The Campaign To Cut Waste

The President:
Hi, everyone! This stack of books right here
is called the Federal Register. For decades, copies have
been printed, bound, and sent to thousands of
government offices all across the country every single day. And while you might think that
most people just can’t wait to dig into their copy
as soon as it arrives, the truth is no one reads this
thing and that’s because it’s been available on the Internet
for years which means taxpayers have been funding some
pretty expensive doorstops. So we’re putting an end to
that, saving you millions of dollars each year. But that’s just the
tip of the iceberg. Everyone knows that getting rid
of the deficit will require some tough decisions. And that includes cutting
back on billions of dollars in programs that a lot
of people care about. But what should be easy is
getting rid of the pointless waste and stupid spending
that doesn’t benefit anybody. Waste we should be getting rid of
even if we didn’t have a deficit. We’re off to a good start. Over the last two years we’ve
pulled the plug on all kinds of ridiculous practices. Apparently the government used
to overnight containers filled with nothing. Don’t ask why that is. Sure, some of these
cuts aren’t that big. But no amount of
waste is acceptable, not when it’s your money,
not at a time when so many Americans are already cutting back. Just as families are
living within their means, government should, too, so we
could invest in the things that we know will create good
jobs and grow the economy. Things like education
and technology. Besides, after a while
all these cuts add up. Already we’ve identified about
$33 billion in savings just for this year. And we’re not finished;
not by a long shot. Did you know the Federal
Government pays for a website devoted to a folk music ensemble
made up of forest rangers? They’re called the
“Fiddling Foresters.” ♪♪ (music playing) ♪♪ I’ll put their music on my
iPod, but I’m not paying for their website. And there are hundreds of
similar sites that we should consolidate or just get rid of. And, by the way, you’re not
only paying for websites no one needs, you’re paying for
thousands of buildings all across the country no one uses. For the last decade the
government has owned a massive and completely empty warehouse in
the middle of Brooklyn, for example. Now, the government hadn’t been
able to sell this building and others like it because of red
tape and Washington politics that held things up for years. But we’re finally cutting through
all that and plan to get rid of these buildings
in the months ahead. All of these efforts to
target waste and make government more efficient
have been a priority for my Administration since day one. But as we work to tackle
the budget deficit, we need to step up our game. We need to go after every dime. We need to make
government work for you. That’s why, starting today, I’ve
asked the Vice President to lead a renewed effort to hunt down
misspent tax dollars in every agency and department
of this government. We’re calling it “The Campaign
To Cut Waste” and I know Joe is the right man to lead it
because nobody messes with Joe! The Vice President:
There’s a new standard
by which the government is going to function
from this point on. The American people are
entitled to transparency. By that I mean they’re entitled
to be able to figure out where their dollars are going
and they’re entitled to accountability to make sure that
we’re using the dollars for what we said it was for. That’s our job. And we take that
job very seriously. Look, a lot of this depends on
new, sophisticated methods, but it also, it also, we know,
depends on relentless focus on making this a priority. A focus that can’t be delegated. We’re holding ourselves
accountable and we’re deeply committed and focused on making
government function better. We’re not just eliminating
fraud and waste. We hope to be instilling an
entire new culture with not only our Administration, but
every succeeding administration will in fact pursue. We’re going to give you
the government you expect and deserve. So I want to thank you all. And we’re ready to get to work!

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