The Story of The Demon Hunter Order Hall Campaign [Lore]

Hello everyone! The Illidari, Illidan’s personal fighting
force was send to the planet of Mardum to collect the Sargerite Keystone while their
lord stayed behind to focus on the defense of the black the temple. They were succesfull in their mission, were
even able to capture a legion ship called the Fel Hammer, but upon returning home they
found that Illidan was not so succesfull. He had lost the battle with Maiev, her wardens
and the so called heroes of Azeroth. “Take them to the vault. There they shall be with the betrayer, forever” For years the demon hunters were imprisoned
within the vault of the wardens, while the rest of their forces stayed behind on Marduum
securing their position and waiting for the day on which they could fullfill their ultimate
goal, bringing the legion to its knees. A couple of years later and an oppertunity
like that presented itself. Gul’dan opened a gateway at the tomb of
sargeras letting the Legion in for another invasion of Azeroth. They assaulted the Vault and claimed lord
Illidan’s body for some unknown reason and Maiv realised that they needed help, they
needed the help of the Illidari. Despite her hatred for them, the defense of
Azeroth, her charge was more important and the demon hunters accepted this opportunity
to fullfill the mission they started so long ago. “Illidan…now oyu belong to the Legion.” “Cordana! YOu will answer to the High Council for this.” “Judge me all you like sister, but you cannot
stop us.” “You are too late warden. This vault will be your tomb.” “Demon hunters, you have to survive. Find the one named archmage khadgar. You can trust him.” “Illidan is still my charge!” They even obtained powerful warglaives from
either Caria or Varedis and these artifacts carry a piece of the power of Kil’jaeden. Matron Mother Malevolence has already utilized
the ship’s warp systems to transport the bulk of their forces aboard, but doing so
greatly taxed what little power remains .With our weapons, we should be able to use them
to open a permanent gateway to the fel hammer. All we need to do is give the command and
use the captured demon souls to power it up. “These demon souls will power the gateway. On your mark” Give order to slay the demon prisoners “Your souls are forfeit!” “Ready when you are dear.” Open gate “There we are! Lovely work as always.” Enter illidari gateway to board the fel hammer
in mardum “Illidari! The gateway is open. To the Fel hammer! See you soon handsome.” “Welcome to our new home.” The citadel was on the legion’s most valuable
assets and It will serve us well. Although our forces have dutifully held this
citadel since our departure, they’ve been unable to access most of its resources – the
fel hammer can only be fully activated by those bearing the mark of a legion lord. Thankfully, our blades carry that very mark. “Ive been waiting for this day.” Activate console “Follow me. We must address the others.” “Behold the power of the Twinblades of the
Deceiver. The Fell Hammer is ours!” “The Ashtongue will fight beside you.” “You may call upon the Coilskar as well.” “Our mission is not yet complete. We are all yours to command.” “We are the blades that will strike down
the legion. We are the chosen warriors of lord illidan. WE ARE ILLIDARI!” As we go through the order hall campaign,
keep in mind that there are some minor differences connected to the choices you made during the
assault on Mardum. In this scenario I’ve chosen Kayn to be
at my side while you have might have chosen for Altruis. After fully activating the fel hammer, we
follow Battlelord Gaardoun to the true prize of our conquest, an ancient Nathrezim forge
used to create many of the Legion’s most powerful weapons. With it we’ll be able to further empower
our artifact and after doing so, Jace and Allari have something to show through the
nether crucible. The souls of the hundreds of slain demons
in Mardum have provided us with enough power to directly observe the legion on Azeroth. Allari: “Gaze into the nether crucible. It will show you what we have seen”
See the tomb of sargeras “Behold the Legion’s primary gateway into
Azeroth…the Tomb of Sargeras.” “The situation is more dire than we knew. The demons have already infested the surrounding
isles.” “We must act now, or I fear the situation
will become…unsalvageable.” We must seal the Tomb of Sargeras at all costs
or the flow of demons will never cease. Until then, we must do what we can on the
ground to alleviate their foothold before it grows even further. The citadel that we’re in was created to
spearhead Legion invasions on other worlds and we can use its navigation system to plan
our assault. We pick our first zone to quest in, go after
the pillars of creation, turn the people on the broken isles into allies until we get
the message that battlelord Gaardoun has a very important matter that he needs our help
with. Our presence is requested back on the Fel
Hammer as soon as possible so we meet up with the broken. He together with the Matron Mother and Lady
S’theno have been watching us and the rest of the Illidari. They have something of an outsider’s perspective
on things and they’ve come to a unanimous recommendation: in order to keep the Illidari
from splintering, we must begin to recruit champions. These exalted will aid in projecting our power
beyond the confines of the Fel Hammer and their unanimous recommendations for the first
two to be selected are Kayn and Asha. Asha: “Thank you. I will not let you down.” Kayn: “You honor me.” Kor’vas mentions that great things are ahead
of us while muttering under her breath about not being one of them. I’m sure her moment will come soon enough,
but for now we have our first mission to worry about since Gaardoun has offered to recruit
more broken warriors for the cause. He just needs a few things first. He said something about the right tool for
the job “Tell whoever you’re sending that the
sooner Gaardoun has his demonic toys, the sooner we’ll have our new ashtongue warriors.” To train new broken warriors how to deal with
the new Burning Legion, Battlelord Gaardoun is requesting that we gather demonic implements,
a great first mission for our champions as they ride out to defeat imp mother Virila
and return with what Gaardoun needs. “Hey Gaardoun, those new warriors ready
yet? “
Train broken: “It went quickly this time. But in the future, it will take longer to
recruit more ashtongue” These Ashtongue will be a great asset in supporting
our champions and a nice detail on the fel hammer is that if you’ve chosen to sacrifice
Sevis Brightflame on marduum, you’ll see his spirt but if you’ve chosen to sacrifice
yourself, you’ll see him in the flesh. In my case, I chose to sacrifice him and he
mentions that the others can’t see him, but he likes to watch them go about their
business. He is stuck here, for all eternity, in the
twisting nether. He can never leave and still…it was worth
it and he would do it all over again. He would gladly sacrifice himself and willingly
stand here as we struck him down in order to fuel the final gateway and summon in our
demonc forces. It is what was necessary for the cause. What demon hunter wouldn’t? long live the Illidari… Yeah good luck with your eternal vigil Sevis. So we now have these newly trained Ashtongue,
lets put them to work as Belath Dawnblade has given us a strange scouting reports from
the Felblaze Ingress in Azsuna. The dreadlord, Razelikh the Defiler has returned
to the world. That’s not the odd part, though… The odd part is that he’s sometimes going
around killing the other demons and calling himself Loramus! Loramus Thalipedes was part of a quest chain
in the blasted lands where he sacrificed himself to bring the Dreadlord down stating that he
would resttle with Razelikh in the next world. “Could that really be Loramus Thalipedes? And if it is, do we save him or kill him?” Loramus is brought back alive, but he’s
trapped within the body of the dreadlord Razlikh the Defiler! For our own safety, we’ve got him in a demon
trap until we know for certain that he doesn’t pose a danger. We go down to talk with Loramus and find out
what happened. “Be careful. Half the time he’s down there threatening
us in the demonic tongue.” Loramus and Razelikh’s soul ended up within
the twisting nether. As happens with many dreadlords, a new body
eventually formed since they can only truly be killed within the twisting nether. Within his body, their souls are still entwined
in eternal conflict. Loramus, most of the time, is in control,
though it is a constant struggle. We demon hunters are accustomed to containing
the demon within. The next thing he knew, they were expelled
from the Twisting Nether, summoned by the Burning Legion to the invasion of Azeroth. At the Felblaze Ingress, he did his best to
disrupt their efforts and the rest of the story…we know. Our champions came and retrieved him, and
here he is. He will gladly serve if we’ll have him,
he has access to all of Razelikh’s demonic knowledge and with that knowledge, we’ll
be able to upgrade the Fel Hammer and improve our order hall. Mother Malevolence has heard a rumor that
we’re going to attempt to make contact with Illidan’s immortal demon soul in the twisting
nether. It’s the first time that I hear about it,
but oke let’s not question it. She informs us that we’ll need many magical
things if we’re going to perform such a feat and she has taken the luxury of putting
together a potential list and since we’re the ones in charge, our champions get to go
and find the stuff required. While they do that, we go out and collect
100 fel blood from the demons on the broken isles to fuel the spellwork. If this is not enough demon blood, no amount
will be so lets see if we can make contact with Illidan’s spirit in the twisting nether. Cinematic: “I have been expecting you. Ah good…Kayn Sunfury… My lord…There is little time, listen closely. I entrusted the duplicitous Akama with planning
the campaign against the Legion. He alone knows every detail. You’ll need his counsel if you are to succeed. You must also regain the Sargerite Keystone
to invade the Legion’s worlds. Find out where the Wardens hid it away. We have attracted attention. I must move. You will not be able to contact me like this
again. The Illidari are now yours.” If you picked Altruis, then Illidan won’t
say Ah good…instead he says that he didn’t expect to see the traitor with us. That’s because Altruis defected from the
Illidari before our fall at the black temple, in fact he played a big part in the defeat
by doing his part in the karabor attunement quest. Despite stepping away, he was imprisoned all
the same and for some the perfect champion to have at their side. “I wil lsee you up top. We will break the news together.” We must prepare. There is much to do. Illidan has officially placed us in charge
and the illidari are now ours to command where as previously they just humored us. “We have consulted with the Master’s soul
and gained wisdom. Illidari, salute our new leader!” Getting into the Black Temple and to Akama
is going to be tricky. Following the break in by the council of the
black harvest, warlocks broke in to the black temple during the green fire questline, in
response Akama had his Sha’tari priests erect a holy barrier. It prevents herteleportation. However, she might know a way to bypass those
protections and take us directly to the Temple Summit. Long ago she had a …liaison with a certain
high elf wizard named Lan’dalock. He would later join the Kirin Tor and she’s
sure that if we were to ask him very nicely, and drop her name, he would help. “Do give Lan’dalock my love.” We sure do and the archmage’s face goes
red as he chokes out a cough and look around surreptitisouly. Anything for Malevolence, he has just the
thing to bypass the holy barrier and enable her teleport, a grimoire of arcane ways but
as he tries to hand it over, he finds out someone else already took it. “Demon hunter, that imp just stole the grimoire. Catch it!’ “An imp? What’s going on here?” “Do you think we don’t know what you’re
up to? “
“The Illidari believes themselves untouchable. They will soon learn better.” “That sneaky imp! It headed southeast and then turned invisible. Quickly, use your spectral sight and see if
you can spot it.” “I’ll burn your kneecaps off.” After quite a chase through Dalaran, we finally
pick up the grimoire. Belath will make sure to give it to Malevelonce,
while we have some black temple scounting to do and by we, I mean our champions. The last thing we want is to teleport into
a trap. We must discern their force structure, patrol
schedule, new defenses, and what akama eats for breakfast. Our broken warriors can blend in with the
rest of Akama’s ashtongue forces inside the temple while our champions can scout outside
the temple. “Make sure the Ashtongue understand that
the other broken at the Black Temple are not to be trusted.” Scouting the temple gives Malevolence the
time to study the grimoire and upon collecting all the information, we’re ready to make
our grand entrance. “The gateway will be open momentarily, my
dear. ‘
“There. The Black Temple and Akama await your leisure.” Enter the BT, back at temple summit “Malevolence, make certain that no one gets
through that door. Remember, we are here to convince Akama to
join us by any means necesarry.” “I know not why you have returned Illidari,
but it is a grave mistake. This time, there will be no prison in the
end…only death.” “If we cannot go over, we will go through. Get it open.” “I See you will not be deterred. Come then, Illidari. Face your destiny.” Here’s another difference when it comes
to the choices made. If you have Altruis, you’re able to convince
Akama to rejoin the Illidari, but since we have Kayn things turn out a little bit different. While we want Akama as an advisor, it does
not sound like he is willing to be reasonable. Allari and Kayn have formulated a contingency
plan just in case. “We are only here to talk, Akama.” “Even here I have heard your name spoken. But I am not impressed. Let us see if I can impress you. Shall we finish this like being of honor? Can you manage that much, demon hunter?” Fight fight fight “You show some skill, but not as much as
OPEN THE SKIES.” “Tell me demon hunter, how did it feel being
locked up for all of those years?” “This is impossible.” “Kill that mongrel. No … wait, I have a better idea…” Akama will never aid us as he thinks we’re
no better than the demons we consort with. He sees no difference. The legion and our master Illidan destroy
his beautiful temple and one day, Akama will have his revenge. We can go twist in the nether for all he cares. That means he leaves us no choice. One way or another, he WILL help us to defeat
the Legion. “Just kill me and be done with it.” “Oh, I think not. Allari. Do what you do best.” “It will be my pleasure” Rip shade of akama out of akama “I live again!” “No….” “Matron Mother get up here. We are returning to the fel hammer.” “Of course, my dear. One gateway coming up.” Akama gets left behind while we take his shade
with us. This shade was ripped out of him before by
Illidan and it reflects all of Akama’s wickedness and evil that resides within the Broken. It was also a tool that kept him check which
is why during out assault on the black temple, we confronted the shade and liberated Akama. Now the shade is put to good use again and
it’s important that the others see him treated as one of us, rather than an outsider so we
put on a show to welcome him into our ranks while also finally promoting Korvas Bloodthorn. Shade of Akama: “I know everything Akama
knowns, and more. I look forward to us working together to destroy
the Legion.” Kor’vas Bloodthorn: “What took you so
long? I should have been your first champion.” Just as things seem to be going our way, party
crashers show up to spoil the moment. Caria: “How touching. A few more champions. As if that will help in any way.” Varedis: “Quite the ragtag bunch you have
here. I would have thought you could do better. But enough with the pleasantries. Our lord Kil’jaeden has sent us to let you
know that you and your Illidari will soon be joining the Burning Legion. “
Caria: “And to prove that you are not safe, not even here on the Fel Hammer.” Varedis: “Hear me Illidari. All present are welcome into the embrace of
the Legion.” Caria: “Great power will be imbued into
those who join us. Painful agony awaits those who do not.” Varedis: “I for one hope that you refuse. Then, those warglaives will once again return
to their rightful owner.” Caria: “Tsk, tsk, Varedis. Fair is fair. Until we meet again in the flesh.” If you wanted these warglaives so badly Varedis
then maybe you shouldn’t have dropped them on the floor for no reason. Ah well, with their word still echoing through
the fel hammer, we focus our attention on the second part of the mission given by Illidan. We must reclaim the Sargerite keystone. As much as we might not like it, for this
we’ll need the aid of the wardens since they were the ones who took it when we were
all imprisoned within the vault. With Maiev missing, their current leader is
Sira Moonwarden who made us a deal. We’ll help the wardens with tracking down
some of the more powerful creatures that escaped from the Vault and in return, she will direct
us to where we need to go to get the Keystone. “It might leave a bad taste in our mouths,
but working with the Wardens will get us what we need. We’ve made worse sacrifices.” We send our champions out to do the hard work
by tracking down Jade Darkhaven, Skul’vrax, Mellok, Son of Torok, Fathnyr and Mal’Dreth
the corruptor. At the same time, Malevolence reports that
there has been increased demonic activity below on Mardum. There are still demons leftover down there
from when we first invaded so to eliminate any threat to the fel hammer, it’s time
that they were destroyed. Another mission our followers get to complete,
but as they do, they discovered that for all these years on of our Illidari presumed to
be dead, has survived and been brought back on to the ship. “Ariana’s just about the best trainer
around. Who knows, maybe she’ll even be able to
teach them the Metamorphosis?” Can you imagine spending all those years alone
on Mardum, surrounded by nothing but demons, looking up in the sky and just wishing to
spend 1 warm night aboard with your fellow demon hunters. Ah well, at least Ariana has shown to be a
true survivor and her skills can be put to good use, as she will train Illidari adepts. In the meantime our followers are done with
the warden missions, yet even though we did everything that Sira asked, that still wasn’t
enough. She’s asking for one more thing and she
wants us to deal with it personally. You’d think that the wardens would owe use
for all of those years we were imprisoned. Unfortunately, their new leader doesn’t
agree with that assessment. She wants us to go out and kill 3 specific
targets, the Devouring Darkness in Highmountain, Hertha Grimdottir in Suramar and Theryssia
in Val’Sharah. “I do not care what Sira says…if you want
help from your champions while you’re out there, the will come.” Despite the wardens distracting us from the
true goal, we now know that we need to go and find the Warden Malace Shade in Stormheim. sShe was the one entrusted with safeguarding
the sargerite keystone. Malace was last seen heading toward the Felskorn
Warcamp. It is likely that she was captured by the
Vrykul that joined the Legion so lets get on a flight and see if we can track her down. “Be careful. The last place she was seen is near the Gates
of Valor. Nasty place.” At the Felskorn Warcramp we discover that
the Warden was indeed captured, but a cage wasn’t enough to hold her so the vrykul
ensorcelled these runestones to make sure she doesn’t escape. Each is powered by a different Felskorn Rune. Unfortunately, they gave the runes to different
guardians, who have all scattered to different places around Stormheim. So, if Sira said that we could have your precious
keystone back, we’re first going to have to get her out of here. Then, we’ll see…. So of we go to collect the Felskorn Runes,
but as we travel through Stormheim we encounter a felsoul Jailor yelling at us that Kil’jaeden
has ordered our capture and that we will join the burning legion. This servant of Caria and Varedis, bravely
and foolishly tries to take us. You have to give him credit though, at least
he doesn’t just threaten us, he actually attacks but of course, despite his threatening
words, we bring him down, continieu our quest and set the captive warden free. The whole reason why she came out here to
begin with was to capture or kill a fel lord named Lochaber. She’s no longer in a capturing mood yet
she also has no desire to go in there and wade through hundreds of demons. One thing she learned while having him imprisoned
is that he’s got quite the ego so infront of all the demonic forces she calls out to
Lochaber to take her on, to face her unless he’s scared of course. /chicken
The demons fears none and his ego truly is his greatest weakness as we complete the wardens
mission and as promised she gives us the information we need.Very well, Illidari, a deal is a deal. Your keystone was always safeguarded within
the vault of the wardens next to Illidan’s corpse, hidden within the platform itself.The next step of our journey takes us back
to a dark period, the vault of the wardens where we were imprisoned for so many years. Cordana Felsong, the warden that turned to
the darkside during Warlord of Draenor is waiting at the end and from her dead, cold
body we loot the Sargerite Keystone. Revenge for all of the demon hunters whom
she tempted into becoming Felsworn. Cyana, Tirathon, GLayvianna, Callyn, Illysanna
and more. Her death has been a long time coming. We place the Sargerite Keystone, the skeleton
key to any and all legion worlds, even argus itself, above the scouting map and look towards
the future. All we have to do now is prepare our forces
and formulate an invasion plan while also elevate two worthy into the ranks of our champions. This time it’s Belath and Malevolence who
have proven themselves to be indispensable. Belath: “You honor me. When we started all of this, I never would
have imagined being chosen as one of your select few. I will not fail you.” Malevolence: “I have always been honored
to be one of the Servants of Illidan. But, to officially become one of the Illidari…look
away, I think I might cry.” Time to prepare for the end game. We have the Sargerite Keystone, we have most
of the forces we will need, we even have a plan. Now we need to locate the felsouls, Caria
and Varedis, and prepare for an invasion of whatever demon world they’re hiding out
on. Allari, with the aid of our champions, will
put her Scythe of Souls to good use and extract the information by any means necessary from
the demons that we question. “Let me assure you. I will use everything at my disposal, every
bit of power within the Scythe of Souls, to track down the whereabouts of Caria and Varedis.” She’ll first need some demons to interrogate
so our champions get send out to scout Felsoul Hold In Suramar. Once there, they are to identify likely capture
targets, capture them, and bring them back so Allari can do her thing. While she’s interrogating the demons, we
also send them out to improve the weapons used by our forces since not all of them have
the luxury of a powerful artifact and they help out Jace with some necessary maintenance
on the Fel Hammer. With all of that done, Allari reports the
location of the felsouls, we now know that they are hiding away on the demon world known
as Niskara. We have a destination, time to wrap up some
final business before we fly off . Jace can sense that things don’t look good
on the broken isles and they need our help before they’re overwhelmed so we complete
30 world quests. Loramus has offered to improve our armaments
and says that he pried a secret out of Razelikh. Apparently, the demon knows how to work a
material known as Obliterum. With it he can make their warglaives even
deadlier, especially against demons so we pick some up and have him do his thing. Then there’s the situation of getting the
fel hammer ready for transportation. Like all legion constructs, the ship is empowered
by souls. If we are going to take the command center
all the way to Niskara, we are going to need some very powerful souls taken from the bosses
found in Legion dungeons. On top of that, its jump engines are non-functional. If we are going to invade a demon world, we’re
going to have to make the command center jump-capable. We need some replacement parts and luckily
for us, the Legion brought a couple of command centers and soul engines along with them to
the broken isles. At Faronaar in Azsuna and at Felsoul Hold
in Suramar we go in and collect a few spare part, namely a fel engine injector, a soul
configuration matrix, a fel engine ignition and a vile spirit converter. It’s vile the way the ship operates. The whole thing is powered by souls…and
you do NOT want to know what happens to them and we don’t have a lot of time to wonder
about it since outside we hear something…something big. “That doesn’t sound good at all. Sounds like something very big outside the
Fel Hammer to the south.” Go to the balcony, image of Kil’jaeden pops
up Kil’jaeden: “Tiny mortal. Your insolence has come to an end. You and your Illidari will join the Burning
Legion. You will become Felsworn. You may grovel now, demon hunter.” Toranaar and his Aldrachi Warriors were given
a similar oppertunity by Sargeras himself. They refused back then and we, we not only
say no, we go full on /rude in the deceivers face. “Very well. You have sealed your fate. Varedis and Caria will deal with you.” We shall see about that Kil’jaeden. All systems are operational and we have plenty
of fuel. The Fel Hammer’s jump engines are ready. It’s time to begin the invasion of Niskara,
take the fight to Caria and Varedis and finish this once and for all. Activate control console – invasion of niskara “Illidari, prepare for the jump to Niskara!” Powering them engines, warp speed….activate. Woeeeeesj Kayn: “Moving into position above Niskara.” Hello Niskara. The Illidari have arrived. “Everyone up top. Commence bombardment!” “If you bombard the demons below with the
Fel Hammer’s artillery, I will get our forces ready. You can use the console here” EY DEMONS, RUN BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. THIS WILL BE OUR PLANET NOW, PEW PEW PEW PEW
PEW PEW PEW Caria: “Don’t just stand there waiting
to be killed. Attack .Deploy the devastators!” “Worthless. Prepare the defenses. I will take great pleasure in killing you.” The time is upon us. The invasion of Niskara represents the fulfillment
of Illidan’s dream and all of our sacrifices. Give the order, Kayn. Let’s get down there. Kayn: “Illidari, hear me. The time has come. All of our struggles…all of our sacrifices
have led to this moment. Shade, you and the others will remain behind
to protect the Fel Hammer. You five, come with me and Nobhunter. Niskara awaits!” Varedis: “Yes, fools. Come down. Jump to your deaths.” Kayn: “Glad to see you made it.” Kayn: “Illidari, you all have your targets. Attack!” Kil’jaeden: “Know this demon hunters,
if you proceed, I will allow Varedis and Caria to destroy you. There will be no forgiveness… no second
chance to join me.” We will have to fight through their lieutenants,
Carnivore, The Overseer and Soulchaser to get to Caria and Varedis while also shutting
down 5 otherworld’s portals and stop reinforcements from flanking us. We do just that, but Kil’jaeden’s threatenings
words of Caria and Varedis destroying us, seem to be just that…just words since they’re
hiding in their command center like cowards. Caria: “You really think we are going to
just let you in? You came all this way for nothing, demon hunters.” A fel barrier stands in our way, but thankfully
we have the Fel Hammer at our command and by our order, the Shade of Akama puts it to
good use. Kayn: “Shade, move the Fel Hammer into position. Bring down this fel barrier.” Shade of Akama: “My pleasure. Step back” The ship actually moves into position, nice
touch. Beam breaks the seal, we can go in. Kayn: “Caria, Varedis, we’re coming for
you!” Varedis: “You are all going to die painfully,
especially you. Caria: “Die, worm”
Kil’jaeden: “I arise! Fight for my pleasure.” Caria: “My lord Kil’jaeden, save me…” Kil’jaeden: “Pathetic.” Varedis: “Kil’jaeden bring me back to
life again…” Kil’jaeden: “Very well, Illidari. Your fate is sealed. You will perish with your world.” It is over. The Felsouls are dead and they will not be
coming back. You have to wonder why Kil’jaeen didn’t
join the battle, I guess we’re beneath him? A mistake we’ll make sure he pays for but
for now we are ready we are ready to return to the Fel Hammer, jump back to Mardum and
celebrate our victory. “Malevolence, get us out of here.” “Of course, my dears.” Cinematic, fel hammer is out bitches, it’s
been fun! “Tylos, jump us back to Mardum. We have won the day! Caria and Varedis are no more, and we have
sent a clear message to the Burning Legion that they are vulnerable, even on their own
worlds. It is about time that we celebrated, but first
it’s well past time to make ALlari and Jace our new champions. The two of them were instrumental in the planning
and preparation for the invasion of Niskara. Kayn: “Recruiting Allari and Jace as your
champions is long overdue. They have earned it.” Allari: “We have been through so much together. Of course I accept!’ Jace: “I stand ready to represent you and
the Illidari. What’s next?” Kayn: “Illidari! Servants of Illidan, hear me! We gather here today to pay tribute to one
who has served with both honor and distinction as our indomitable leader. We have regained the Sargerite Keystone. We have defied Kil’jaeden and invaded a
Legion world. And, we have vanquished our nemeses, Caria
and Varedis Felsoul. For this and countless other successes, we
bestow one of our highest honors, the title of Slayer.” All hail Slayer Nobhunter and there is one
more thing since they’ve improved the forge and with it we can unlock the true potential
of our weapons. “Greetings, Slayer. Throughout the campaign against the Legion,
we have witnessed your affinity with the weapon you wield grow stronger. Using the resources you’ve gathered for
our cause, we now have the means to awaken the full potential of these ancient blades! Raise your blade before the forge. Watch it infuse the weapon with its might!” “Cinematic, ahaaaaa I have even more power. All hail the slayer. Slayer of what? SLAYER “Let our eternal foe tremble before the
fury and destruction you unleash!” And tremble they shall as our war against
the Legion contineus and not to forget the search for Lord Illidan. He has prepared his Illidari for this grand
mission and although we’ve lead them as best as we can, it was his vision that started
it all. The nighthold raid in Suramar and the tomb
of sargeras are still waiting to be unlocked, but those are stories for another day. For now I hope you enjoyed the demon hunter
campaign and I personally can’t wait to see where the story is going to next. Thank you very much for watching everyone! Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like
if you enjoyed this one and until next time guys….see ya!

100 thoughts on “The Story of The Demon Hunter Order Hall Campaign [Lore]

  1. 25:15 That moment when you realize that after a loooong quest, the objective was in front of your face, makes you triggered as hel

  2. Oh snap! Nobbel throwing out the dis on Veradis at 20:45! Boom! Get served! Those two need to make off like Team Rocket and blast off again!

  3. If i were the Demon Hunter facing Kil'jaeden on the terrace of the Fel Hammer, i wouldn't simply /rude him as i refused.I would've given him the double bird too while i'm at it.

  4. im doing world quests and listening to nobbel…i just like listening to his voice :DD for some reason he sounds to me like James Mcavoy..i imagine him like that..has he ever shown his face ? 😀

  5. Am I the only one wondering why the Vault of the Wardens is suddenly in The Broken Isles? In Warcraft 3, we went underground to wake up the Druids of the Claw when we stumbled upon it. In Kalimdor. Then we visited a part of it again in Cataclysm to escort Fandral Staghelm to a safer place. Again, that was Hyjal. In Kalimdor. Why is it in the Broken Isles now?? C'mon Blizz…

  6. I have a question, but first just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your lore videos and have watched literally every one. Keep it up.
    As for my question, what do you think happened to Vandel from the Illidan novel? I know he didn't get captured with the rest of the demon hunters, but don't you think he would have joined the fight by now? Or do you think he'll even end up being in the game?

  7. Kayn sunfury or whatever his name is is such a cock sucker, I mean I love illidan but I hate that over zealous suicidal loyalty and how he acts like a puppy at every mention of his name. Altruis is way cooler.

  8. I have a question do people call hated characters a Sith Lord because I think the only one to be called one is jar jar just saying

  9. Why are the ashtongues fighting for the Illidari? Akama was enslaved by Illidan, wasn't he? Why should they fight for them?

  10. So, you chose the wrong choice when you chose Kane. You know, I much rather not have Akama's evil side working for us.

  11. Aw man you missed the Vikings reference! The three guardians who have the runestones we need are named Ragnar, Rollo and Floki.

    Edit: Also, i'm quite happy i picked Altruis. Sunfury is a big ol' butthole.

  12. Ok so I play a blood elf havoc dh, and when we went to get Akama, after the fight, he came with us and is a champion. Is there something that I didn't or did do that changed this?

  13. When gul'dan said illadin you belong to the legion. i was thinking that well gul'dan your skull belons to illadin. LOL

  14. Why were the passwords to the door not changed when they found out cordana switched sides

  15. Your commentary to cut scene and in game is on point! It's the perfect pacing and blend. Love the accent. You really bring the entire story together.

  16. maybe Kil'jaeden didn't fight because he was desperately trying to pick up all the broken pieces of Niskara after all the classes' attack

  17. About to do this on my Demon Hunter and I would have done Altruis because he is a Night Elf which itself an Alliance race and have the actual Akama a Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne favorite character in order hall

  18. I just died laughing when I saw "Nobhunter" The question is… does Nobhunter go after every @#$hole in Azeroth or just the really giant nobs? Love ya Nobbel!

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