Tips for Marketing Videos on FaceBook | Institution Marketing

Using video on Facebook is really
important to bring a personal side to your company. In this video I’m going to
share some tips with you so that you can improve your videos. People come on
Facebook to see short snippets of information, so it’s really important
that you keep your videos between 15 and 90 seconds any longer than this and
people won’t watch on. In your videos you need to grab your viewers attention
within the first 5 seconds this will make people want to watch the rest of
the video. If you don’t have their attention within this time span they
might click off. Telling people why they should stay and watch your videos is
really important, it persuades them to want to see what you’re going to say
next. This one’s similar to the tips were used
for YouTube, so using a great thumbnail on Facebook is really important. You can
customize your thumbnails and add them in the video settings. Although the video
side of things is obviously really important, using a great caption for your
video is important too as people will read this to see what your video is
about. It’s also important for you to use a
range of other posts, such as image posts and text posts. This will keep your
profile interesting and keep people coming back for more.

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