The Perfect Salesman || Part.1||kannada funny video ||tbws-2k19

who the hell came now? whats the time ok google turn on the lights whats the time ohh i did not wear a watch time is 1:30am i think thief has rang the bell today is saturday jai hanuman i should bring something for safety today is damn cold le door is open cant you see remove the shets sorry sir technical problem sir y did you bring a knife night is not safe bsdk may i come in sir (rashmika mandanna dialogue)come no nod pa.hubli is unsafe sir you will look awesome in this sir sir nice sir while opening door did u feel cold yeah i got goosebumps first this keep aside sir sir mi phone sir plz it willgive me heat sir i will give you more hot than that its okay its bomb nothing happens sir please remove sir what r u doing should i call police im skin stoned man.. it will not affect should i remove sir door no no no first tell me y did u come? sir these are imported sweaters from uk uttara kannada? no sir unkal keri ohhhhhhhh sir the red is for 500 and blue is for 1000 this one is very costly sir just 200 that is very costly give me 500 one its very hot now plz saar omg sun is burning too much look there wait here ill try and come hogli bid i will go sir y did u delay so much it was personal its good swaeter i liked it i know its uk company 500 is very cheap sir its maximum i dont know maths u calculate properly sir im also weak(oo brahme) gimme a chair pen and a paper (sidila bharava tune) take ur seat thankyou sir u made me easy to steal magana i told you to sit hutttu guna sir yen madakka barangilla ha sir feel your home ill give you half an hour do it quicky 10min is enough sir do it quickly what is integration and differentiation sir? watch watch sir supplement dont copy let me check if you have brought any chiti no sir oye dont copy no one is there sir its a habit to me of copying sir signature im an illiterate let me put my thumb impression time up tiime up sir full stop sir full…. sir here is ur jacket its the same value sir lhs=rhs chillar only 1 rs increased will u give it to me for 501 gst sir good nite sweet dreams hogi ba thank you sir dont u need money? see i give this jacket to u its good but i dont need it see i gave u jacket worth 500 and now im givving you (keeps pen in ears) jacket 500 and im giving you 511 rupees 10 rs tips and also 1 rs gst im giving you i gave you 1011 now… and im taking 1000rs jacket sir one min lhs=rhs i proved practically sir you r gr8 sir bed appa bed appa sir chasma sir nam brand sir in the world full of fake people he is so good i will not come again sir keep and go pa sir huttu guna sir nothing sir see you never he solved something let me see oh he took my pen 2rs pen ok google lights off director enters.. give me a sweater he lost 500

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