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– Do you know what it feels
like to be 26 years old, have people that you
went to high school with come to your liquor store, look you dead in the
face as they pulled up in their BMW and say, “Oh, you work for your dad?” And then you ring them up
on their case of champagne and you bring it out
to their car and put it in their trunk and they look
you in the face with pity? I lived that life. And the way I took that scene was, “I’ll see you in 10 years, motherfucker!” (energetic rock music) (dramatic music) You know, it’s funnier. I was driving here this morning, I was like, “What do I want to get off? “What do I want to make sure they know.” The number one thing if
I leave this morning, that I hope, is for people to realize how much leverage they have. How you, just like weight room and film, you got to put in work
to get what you want and how, what social
media and the internet have done has given
you so much opportunity to take advantage of who you engage with around what you want. I think the biggest
vulnerability to this room, including the coaches, and
us old guys is patience. I wish, the coaches over here,
knew how young they were. Watching 30, 40, 50 year-olds completely confused by
the context of time, is one of the most fascinating
things I see in our society. Like, people always come
up to me and they’re like, “Gary, when are you
going to buy the Jets?” and I’m like, “25 years,”
and they get sad as fuck. Like, they think I, they like
want me to have it tomorrow. There was a really famous
basketball college team, Loyola Marymount. Every time I think about that team, it’s how I think about my life and how I think about
myself as an entrepreneur. They will win college basketball games like 147 to 132. They would just run and shoot. They were just, (exhales)
they just pushed it. Their games were crazy and
that’s how I think about life. I think too many people
are playing defense. And I’m out here trying to win 149 to 146. Offense. Because once you stop hearing judgment, and you’re not actually worried about what people have to say,
you can just go fast. Judgment is the only thing I promise you that you’ll have for
the rest of your life. (upbeat trance music) I watch you from afar, I’m like, that’s really good parenting, really good DNA, and
really good circumstance. because that kid, is not insecure. We have insecure–
– [Man] Not anymore. – Well, that’s right. Truly, truly one of my favorite people. Give some love to K. Love. – One tough S.O.B, baby. – Tag it. (inspirational music) – Oh, Gary, I’m so emotional. – It’s so funny that the
alien thing just happened kind of organic. – Yeah, it’s funny. – There’s more gray in my opinion. Do you believe in aliens? Straight up!
– Uh, yes. – Yeah, I’m gonna really miss you. – Yeah, I’m gonna miss you too. I’m gonna miss this company. – Are we trying to do an episode
about staying in together? Hey everybody, this is Gary Vaynerchuk and is is episode 320
of the Ask Gary Vee Show and this is a very exciting episode because the person that will
be dialing the questions and getting to the
questions today is India, our very own India, who’s on her last day after seven years at VaynerMedia. Fun fact for a lot of you that don’t know, India was a superstar. You know how sometimes, the like, you know how, like, Ari
Gold actually became the star of Entourage, but
that wasn’t the purpose. There was absolutely a time in 2016? – 16 I think. In 2016 where India was my
main co-host of the show when it was a completely call-in show or take questions from the internet show. And, you know, the reason I
had to get her off the show was it became clear to me that
she’d become bigger than me, and I wasn’t really willing
to deal with that, you know. When you’re like 54, you’re gonna have like, fun things to say at like dinner parties.
– Yeah, totally! Absolutely – And people aren’t gonna believe you and you’re gonna have to like, pull it up. – No really, I did this. Yeah, people don’t even now. Just like, I had a couple of
like, informational interviews and they’re like, “Oh,
what have you been doing?” I’ve been here for like, seven years. I’m like, “So much, including
like, this show I did, with, like, the CEO Gary,
and they’re like, “What?” I’m like, “Yeah, that’s
true, like, we just did it,” you know. – Like, really good! – Yeah! So that’s been awesome too. Just to have that
experience to talk about. And like, everyone loves you
when I bring you up, you know. So, like, that’s just great for me. I’m like, “I don’t care.” – Well, that’s where I
really want you to lean in. – Okay. – Like, I am ready to,
like, get a phone call in the middle of a meeting
and it’s your phone number. – Yeah. – And I’m assuming you
beat me at that moment, for, like, whatever interview
or whatever you’re in and I’m gonna pick it up and be like, “No Rick, (India laughs) like, you should hire her!” – Yeah, fuck Rick. He’s
always the one you go for. – Rick and Sally. – Rick and Sally, yeah. – Yeah, I really appreciate that. – Hey Cynthia. – [Cynthia] Yeah? – This is Gary Vaynerchuk. – [Cynthia] Hi! – Hi, I was just walking by. I’m actually running out of the building, but I saw Andrew on the phone and I said, “Whoever you’re talking to on
the phone, I wanna say hello.” And then he said, “She’d
flip $4,000 stuff.” And then I said, “I
really wanna say hello.” – [Cynthia] Oh (laughs) hello! – Hello, I really really have to run. I’m super late, but I wanted to say hi, thank you for watching my content. – [Cynthia] Oh, Absolutely! I haven’t been watching
it, but all I needed was that little push and I actually watch some of your YouTube,
and they were inspiring, and it’s gotten me that far. So I’m like, “Wow, this is real!” – [Gary] It’s fuckin’ pouring. (man mumbles) That’s awesome. All right, do we have an umbrella? – Uh, we do. (Gary laughs) That we do. – [Gary] Oh no. What the fuck Drock? – All right, ready?
– All right, let’s go. – [Man] Love you! – [Gary] We’re in it Jason! (peaceful electronic music) – [Sheamus] Star Celtic
Warrior Sheamus here. My question for Gary would
be, Gary, as the owner of Celtic Warrior
Workout’s YouTube channel, someone like you is on the
grind minimum 18 hours a day. – [Gary] I’m here! I’m in my home! The Jet’s facility. What up Jets? Yo Sam, Darnell, Jamal. If
you’re watching, come through. I’m judging this shark tank
like business challenge. I’m fuckin’ home! New York Jets baby! Fuckin’ home! (relaxed hip-hop music) – Hey, I told them I watched.
My kids were gonna play there the other day while I got in a fall watching this guy, and you come over. I’m like, “I know that guy.” I’m like,
– That’s awesome. My son’s watch you all the time.
– Thank you very much. – So, I’d love to take a picture with you. – Let’s do it. Well actually,
let’s do it even better. What’s their names? (woman exclaims in excitement) – Thomas, Robert, Anthony. – Tom, Robert, Anthony
listen. I’m here with pops. I have no idea why the
fuck you guys aren’t here. But were hustling, we’re best friends now, and I can’t wait to meet you guys. – That’s awesome. – I’m sure they’ll love that. – Thank you. Thank you.
– Nice to meet you. – Thank you. That’s Great
– Yeah, real pleasure. Nice to see ya. Look this is America, small businesses, and mainstream businesses,
and entrepreneurs drive this economy. It’s black and white data. Without these small
businesses, the whole machine of this great country doesn’t play out. And so, coming from a
small business environment, being an investor in small businesses, being an entrepreneur, I
mean, this is home for me. (relaxed hip-hop music) – Hey vlog. (laughing) – [Cameraman] Cut. – Cool, and can I throw this–
– What, am I 15 behind? 22 behind?
– We’ll see what’s going on. – Oh, 10. – [Man] Got a new one every month. – I added buffers. (laughs) This is casual. – Was I, yesterday like, wait a minute, this wasn’t the one where I promised you I was done at 3 pm? – [Woman] Yes, of course. – [Man] You started. – [Gary] Jason. – [Jason] Yep? – [Gary] Not you.
– [Jason] Oh. – [Gary] I have a call. – [Man] You right. – Usually, it’s really devastating
for everybody around me. (laughing) (relaxed hip-hop music)

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