Tasia Smith | UO’s Health Promotion and Obesity Prevention Initiative

My name is Tasia Smith and I’m an assistant professor of counseling psychology and a member of the health promotion and obesity prevention initiative. So whenever I think about obesity prevention health promotion always start with “why is this important?” “Why does it matter?” And I always think about the high rates of obesity especially among racial ethnic minority of knowing that the starts in childhood and continues to adulthood. So it’s really important for us to better understand, you know, what are some of the factors are impacting that how can we help them to engage in healthy eating and physical activity. I’m really interested in obesity and obesity-related diseases and thinking about things like hypertension also known as high blood pressure or heart disease. My work has really focused on preventing obesity in these related diseases from the promotion of the engagement in healthy eating and physical activity. I think that investing in prevention research is going to get significant returns to of the donor one being that is really going to set University of Oregon up to be one of the leading researchers in this area. And I think that’s pretty amazing to say that you could contribute to establishing something that’s pretty monumental. Also knowing that you’re able to have an impact on individuals lives. So now we’re able to give them tools and knowledge that they can actually make lasting changes in their lives.

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