Hello, Osvaldo Nugroho back again on ON The Talk now I will discuss the key to success for all of you artists that maybe you can take as input for your career journey You all know about 88 Rising? there is rich brian there is joji there are higher brothers there are niki and others so many top artists well coincidentally some time ago I had the opportunity to chat casually with one of the 88 rising teams, i.e. lingo so I’ll tell you a little … she’s a director of music & marketing of 88 rising based in shanghai, china well since she’s from shanghai so it’s not useless for me used to 5 years in beijing we talked in Mandarin which actually I also don’t know if she understands what I’m saying because for 5 years in Beijing I did nothing I just want to go to school and I’m supposed to go to school for only one year, but I only took 6 months aka not finished well we just watch immediately my chat with lingo about tips or keys to success from a director of music & marketing 88 rising and beforehand I apologize because my English is central java (central java) let’s watch hi lingo hi guys haiii my name is lingo from 88 rising and i have an office in shanghai, china I am the head of marketing of 88 rising china my main job is promoting our artists and music to the market in China my main task is to connect with all DSP platforms, media and others to make our music famous in china so your main task is to take care of all the marketing needs of all 88 rising artists huh? .. how difficult is it to do the job? … I mean the artists from 88 rising are very famous and each one has a different character. It is difficult but actually it is not that difficult because we have a top artist we also have good content we also have good production everything seems to develop by itself and for me the key to marketing is you have to respect your content You have to trust the content itself and later you will feel the advantages naturally both from these artists and from the music You do all this of course with your love in the marketing world huh? Do you have any advice for all people in Indonesia who have just decided to make their dreams come true by pursuing the fields they love? ok .. here are some suggestions that are also from brian because some media also ask the same thing and I feel this is also very inspiring and that right the key to success is to remain yourself keep your uniqueness do not change because of other people or what is the current trend stay who you are and who you are and keep it in your heart and one day you will surely find a way to succeed agree with that ok that’s all and thanks for your time and xie xie ok that was my chat with lingo director of marketing and music of 88 rising so according to me the conclusion is first You must respect and trust the content or work that you have created then the second You have to push the pol-pol works that you’ve made both in terms of marketing … in terms of quality and others because it’s useless you’ve made me tired have made me stay up all night but from the marketing side you are not maximizing that’s a shame because that’s the same as you wasting your time So according to me it’s also important that you focus on quality and not quantity the third is keep who you are so be yourself because the work is also your identity to be known by everyone and believe someday You will succeed because of your originality because who you are then the fourth is never stop to study the fifth is you have to keep working hard because by working hard you will one day get the results you will definitely reap what you have planted do not want instant because in my opinion that’s too hurry up it will be fast too because you won’t be able to prepare the foundation to hold you back when you are above the last one is stay humble … never feel satisfied feel the best because in the sky there is still sky that’s all from the cave see you in the next episode ON The Talk bye ..

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