Simulacra – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Hi. Hello myself. Um, this is video log number one. I’m supposed to just speak my mind. Whatever comes,
no wrong answers. Nobody’s gonna see this so… Work has been pretty crazy lately,
and I just needed an outlet of sorts. There’s no point wasting time so… Here I go. What’s the worst that could happen? [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Simulacra – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. I don't know why this is being brought to PS4 because I feel like this game's been out for awhile now, and anyone who's wanted to play it most likely already has, whether it was on mobile or PC.

  2. This is an interesting little horror game but on the PS4? Sure, but putting it on the big screen kind of takes away the atmosphere a bit.

  3. This is pretty short game, why? And this game is about a phone, a computerized demon or something and a missing person or two. This game is suited for mobile devices.

  4. Already have it on my phone, (which is the best way to play it) but if anyone hasnt played this game get it, its a pretty creepy game if youre into that, however it isnt scary to the point of tears, theres a few jump scares here and there (about 3) and theres breathing in your ear if you wear headphones, overall, it really is fun, and I play it for the different endings and not for the horror, but the fun of it

  5. I thought the whole idea of the game was like you find her fone… like playing on a PS4 doesnt take the immersive of the game?

  6. if y'all are wondering about simulacra how it works controls:d-pad and x button and sorricle if i spelled that right but i'm gonna platimun this game i'm 17 with bad grammer xD

  7. Who asked for this game on console I'm sure there's billons of better games you could of ported over but noooo instead we get whatever this is… SMH

  8. Anna needs to learn to film in landscape.

    But seeing as it was a mobile game based on comments, I guess it makes more sense that way. But it's not really something I'd want to play on my 4k tv.

  9. This game might be fun if I didn't keep hitting game breaking bugs. Working on my 8th play through for platinum, and it should have taken half that.

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