The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – PS4 / Xbox1 / PC – Announcement Trailer

78 thoughts on “The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – PS4 / Xbox1 / PC – Announcement Trailer

  1. Could never play Until Dawn, but now when this new one comes to PC I will get it, I like horror movies! So being able to interact with the story will be fun 🙂

  2. Title should be “ourang medan” ie of man of medan. Ourang medan is better title cause it use less word and more impactful

  3. Knew that Conrad guy looked familiar. That's Shawn Ashmore (Actor / Face model for the Jack Joyce in Quantum Break).

  4. Why are Bandai Namco taking credit for Supermassive Games? This is a SG game that is published by Namco not made by them.

  5. ini game kalo judulnya diterjemahin bahasa indonesia aneh banget. ORANG MEDAN. genrenya horror pula. udah jelas kan seserem apa orang medan.

  6. I have my season pass, and still didnt get my characters in the 2 seasson pass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix this issue !!!!!!!!

  7. От авторов "дожить до утра", Будем ли играть? ДА ДА И КОНЕЧНО ЖЕ ДА

  8. Hidden agenda was a dissapointment compared to Until Dawn. Like it was rushed or made by an entire new team. Let's hope this covers up that stain in you guys made and actually give us a good game that we can buy and enjoy.

  9. Нафига так страшно делать? Я купить то куплю, но играть…. сори ….не хочу задристать квартиру…

  10. SS. Oerang Medan ! creepiest story i ever heard. i hope it lives up to my expectations though. can`t wait.
    For those who don`t know. You should read the story about Oerang Medan, almost the same as Marie Celeste but it gives more goosebumps. WHOOO NICE JOBA BANDAI !

  11. Hmmmm Interested but everything about it visually looks a backwards quality wise compared to Until Dawn. Animation, Textures, Visual presentation. Hopefully this is super early in the development.

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