The B Method – Marketing Video

Software is a key foundation
of modern society and economy but software development
is still facing many issues such as high cost, poor quality
and maintainability. We believe
that formal engineering founded on logic
and mostly discrete mathematics also known as formal methods should be the foundation
of software development. For safety critical software development this approach can be very successful
and cost effective and lead to high quality software. Software developed by formal methods now have a market share of about 30%
in the metro transportation sector. Beyond safety critical systems major companies including
Amazon, Facebook Google, Oracle,
Twitter and Microsoft advocate the use of formal methods
for software development. However, in many other areas formal methods are not only seen
as an enabling technology but rather as difficult to apply
and linked with increased costs. Although formal techniques
have demonstrated their ability to yield high quality
and trustworthiness the designs are often perceived
as hard to understand for engineers and to validate for customers. With the MOOC on B,
we would like to help you understanding how valuable the B formal method how to use it for your development and how you could remove bugs
from your software. If you are a developer
and if you are able to model and to handle abstraction this MOOC will allow you to dramatically
improve the quality of your code improve your specification and design skills and finally help you to become
a better software developer. [Thierry Lecomte]: I am Thierry Lecomte
from ClearSy Systems Engineering, France and I am going to share with you
more than 25 years of experience modelling safety critical
software with B. [Marcel Oliveira]: I am Marcel Oliveira from Universidade Federal
do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil and I have been teaching and researching
on formal methods for over 15 years. [Marcel Oliveira]: During more
than 20 lectures which you can follow at your own pace you will discover new paradigms
like abstract modelling refinement, mathematical proof
and code generation. The lectures will be illustrated
with videos and animations and will be completed
with a large range of pratical examples. All manipulations will be performed within the industrial integrated
development environment supporting the B-method: Atelier B. We look forward to sharing the secret of developing software correct
by contruction with you soon. And remember: Formal is Fun!

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