Student Perspectives: BA Fashion Communication and Promotion

Everyone here is totally obsessed with
being here. No one is here half-heartedly. It really encourages you
to be whoever you want which yes I think that’s the best part of it. They’re
looking for people that can bring what is personal and individual to them back
into the FCP sphere. The amount of energy that’s put into every single crit it’s
just extremely intense and extremely diverse and for that reason I think
extremely competitive because everyone else everyone around you has something
unique to say. The photography she goes here incredible I worked at
man-about-town magazine and managed to shoot for the four of their issues I
did a nice little project for Nike who did a pair of shoes recently I’ve done a lot
of things that I’m happy and proud to represent what defines my pathways that
there’s no definition really to it so if there was a definition it would be
boring and it wouldn’t be FCP

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