonous shower rooms. But as long as ya don’t get close to the poison, you should be fine. Oh God. Meteors! In the shower! Do you remember poisonous shower rooms? Well, we’ve got something even better.. Meteors! In the shower room! Just when you thought it was okay to get naked, no it’s not! You’ll die.

10 thoughts on “Shower Salesman

  1. I honest to god wonder if Stephen and Mal have PTSD from this game.

    It wasn't until I watched their playthrough that I realized how evil the game can get.

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