The SECRET Sales Strategy No One Talks About

What’s up, you guys Jason Wardrop here in today’s video I’m gonna break down a secret sale strategy that once you Understand this you’re gonna able to make so much more money because you’re gonna be spending a lot less money on your advertising Your marketing and everything just gonna be a lot more streamlined Okay So to kind of break this down and explain this I’m gonna share with you what I used to do in my business and then how I’ve kind of tweaked this and then I’m gonna show you guys how you Should be thinking about this exact sales strategy in your business as well, right? So first in my business, what I would always do is I would run ads to a webinar right here Okay, and for those you guys know that I’m in the real estate space so I help real estate agents generate leads to do lead follow-up all that stuff and so I would have ads going to realtors and then I would go through and then I would sell them a product right here and then I would have our software which is $99 per month on the back end right there So I was like man this is really working well with real estate and at the time this is back when Facebook ads were even a lot cheaper than they Are right now and I would probably spend anywhere between 400 To 500 dollars to make a $1,000 sale Okay, and that was on cold traffic? And so the great thing about that is I would put money in and I pretty much Double my money and usually double my money within Seven days that was like kind of like the long term and so I thought okay. I’ve got this model it’s working extremely well for real estate and I thought you know what? This is gonna work extremely well for pretty much in the industry because if you look at any local business a mortgage broker Chiropractor dentist in a real estate agent network marketer doesn’t matter. What business are in They need to go through and market their business and generate leads. And that was what this whole webinar was based on so I thought okay if I’m going to go through and I’m gonna double my money all I have to do is now take this exact webinar and just copy and paste this and Make one for the mortgage space Okay, so then the thought process was I’m gonna go through a minute run ads I’m gonna have the mortgage webinar Webinar I can’t spell that right there and you kind of see like I thought because I would now have two different products two different markets I’d be able to double my income and then after the mortgage I was like You know what? I always get insurance agents because I had some ads at one time or instead of saying real estate agents I just said agents I just said agents and brokers and it didn’t even occur to me at the time that Insurance agents are also called insurance agents and insurance brokers And so I would get hundreds of agents reaching out to me saying hey Do you guys have do you have something for me with insurance? And so I was like, you know, what after I do the real estate I gotta do the mortgage and I’m gonna go do insurance and Just replicate it and you know, so on and so forth. You guys can kind of see this model So if you don’t really understand the sale strategy, you might be looking at some Blankman This is a great strategy cuz like if you’ve got some webinar that’s working, you know the ads at work you’ve got the software on the back end and then you just replicate this then you double your money and then Insurance you go through and you just tripled your money and it just sounds like at an awesome business model well The truth is this is actually the incorrect way to think about how to double and even triple your business The reason being is because remember we’ve got videos on this channel where the last week or two I’ve talked about front and offers back-end offers where these are all front-end offers And really at the end the day your goal is not necessarily make all your money on the front end your monies and your goal Is to make money on the back end offers. So what I would do is let’s say for example, I would spend $1,000 here. Okay, and is going towards this offer right here and then I would hopefully go through and make at least $1,000 back out and then I go through and I spend $1,000 here and then $1,000 here and There’s no synergy between the offers meaning an Insurance agent whatever I go through and I generate those leads I can’t sell them this same products that I’m selling a real estate agent or not Exactly the same I could set it like somewhat the same but they’d have to be tweaked for insurance the same thing for mortgage I couldn’t necessarily sell to sell the exact same thing for real estate or for insurance and so because of that Your your ad costs are not being maximized to the fullest potential whereas if instead of going through and spending a thousand dollars on all of these I spent $3,000 right here and instead of just having the webinar offer which is the front end offer and Then just the one product right here on the back end if then on the back end I had one two Three products back here of other maybe subscriptions maybe whether one-time offers maybe a high ticket offer That’s where I can actually double or even triple My income, okay because now we’re spending all of our money on realtor realtors right there and Any realtors I can sell them the same exact type of product So like one real estate agent to another doesn’t matter if they’re in, Florida Kansas, Arkansas, California, they’re gonna want trainings. They’re gonna want softwares They’re gonna want things to help them build their business. And so I’m running these ads right here. I’m generating leads and selling them Hopefully breaking even on this webinar and then instead of replicating this business model here I’m actually adding a better back-end products right here that all of them are going to benefit all the leads that I’m already generating and The reason why you wanted to go through and you can look at this and like well Jason Why don’t you just go through it and copy this model like the whole back-end stuff and for mortgage and insurance and all that well The truth is to make a good quality product and to support that quality product and to fulfill on that quality product It takes a lot of work takes a lot of effort Okay And so instead of going through making crappy products and then replicating it and selling it to all these different industries Where you’re not really building a long-term business a long term brand you’re able to just go through Focus on the core products make them extremely good and then once they’re extremely good talk to your customers talk to your clients figure out how to make them even better how to improve maybe if you’re doing full service client work like If you’re you know got social media marketing agency You talk with your clients and see how you can fulfill better So maybe you’re already generating leads for them, but maybe they’re wanting to see something different in their weekly or bimonthly Reports or maybe they’re wanting to go through and have you offer another service like for example? I know a lot of marketing agencies, they offer lead generation services, but then the client it’s like a real estate agent They don’t have time to go through and call every single on the leads or text or follow up with all these leads So you could go through and offer another service of saying like hey, look we’ll also call all of your leaves We’ll also text all of your leads and as soon as we get that person that lead on the phone Then we’ll live transfer it to you. Just like a Zilla would write so anyway guys I wanted to kind of break this down because this was like back in the day like probably two years ago this Was kind of the initial thought process I was like I’m just gonna go through make this cookie cutter business model, and then I am going to just Replicate it over and over and over and I thought at this point I have real estate Mortgage insurance and probably some other industries as well but what I ended up doing is I just ended up canceling off on these other ones and Just focus focusing on the real estate market and we’re actually completely rebuilding the arsenal’ software right now from ground up with the real estate agent in mind whereas the current Arsenal software that’s the software that we’ve gone through and built out over the last several years is kind of in mind with like all these different industries where we want to serve our Customer the real estate agents the best of the best of our ability Right and so we can go through have these different monthly subscriptions have other products and offers that can help them Benefit them with their business help automate things Leverage technique up through technology And so we’ve gone through and put a lot of our earnings back into the product to make those better and better and better So then all the money that we’re spending on advertising Is generating leads? For the same exact client that we can sell these exact products to okay? so anyway I hope that kind of helped to kind of break down this this whole sales strategy And when you’re spending money on paid advertising how to do it intelligently so you’re not just going through and spending money like $100 here $100 there and the same thing goes like I shared a video just the other day about different sales funnels Like maybe you’re going through and you’re just focusing on real estate But you’ve got a hundred dollars going to one funnel a hundred dollars going to another funnel hundred dollars go to another funnel well If you’re spraying yourself too thin like that You’re not able to get anywhere with your whole marketing and your advertising objectives So pick one industry one niche One funnel put everything into that and then having the quality products on the back end and you can kind of go back and watch my video that I launched just The other day and reference that and that was kind of talking about Sam of his business model versus Russell Bronson’s and how I like to do a little bit of a hybrid of putting those two together and that’s what I found works Best for my business right? So Anyway, I hope this video was helpful if it was go ahead and give it a thumbs up Also if you’re brand new here Make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell because we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So with that said I will see you in the next video

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  1. Great training Jason, getting the money on the back end is something that most marketers are missing out on because they are not building and nurturing their email list.
    The money is in the list! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Hey Jason,
    I was wondering if I could use Arsenal Mkg to Generate leads for my real estate Clients. I am a social media marketer for realtors also, I am pretty confuse about the credit card system. Can I manage two or more clients on one credit card details.
    Or I have to provide with my client individual credit card data.

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