Tell Lyft and Uber to Clean Up Their Act!

(quiet music) – [Radio Announcer ]
Scientists say climate change is getting worse. Air pollution from
transportation in American cities is on the rise. While Uber and Lyft portray themselves as environmentally conscious companies, a growing body of data
is calling their bluff. – [Narrator] Uber and Lyft
are making traffic worse burning fossil fuels, spewing pollution all while undermining public transit. At the same time, these
companies don’t offer basic protections for their workers. Tell Lyft and Uber to clean up their act. Go online and make your voice heard by signing the petition today.

4 thoughts on “Tell Lyft and Uber to Clean Up Their Act!

  1. Well done! Short and powerful. It might be helpful to put a link to the petition embedded in the video and in the description if you can! I hope more people see this

  2. The main problem is that endless human population growth in the world, USA, and California continues unabated because of a lack of support for family planning, gender equity, and girls education. Uber and Lyft are not the problem.

  3. Public transportation is not always available or convenient for everyone. We need to change this situation and work on achieving zero population growth at the same time.

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