SnoreStop® keeping you together™ Behind The Campaign #betogether

(Melody Devemark) : Green Pharmaceuticals
is a family run business. It’s been around for 18 years. Our number one product is SnoreStop.
It’s the best selling anti-snoring solution in the country. (Christian De Rivel) : We were looking to
give a new meaning to the word, the name, SnoreStop. The question was, at the time,
what do we do ? (Dominique De Rivel) : We were in the mist
of the supreme court decision allowing gay marriages. (Christian De Rivel) : That was really a big
moment for us (Dominique De Rivel) : We are a family business
and we wanted this campaign to also reflect our values. So one of the most important values
that we want to convey is tolerance. We thought that instead of focusing on the product, we
were going to show the users. (Baptiste De Rivel) : We interact with our
customers on a daily basis, and we know that our customers are very diverse. (Christian De Rivel) : Diversity is in our
family, as you can see I am white but my grandfather was black. Being a product used by couples
we just started a process to find real couples that you usually don’t see in most commercials. (Melody Devemark) : It’s ironic because so
many couples have gone through so many struggles just to be together and something like snoring
keeps them apart on a nightly basis. (Christian De Rivel) : It made sense for us
to engage into this new campaign because, as everybody will agree, snoring is an equal
opportunity offender. And SnoreStop wants to be the equal opportunity provider. We found
twelve couples bi-racial, lesbian, gay, and heterosexual. (Dominique De Rivel) : We decided to kick
off the campaign with a billboard on Sunset Boulevard (Melody Devemark) : We wanted one image that
summarizes the whole campaign. (Dominique De Rivel) : You know when we decided
to show a Muslim woman with an American soldier we knew that this image would strike people
because it’s not something you see everyday. (Christian De Rivel) : We want the billboard
to be understood as «Find each other and SnoreStop will keep you together».

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